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I didn’t watch horror growing up, and thought the genre was mostly faceless killers and shock stuff - cheesy gushing blood and dead cheerleaders. I was turned off by the whole concept, even aside from the lure it should have had as something that was forbid...
I didn’t watch horror growing up, and thought the genre was mostly faceless killers and shock stuff - cheesy gushing blood and dead cheerleaders. I was turned off by the whole concept, even aside from the lure it should have ...
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I've been away. Was disillusioned with all of Social Media for a while. I'm back on my feet on Twitter. So now I need to do some G+ recovery. How are you?
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Depends on your definition of better. Healthier. Generally.
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So, I've been off G+ a while, mostly withdrawn from a lot of my social sites for various reasons. I'm back to writing, albeit much less than I used to, and I've graduated! Looking for a job, not going so well. How are you today?
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If you've gamed for a while, you have met that rogue. You know… that rogue. I have a real sore spot when it comes to players belittling others at the table or backseat role-playing. If you ask me to define my idea of backseat gaming, I have a tough time, as there is a fine line between steady, ...
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This is a cool giveaway.
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Announcement!  +The Powerbase is now offering 1 free Steam game a week, every week, for the next 8 weeks!

Here is the catch...  We pick two games up for grabs every week, and the winner has to choose between them.  You want free games on #Steam ?  Here are the rules:

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Pretty easy, eh?  Failure to meet any of these steps with result in a disqualification.  So, what are this week's games?  If we are already in your circles, that's fine.  You may meet the requirements in any way.

Surgeon Simulator 2013 & Dungeon Defenders!

Oh, and one last thing.  We support freedom.  If Steam is not your platform of choice, we will gladly pay your winnings through another vender, like #Ubuntu Software Center, or #Desura .  :)

Winner will be announced this Friday!

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Loved this, also, love the blog post attached. I'm a "I hate alignments" type myself. I've seen them used effectively and well, but it's not common.
Keeping in mind that this chart represents some comedic examples of alignment, I will go on record and say this: I hate alignment. I always have. In my opinion, people have the capacity to be any alignment given the situation so characters should follow that as well. Sure, alignment as a rule is ...
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Okay, I need to try this.
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BREAKING: Mars Rover Curiosity reports possible evidence of Edward Snowden’s whereabouts…
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A digital magician: I might not be able to do as much as the other guys, but I'm gonna make it look good. I also write fantasy, study business, and blog regularly.
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