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Internet companies across China are embracing "programming cheerleaders," pretty girls that they believe help create a fun work environment. Their job includes buying programmers breakfast, chitchatting and playing ping-pong with them. Is this a good idea? Or is it merely sexism dressed up as female empowerment?
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Interesting how the primary role for women in these settings is not as programmers but merely as eye candy.
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Patrick Sharbaugh

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In South Korea, many universities ban access to online gaming sites overnight; others cut access to the internet altogether during set hours. Officials say the restrictions ensure that sleeping students aren't disturbed by their late-gaming roommates. But it has led to complaints from those who say they need the study time.
Students complain about overnight internet curfews at some South Korean universities.
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Good luck with that ban.
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Patrick Sharbaugh

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What did Chinese authorities learn after 2011's horrific high-speed rail accident in Wenzhou? If you thought it might be that greater openness and transparency during such tragic events is in the public interest, you'd be wrong. Since Wednesday's massive chemical blast in Tianjin Wednesday night, censors on China’s social networks have been busily scrubbing references to it from the web.
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+Patrick Sharbaugh Yes, thanksfor your attention in China too.
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Patrick Sharbaugh

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Just as viral in Indonesia as it is in the U.S. What does that say about the nature of virality? Is Buzzfeed's formula just an updated version of Western cultural imperialism?
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no problem in indonesia 
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Patrick Sharbaugh

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In Vietnam, Facebook users who circumvent the country's mild DNS block on the service are now also having to elude hordes of hackers who seek to hijack their accounts to spread links to pornographic content through its messenger app. Not fun.
Sexual videos, images and chats have spread widely on social networks in Vietnam because hackers attack users' accounts and use them to multiply sex links. >> An audio version of the story is available here. This disgraces the real users after the sex links – with indecent images, ...
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Patrick Sharbaugh

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PODCAST: Disruption, as Uber has discovered to its dismay, is often easier said than done. In Indonesia, the popularity of new motorbike taxi-hailing apps is generating an increasingly public clash between tradition and innovation. In a new ADLP podcast, host Patrick Sharbaugh talks with Tech in Asia reporter and Jakarta resident Nadine Freischlad about the growing hostility for these apps among some independent ojek drivers there.
Asia Digital Life Podcast
Tradition vs. Innovation in Indonesia: Jakarta's Motorbike Taxi Wars by Asia Digital Life Podcast
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Let us know when you do, +Havita Wize!
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Patrick Sharbaugh

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“Rather than depend on official announcements about the Tianjin explosion, many Chinese look to social media, where a cat-and-mouse game is played between a public hungry for answers and censors anxious to scrub anything that might reflect poorly on the central government. One Tianjin resident said that even rumors were better than waiting for the authorities to publicly identify the chemicals. 'They’re either stupid or pretending to be stupid,' he said.” 
The government has insisted that it ensured the safety of the city’s air, but after rain on Tuesday, the streets began to foam.
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Uh oh!
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Patrick Sharbaugh

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Thais have been trying to crowdsource the identity of the suspect in Bangkok's shrine bombing using the hastag #bombercluephoto to collage images taken in the area where the bomb exploded. Yesterday crack internet sleuths announced they'd found their culprit: Australian model Sunny Burns, who has similar dark wavy hair and glasses as the suspect in the security footage. Burns had to seek help from Bangkok police after netizens named and shamed him online. "All my private information from immigration was leaked online and people were looking for me. They even knew my home address."
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Sincerely hope identification and capture is soon.
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Patrick Sharbaugh

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This month marks the 70th anniversary of end of the end of the War in the Pacific. There’s a lot to remember from that time period,  but perhaps the most powerful images are just of ordinary people getting on with their regular lives. The background video to DJ artist Boogie Belgique is an absolutely beautifully recorded film of daily life in Tokyo taken right after WWII. What do you think?
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Patrick Sharbaugh

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Once again China's morality police are tightening controls over popular Internet content it says disturbs social stability. This time it's a list of 120 Chinese-language songs, among them the hummable "Fart," which croons, “There are some people in the world who like farting while doing nothing”, and "I Love Taiwanese Girls," because obviously.
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Patrick Sharbaugh

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How much power do Internet trolls wield in Indonesia? After photoshopped nude images of actress Prilly Latuconsina surfaced online and commenters began claiming that Prilly is no longer a virgin, the miffed actress underwent a virginity test at the Mitra Keluarga Hospital to prove the claims were false. Now police are considering filing charges against the commenters for "libelous" statements.
A photoshopped nude photo of Prilly Latuconsina that did the rounds on Twitter. Sinetron actress Prilly Latuconsina did not appreciate it one bit when photoshopped nude images of her surfaced online on top of internet trolls saying that Prilly is no longer a virgin. Prilly reported the case to the Jakarta Police on July 31. Today, she’s following it up by giving the police (and the public) the results of a rather personal medical exam. “The other...
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Patrick Sharbaugh

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It's hard to exaggerate how much a part of daily life WeChat is for people in China, where the homegrown mobile messaging app serves as a web portal, a platform, and even a mobile operating system. It's increasingly the engine for a world managed entirely through their smartphones.
This post is all about WeChat, but it's also about more than just WeChat. While seemingly just a messaging app, WeChat is actually more of a portal, a platform, and even a mobile operating system depending on how you look at it. Much has been written about WeChat in the context of messaging app ...
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Indeed. Facebook has already incorporated (one might say "copied") quite a few aspects of WeChat and other Asian messenger apps, e.g. stickers. It's watching WeChat carefully, as the next billion Facebook users are likely to come from Asia.
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I’m an ethnographic researcher, an educator, and a communications professional. I study & write about Asian digital cultures and trends. Founder of the Asia Digital Life Project. Melbourne - Saigon
I’m an ethnographic researcher, an educator, and a communications professional. I study & write about Asian digital cultures and trends. Founder of the Asia Digital Life Project. Melbourne - Saigon

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