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Patrick Ng (KyoshirouX)

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#Disgracefool #SGSpoofers!
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u not stay beside LKY? XD
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Patrick Ng (KyoshirouX)

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Talking about influence of Lee, Very simply, the China latest model is to be the next Singapore, gigantic version. Low corruption, little room for idiotic democratic clowns propaganda and highly effective. Deng xiaoping had consulted Lee on opening up of China, so basically the whole China modern 30 years of growth has been referenced to Singapore way.
Lee studied in Cambridge and he sure captured the very best of British diplomacy in sliding through great powers in the world and many of his policies were based on UK and Hong Kong the colonial era policies but he improved on it, such as the public housing policy, Hong Kong was the first then Singapore perfected on it and Margaret Thatcher took it back to UK in 80s.

President Obama called Lee a visionary who helped him formulate U.S. policy of "rebalancing to the Asia Pacific," when the two met in Singapore in 2009.

"He was a true giant of history who will be remembered for generations to come as the father of modern Singapore and as one the great strategists of Asian affairs," the President said.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry also praised the advice he got from Lee, calling it "the most valuable and insightful I have received."

"He was, of course, a uniquely astute analyst and observer of Asia, and it is largely through his life's work that Singapore became one of the United States' strongest strategic partners in the region," Kerry said.

Former President George H. W. Bush said he respected Lee's effective leadership of a "wonderful, resilient and innovative country in ways that lifted living standards without indulging a culture of corruption."

He added, " Because of the example set by Lee Kuan Yew's singular leadership, I am confident that the future will be bright for Singapore."

Singapore's President Tony Tan Keng Yam called Lee the "architect of our modern Republic," in a condolence letter to Lee's son, the current prime minister.

"Few have demonstrated such complete commitment to a cause greater than themselves," President Tan said.
【李光耀逝世】封鄧小平為偶像 會面前備好煙灰缸

2015-03-23 08:13:00





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Lee Kuan Yew, the founding Prime Minister of Singapore, died early Monday morning at Singapore General Hospital, officials said.
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Patrick Ng (KyoshirouX)

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Patrick Ng (KyoshirouX)

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OP LKY - Cross Faction Field Art
29 March 2015

On 29th March 2015, a day the Nation unites for the State Funeral, a team of 23 Agents in Singapore created a cross-faction art to commemorate the passing of the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, the Founding Prime Minister of Singapore. Mr Lee died on 23 March 2015 at the age of 91.

This cross-faction art is just a simple way for the local Agents to show our appreciation and respect for Mr Lee. The art consists of his initials "LKY", which has become a term of affection that many Singaporeans know him by, and the year "2015", the year of his passing which is also the year Singapore celebrates her Golden Jubilee.

The original plan was to create fields which spelt out his name - “Lee Kuan Yew”. Despite the looming bad weather, agents were dedicated to bringing the artwork to life. This was in the spirit of “what is a few hours in the rain for a man who gave his life to building the nation”.

However, due to time constraints as well as safety concerns with the weather. the art was simplified to reflect his initials.

After the art was completed, agents from both sides sat down for a coffee to share stories of the operation as well as listen in on the eulogies being delivered. As we ended the operation, we observed a minute of silence in respect to the father of our nation.

Original Artwork
@lostling (E)

Intel Operator & Modified Artwork
@FortMax (E)

Field Agents

#ingress   #ingressReport   #Singapore   #RememberingLKY   #RememberingLeeKuanYew   #RIPLKY   #CrossFaction   #XFac  +Brian Rose +Joe Philley +Susanna Moyer 
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Rice cooker FTW!
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Patrick Ng (KyoshirouX)

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Gula Malacca ICE kacang!
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+Joshua Ong Tak ada, in BESTEST, gst is to save the poor XD
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Patrick Ng (KyoshirouX)

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Lol..nice..didn't have the chance to watch the actual game though. :(

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Patrick Ng (KyoshirouX)

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Patrick Ng (KyoshirouX)

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Many of you would know Lee Kuan Yew, founder and former Prime Minister of Singapore, a great former leader of an orderly, disciplined and wealthy country amongst Asia. He was the man behind Singapore and it's development and pride in Asia.
At 91, he is critically ill and the Singaporeans are waiting anxiously to know of his updated condition.
A father of a great nation, he was always looked upon with honour by many nations including us, Malaysia as the neighbouring country. We often wondered if we could get one leader as good and steadfast in duty towards country like him.
I remember him today and I never forget one out of the many things he said about life;

"Life is not just eating, drinking, television and cinema…The human mind must be creative, must be self-generating; it cannot depend on just gadgets to amuse itself"

As I wish and pray he recovers, I pray God bless him and be with him in this moment of time.....
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Long live Lee!
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