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Industry-leading RTOS available at no cost for makers and pre-revenue startups; Fully featured commercial product means no compromises for designers. Weston, Fla. – Feb. 16, 2016 – Micrium, the premier real-time operating system (RTOS) provider for embedded systems and the Internet of Things ...
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Patrick O'Callaghan

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ARM’s mbed technology is designed to make Cortex-M platforms an integral part of the IoT, and the latest mbed thrust is toward the mbed infrastrucure rather than the Web-based tools of the mbed Developer Site.
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Patrick O'Callaghan

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C++ is an efficient language eminently suitable for use in embedded systems but some look for proof of the efficiency. This is the proof.
[Bjorn Stroustrup] developed C++ from C specifically because he wanted the base to be an efficient language. C is often referred to as 'high level assembly'. [Stroustrup's] goal was to add additional capabilities to C without losing that efficiency. For the most part he succeeded. But even today critics point to various features of C++ and say "That's expensive." This project is going to demonstrate with code that C++ is suitable for embedded...
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Patrick O'Callaghan

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Embedded Programming Lesson 19: GNU-ARM and Eclipse
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Patrick O'Callaghan

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Both languages approach the reliability vs. efficiency tradeoff from different angles, but each has a place in embedded-systems programming.
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Patrick O'Callaghan

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Blog post by Ivan Cibrario Bertolotti titled Cortex-M Exception Handling (Part 1)
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Patrick O'Callaghan

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SEGGER demonstrator board empowers embedded software evaluation
Hilden, Germany - November 23rd, 2015. SEGGER releases the emPower evaluation board, dedicated to convey a comprehensive and out-of-the-box experience of SEGGER's complete embedded software offerings and thus accelerating the start of any embedded project. emPower is an affordable platform for ...
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Patrick O'Callaghan

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I'm an Electronics Engineer from Ireland and I'm mainly interested in Embedded Systems. I like to keep up to date and share news about the latest developments in the embedded  industry. I have a personal website at and I'm also active on Twitter as @DSPEmbedded.
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