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Current 3d print!
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This looks like a pretty cool (and simple) sculpting technique I'll have to try with a 3D printed object soon!
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Ever hear words dealing with working out and specifically strength training that you aren't sure about? Art of Manliness can help - they posted a great glossary of terms.
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Hello. So I've been reading an amazing book by +Stephen Kamb entitled Level Up Your Life... and that's what I intend to do. I've started a character on the website and I thought I'd share my current goals list. I'm sure I will be adding some as well as changing others as I go. The main point is to share my progress, and to make sure I'm not an underpants gnome (!

The underlining purpose of this book is how to use video games and other geeky inspiration to "unlock adventure and happiness by becoming the hero of your own story."

My current quest list:
Assassin Class
5 Muscle-ups in a row - 30 XP
Complete All 10 of the Convict Conditioning Master Steps - 100 XP
Complete Art of Manliness Fitness Benchmarks - 30 XP
Complete Green Arrow Workout - 50 XP
60 Day PLP Challenge - 50 XP
Complete NF Advanced Body Weight routine - 30 XP
Complete NF Beginner Body Weight Routine - 15 XP

Operative (ME Class)
Obtain 10 codecademy badges - 20 XP
Take a parkour class weekly for 6 months - 30 XP
Have a conversation in Spanish in a Spanish speaking country - 30 XP
Create an engineering everyday carry kit - 20 XP
Learn to lockpick - 20 XP
Learn to pick handcuffs - 10 XP
Take a rock climbing class - 10 XP
Take a shooting course - 10 XP
Attend a martial arts class (Kali, Krav Maga, Systema, wing chung, escrima, or sword art) - 10 XP
Take an Evasive Driving Course - 15 XP
Memorize a deck of cards - 30 XP
Get a medical CERT - 20 XP
Get proficient in 3 different programming languages - 50 XP
Get Fluent in another language - 50 XP
Get N3 cert for Japanese proficiency - 50 XP
Try a Parkour Class - 10 XP
Get three bullseyes in a row knife throwing (or better.. shuriken) - 25 XP

Physical Quests
Figure out what the frak Illness X is, and battle it head on - 100 XP
Complete the Walk to Mordor Challenge - 50 XP
Complete 1 pullup - 20 XP
Lose 15 lbs - 10 XP
Run a 6 minute mile - 50 XP
Run a 8 minute mile - 20 XP
Try out for American Ninja Warrior - 50 XP
Earn a black belt - 100 XP
Lose 100 lbs - 50 XP
Lose 50 lbs - 30 XP
Lose 30 lbs - 20 XP
Complete an Iron Man - 100 XP
Run a Marathon - 60 XP
Run a half-marathon - 30 XP
Complete Couch 2 5K - 30 XP

Mental Quests
Write a personal manifesto - 20 XP
Visit a deprivation tank and float - 10 XP
Create 10 kick-arse videos in after effects - 50 XP
Read or watch 101 books, documentaries, or noteworthy blog articles - 100 XP
Build and program a robot from scratch - 50 XP
Minimize the things I own to under 300 unique things - 30 XP
Build and Create 20 artworks or DIY Projects - 50 XP

Fun Quests
Complete 33% of all my games, with 30% achievement rate - 30 XP
Learn to DJ - then DJ the heck out of a party - 30 XP
Master 3+ cool card tricks, and perform them for an audience - 30 XP
Attend Comic-Con in a home made costume - 30 XP
Learn a new fire toy, and perform with an enclave - 30 XP
Create a personal list of top 100 songs of all time, update every 6 months - 10 XP
Be an extra in a movie - 20 XP
Go Snowboarding - 10 XP

Work Quests
Create a documentary/series (youtube?) on a business related topic - 50 XP
Create a business oriented blog that will help me get a reputation for a job after I graduate - 20 XP
Double my Income - 50 XP
Find rewarding work after graduation (CDC, NASA, etc.) - 75 XP
Complete the 97 things to do to become the person companies want to hire - 50 XP
Make a six-figure income - 100 XP

Adventure Quests
Travel to 3 continents - 30 XP
Go to Area 51 - 10 XP
Walk the Appalachians - 30 XP
Hunt a rare animal species and shoot it... with a camera - 25 XP
Spend an entire week living in a hotel and live it up - 20 XP
Visit a Tibetan Monastery - 25 XP
Participate in Sunday Night Temple Burn @ Burning Man - 25 XP
Camp in a Yurt - 10 XP
Go Camping in 3 National Parks - 20 XP
Take a cross country train trip - 25 XP
Explore Japan with a friend - 25 XP
Explore Angkor Wat - 25 XP
Explore New Zealand - 25 XP
go diving - 20 XP
Visit all 50 states - 100 XP

Courage Quests
Bungee Jump at Kawarau Bridge in New Zealand - 20 XP
Go on 20+ dates - 50 XP
Go Parachuting - 25 XP
go cavern diving (somewhere like dos ojos in Mexico) - 25 XP
Go caving - 15 XP

Freedom Quests
Pay all of my debt (non-student loans)- 100 XP
Pay off my student loans - 100 XP
Create a business that generates $500+ extra revenue a month on the side - 30 XP
Buy a nice, reliable car (and completely have it paid off) - 25 XP
Find or start a job that will let me work from home or abroad - 25 XP

Master Quests
Get my master's degree with a 3.5+ GPA - 100 XP
Get Married - 100 XP
Have a family of close friends - 100 XP
Build and design my own home on a large lot of land - 100 XP
Go into outer space - 100 XP

Gratitude Quests
Send a surprise package to 5 friends/family, just because - 25 XP
Take my parents on an amazing trip - 50 XP
Leave $100 tip at a random late-night diner with a waiter or waitress who can really use the money - 15 XP
Cook a meal for a needy family on Thanksgiving - 25 XP
Raise $1000 for a charity - 30 XP
Throw an amazing surprise party for a friend - 20 XP
Take care of a friend's kids for the day so they can have a nice day out - 10 XP
Foster a rescue animal - 25 XP

Legacy Quests
Pay for college for either my future children, my nephew, or a good friend's kids - 100 XP
Help 3 other people with their goals & life dreams - 50 XP

I'll be posting my progress here, though I may go in privacy mode for some posts.

Anybody who is interested in checking out Level Up Your Life should visit

#LevelUpYourLife #NerdFitness #EpicQuests #Further
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I was going through files from the past few months. I took this video in April during the Hearse Ghost Tour I took while I was in Savannah, GA.
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Anybody know what this might be? She was doing it for about 30-45 minutes. Was a little worrisome. 
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Weekly Round-Up: November 25, 2012
included this week: Guide to Youtube Video Marketing, Marketing Automation tips, is your website speed costing you money, more Pinterest tips, and more!
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