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+Eric Enge I like the new website. Looks great.
(If you don't know who Eric is, you should. Stone temple has been around for a long time in the SEO world and is a very reputable SEO company)
I love the new look of the site.

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What is Googlebot?

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Linkcount / nofollow tool
This is an updated and simplified version of my old (yet oddly very popular) linkcount / nofollow tool.
It is a quick useful tool to check nofollows on a page and also provides a hard link count of how many internal links vs external links that occur on a page.

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Updated Gzip compression tool
A faster, more accurate and prettier version of the tool that checks if compression is enabled and how well it works on your server.

Hindi users
Hello, I am looking for people who are fluent in both Hindi and English to test out Varvy tools in the Hindi language. The tools are not public yet, but if you want to help please email me at
Please mention "Hindi" in the email.

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New Page speed tool

The new pagespeed tool beta is live.
If you are like me and have to examine many sites to find performance issues, you will appreciate this tool a great deal.
Speaking of appreciation, the tool uses the Google pagespeed API for several things and without that API I doubt I could have made such a cool tool.
This tool is in beta please let me know if you find issues or bugs.
Thank you.

#pagespeed   #perfmatters  

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New Mobile SEO Tool

The new Varvy mobile SEO tool is live now.
I think the best thing about it is that you can see all the mobile factors at once.
Tool reports if any page resources are blocked from Googlebot, provides the mobile friendly score and the performance score, displays redirects (and what type), mobile HTTP headers, relevant mobile markup such as viewport, vary headers, rel=canonical and rel=amphtml .

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Varvy SEO tool

See how well a page follows the Google guidelines.
New design and homepage...

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Google has launched a combined mobile and page speed tool.

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