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As you might have found out, good links are hard to get. What can you do if your link building campaign does not work? Did you do something wrong? Here are three reasons why you didn't get the links that you asked for:

1. You don't have a relationship with the other site

If you treat your potential link partners as a list that you have to work off then you won't get many positive replies. People don't want to be just an item on your list.

If you create a relationship with the owner of the other site, it's much more likely that you will get a link. Before you promote your site, interact with the other website outside of promotion requests. Friends will share your website and link to your site.

2. You haven't contacted the other site correctly

Some people prefer Twitter, others can be reached on Xing or LinkedIn. If you have made a contact as recommended above, you probably know the preferred contact method.

Don't even think about sending link request messages in bulk. Bulk emails don't work and people will think that you're a spammer (which is true if you send bulk link requests).

3. There wasn't any incentive

What's in it for me? If you do not give a compelling reason to link to your content, people won't link to it. Instead of writing "Check our my great article" try it with "Do your blog readers also have this problem?". That way, you imply that you offer a solution to their reader's problems.

If you want other people to link to your site, you have to offer them a reason to link to your site. Realistically, other people don't care about your site. You have to offer something that helps the other site.
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Binary Options trading is an innovative way to trade the most exciting and volatile financial markets by simply predicting which direction the value of an asset will fluctuate: Up or Down. Predict correctly and start to earn money with trading! Open your account today:
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CFD Trading

CFD (Contracts for Difference) offers leveraged long/short trading on almost every financial instrument. It is a simple and inexpensive trading option to trade the change of price in multiple commodity and equity markets, with leverage and immediate execution. offers a wide range of CFDs giving you access to commodity markets - such as Oil, Agriculture and Precious Metals – and worldwide equity markets indices – such as FTSE 100, Dow Jones 30, S&P 500 and Hong Kong Hang Seng Index.

Gold Nasdaq
Oil Dow Jones 30
Silver S&P 500
Sugar CAC 40
Corn DAX 30
Wheat FTSE
Soybean NIKKEI
For a complete list of indices and commodities offered by visit the following link: please visit the CFD Trading Conditions page.

Why trade CFDs with

Product Diversity: offers CFD trading on the world’s leading stock indices, as well as on Oil, Gold and other Commodities. Such a diverse array of products allows you to easily gain exposure to different markets and profit from multiple types of trading conditions.
Low Margin Requirements: At you are able to trade CFDs with margins between 1% - 2% (which means leverage of up to 100:1). This enables you to enter bigger positions than you would be able to if you bought the actual underlying asset.
High Liquidity: All CFDs offer competitive spreads with bid/ask quotes that are filled on the spot – without delay.
Lot Size: CFD trading enables you to trade in small and odd size lots. Normally, this is not possible when dealing with the underlying asset itself.
No Commission: offers commission-free CFD trading. Furthermore, offers free intra-day trading – positions that are opened and closed on the same day incur no costs whatsoever.
Ability to trade "Long" or "Short": With CFD Trading, you can profit no matter which way the market moves. You can use CFD to go “short” (when you believe markets will fall) as easily as to go "long" (when you expect prices to be on the rise).
To learn more about how market movement can potentially influence your CFD trading activities, please visit the CFD Trading Examples page.

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Google wil dat je echt kunt praten met computers

"Professor Geoff Hinton, who was hired by Google two years ago to develop intelligent operating systems, said that the company is on the brink of developing algorithms with the capacity for logic, natural conversation and even flirtation."

"The researcher told the Guardian that Google is working on a new type of algorithm designed to encode thoughts as sequences of numbers – something he described as “thought vectors”."

Hoe lang zou het nog duren?

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Nearby SDK, API documentation, GitHub samples are up!

Use Nearby.Messages to add cross-platform proximity to your Android and iOS apps. Works up to 100 feet (or restrict it to just 5 feet using "earshot" distance). Works even if users have Bluetooth off. No new manifest permissions and back-ported all the way to Gingerbread.

We're excited to help developers build copresence into their apps. If you own an app iTunes or the Play Store, try it out and let us know how it works for you!
Build simple interactions between nearby devices and people.
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Ready to start promoting NETELLER to your members?

Whether you’re attracting players who need an eWallet to pay and get paid on top gaming sites, or consumers looking for a low-cost prepaid card, you can earn revenue from your referrals across all NETELLER products! Sign up today: it's FREE!
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Forex, or FX, is a shortened term that describes the Foreign Exchange Market, a marketplace where the world's various currencies are traded. It is an interbank market which was created in 1971 when international trade transitioned from fixed to floating exchange rates. As a result of its incredible volume and fluidity, the FX market has become the largest and most significant financial market in the world.

Here are some unique characteristics that are the source of its success:

Forex markets operate 24 hours a day
Superior liquidity: the daily turnover of the FX market – over 4 Trillion Dollars – makes it easy to trade most currencies instantaneously
You can profit from rising or falling markets
You can benefit from leveraged trading with low margin requirements
There are standard instruments available to help you control risk exposure
Excellent Transparency: the Forex Market is transparent… you just need to keep yourself informed
The Exchange Rate
Forex plays the indispensable role of determining global exchange rates. The exchange rate is the number of units of one nation’s currency that must be exchanged in order to acquire one unit of another nation’s currency. A market exchange rate between two currencies is determined by the interaction of the official and private participants in the foreign exchange rate market.

Market Participants
The main participants in the Forex market are: central banks, commercial banks, financial institutions, hedge funds, commercial companies and individual investors. The main reasons they participate in the Forex market are:

Profit from fluctuations in currency pairs (speculating)
Protection from fluctuating currency pairs which is derived from trading goods and services (Hedging)
With technological development, the World Wide Web has become a great trading facilitator, as it can provide individual investors and traders with access to all the latest Forex news, technology and tools.
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