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Finally Google+ for Android is updated to be as good as the iOS counterpart.

A couple of weeks ago my girlfriend's Google+ for iOS app was updated to their new layout. I was shocked that Google would debut a new layout on something other than their own mobile os. After drooling over her sweet new look on the iPhone I can finally do the same on my Galaxy Nexus with today's update.

I'm just now starting to play with it but it does seem to look a little better on my Transformer Prime as well. Though I do hope this doesn't count as the best they will do for tablets. Hurry to the Play Store to check it out yourself!
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Scratch the tablet part. The more I'm using it the more I'm realizing that it is once again just a blown up version of the mobile app. I was really hoping the Android bonus would be a proper tablet version.
Though I still think the new look is much better and isn't a continuous bland white screen.
I like the font but sometimes it can be hard to read when it is laid over a light picture.
Ugh. Not sure I like this new layout...oh well, I'm sure I will eventually.
There's a lot I like and dislike. The stream is beautiful to me unless there is a white picture and I can't read the text caption. That's my biggest complaint yet (outside no tablet version). I really like the screen switching (Stream to Profile etc) and that I can finally edit posts from mobile.
And "Start a hangout" is new if I'm not mistaken...
I think so too. Other than with friends and family I've never done many hangouts. I guess its my social awkwardness coming out.
On the text front; isn't the text shadowed like on iOS ( I think it is shadowed there) so you can read it?
It is somewhat but the text is laid over whatever image is posted along with it. Sometimes those images make the text hard to see for me
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