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First version of the new web site is online.

Feedback is welcome!
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- I would remove the translation buttons untile there aren't actual translations in place
- the news & events link is broken
- if you stop on the main image the mouse tells you "ALT" :)
- on the main page: applications, licenses and data formats -> link to the home, I would remove the link if it is of no use
+Patrick Ohnewein go get a SSL certificate if you want to keep the site available under SSL only. You can get one from StartSsl for free...
News and events on the right has the arrow pointing downwards. I guess it should point to the left but there's no way to tell since the link is broken.
Content under "project" is in italian under /en/urls
Yes, "root-signed" SSL certificate must be available for an SSL-only website. CSS in "Solutions" page are astray, font is rendered in a standard serif in my browser. Same for the first para in "technology"
we solved the ssl problem. now the cert is valid!
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