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Hey contramatter
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Okay. Whatever. Not quite how I read the snippet. Not a big deal anyway. 
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+Realitys Wench

I like this ui proposal better
Seems to be a lot of rage regarding the portal view UI changes in the most recent update.
I thought I'd put together a mock-up of how a better portal details screen might look, based on my own ideas and some other suggestions/common complaints voiced here.

The image shows the current layout on the left, and my proposed layout of the right (red dots for annotation only). The base screenshot used for my image was taken from my Samsung S5.

Items (1) to (5) should be fairly simple UI changes, that don't require any server-side changes:

(1) Fix the level display for long portal names. Its difficult to tell at a glance what the exact level is for someone with good vision. For those who are colour-blind to some degree, its even harder. (Edit: supposedly fixed in slow rollout of 1.71.2)

Edit: (1a) Horizontal scrollable portal name instead of truncation (there are some cases of both long and very similar portal names).

(2) Move the key count/icon back to where it was (approximately).

(3a) Get rid of the "energy" value. The Energy value is largely redundant due to the decay level bars on the resonator overview above. If you really want to see the energy level, its on the recharge screen already (the only place it really matters).

(3b) In place of the keys/energy display, instead put an overview of mods. Its rather tedious having to make the extra click on the mod button to see how weak/strong a portal is, or if all the portals in a farm have multihacks etc. This makes it a valuable piece of information to have the main portal screen.

(4) Relegate the "Navigate" toggle button to a small icon in the top-right corner (highlight yellow when active). Navigate is the least used button on the screen by several orders of magnitude (and is often accidentally pressed on account of being close to the Mod/Ok buttons, causing great annoyance).
It would also be nice to improve the utility of the Navigate button, so it acts as a Google Maps hyperlink so players can get proper directions to a portal, rather than just "x kilometers north-east".

(5) Revert the position and spacing of the buttons to how they were prior to this last update. I realise UI position/spacing/size can be a complex issue on Android due to variations in screen size/resolution etc, but most people seem to dislike the new layout (muscle memory is a powerful thing).
On my phone at least, the buttons have gotten smaller (harder to hit), and more spread out (frequently used buttons like Hack/Deploy are a long way away from thumbs), and I've seen devices where it is even worse.
I would suggest for future layout changes, to at least get feedback from a subset of users (maybe include a toggle in the settings so people can try the new layout before its pushed out to everyone).

(6) and (7) are what I would call "nice to haves" (but probably more work to implement):

(6) Highlight the deploy/mod buttons in faction colours when it is possible for you to deploy on or upgrade a portal. This allows for quickly determining if your resonator is missing on a farm portal, or if you can help raise the level or defense of a portal, etc. However, this probably requires the servers to send a little bit more information to the scanner about each portal.

(7) Add a "Use Key" button. Few things in Ingress are more annoying that waiting for the key carousel to load when trying to make links, especially if the links are long range, and/or you are under the time pressure of a septicycle checkpoint.
The Use Key (could also be named "Remote Link") button would circumvent this waiting, and also reduce load on the server by selecting the remote portal as the first step, and then selecting the local portal to link to, meaning the server only has to check one specific link, not tens/hundreds of possible links.
The typical process would be:
* Open key inventory
* Select the far away portal you wish to link and bring up remote view
* Select the portal in remote view to bring up portal details screen
* Click "Use Key"
* Scanner switches to local top-down view and you select the portal inside your action circle that you would like to establish the link with (same selection method as for Jarvis/ADA deployment).
* Confirm (server then checks the validity of that link, and establishes the link if everything is ok).

Edit: Alternatively, the "Use Key" button could be added to the key remote view screen (alongside drop/recharge/recycle)

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Add back energy for people with small phones to easily see if recharge is happening.
Remove use key, just seems redundant and useless.
Add badge info for explorer, to be replaceable by Pioneer if captured at some point.
Move missions below ok tab. With some space between so less likely to accidently hit it like we always did navigation.
Remove mods tab and make the mod deployed a tab to take you to the screen to add mods.
Keep that small navigation icon up top, that works great. 
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Google, you spoil us. 
The Chromecast is not an expensive device, and it's even cheaper when you consider all the free stuff Google has given out to owners since it was released.... by Ryan Whitwam in Chromecast, Deals, News
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Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. The teaser trailer for Marvel's #Daredevil  is here.
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Grand Announcement! Anker is partnering with Ingress to create a custom external battery charger for the Ingress community. To get it right, we are looking to crowdsource the specs and design from the Ingress community.

We are basing this new product on the Anker Astro E Series already very popular with Ingress agents. Which combination of technical specs would you like best?

To stay up-to-date on the project‘s progress, results and eventually pre-order your custom battery, check out 
8,204 votes  -  votes visible to Public
10,000 mAh; 2 ports; 3 Amp output speed
13,000 mAh; 2 ports; 3 Amp output speed
16,000 mAh; 2 ports; 3 Amp output speed
20,800 mAh; 3 ports; 4 Amp output speed
25,600 mAh; 3 ports; 4 Amp output speed
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#ingressrecruits Three new agents to help carry the cause of Enlightenment
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Have him in circles
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New edition of Carolyne Larrington's Poetic Edda translation has corrections, additional poems & updates – including first completely positive mention of Ásatrú I've ever seen from a non-Heathen academic in a book by an academic press. Cheers to Prof. Larrington! Here's what she writes:

"Finally, the poems of the Edda have been a crucial source of inspiration for modern revivals of Germanic paganism in Scandinavia, Germany, and the English-speaking world. The Sayings of the High One and other eddic wisdom poems offer common-sense principles for living; while the gods do not necessarily provide inspiring role-models at all times, the courage and self-reliance shown by eddic heroes, the emphasis on the keeping of oaths, and the importance of hospitality are foregrounded in the ethics espoused by followers of the Asatru, and in many other neo-pagan belief systems."

The book is now featured on the front page of The Norse Mythology​ Store at
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Finally. The internet has needed this for a while.
Figuring out whether your phone will work on a different carrier is a pain in the neck for everyone. Finally, finally, someone has stepped up to fix it with WillMyPhoneWork.
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So some local smurfs decided to give me a mission. Of course small minds think calling me VD, is hilarious hence the name of the mission.

Thoughts, +NIA Ops​, +Joe Philley​?
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There's nothing quite like having your very own missionvenge!  Makes you feel so special and that Cell Block C way.
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Have him in circles
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