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I'm a guy who graduated into the "real" world then graduated once again into what is the "real world"!
I'm a guy who graduated into the "real" world then graduated once again into what is the "real world"!

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The following is my written review of "Risk Everything" featuring Jim Peterik (Survivor, The Ides of March etc.) and Marc Scherer - the album is courtesy of Frontier Records (2015).

Jim and Marc are co-writers on some songs but Jim wrote most of the songs while Marc provides lead vocals on all the tracks, indeed this album "showcases" his amazing voice to great effect! I include an as honest as possible subjective rating of the album and each of the songs.

1) "Risk Everything" is a song about love that will risk everything to defend
whomever and whatever is believed in. 8/10

2) "Chance of a Lifetime" is of two people meeting, the sparks between them, and facing the risk of taking a chance on each other. 8/10

3) "Cold Blooded" is an ode to love gone wrong, being betrayed by a "cold blooded" lover. 10/10

4) "Desperate in Love" is about how desperation in love can overwhelm our common sense or caution even if we've every reason to show restraint, especially after having our hearts broken in the past. 8/10

5) "Thee Crescendo" is a love song to life, to all the young lovers, it is very unusual and brilliantly written and it appears to be like a hymn to God. 10/10

6) "The Dying of the Light" sounds like it could be a regret about the shortness of life and the nearness of death, perhaps a eulogy for someone who has died? It starts with a beautiful guitar solo punctuated by drums and it relates of life's brevity and racing against the effects of time and aging and circumstances.

7) "How long is a moment?" has a soaring instrumental intro before Marc sings, he reminding me of Dennis DeYoung of Styx, and is a song of questions about love and whether it will be for all time. 10/10

8) "Brand New Heart" is a pounding, optimistic, rocker about having a "brand new" heart after a time of "going through the motions" of living. 10/10

9) "Broken Home" is a somber song, with beautiful vocals, about a couple that is no longer in love and the effects of their anger on their children. 10/10

10) "Milestones" is a tribute to a long lived relationship that is thriving through the good and bad times as both of the lovers persevere and never quit completely. 8/10

11) "Independence Day" is about breaking away from a dream that is about to end and celebrating the resulting independence. 9/10

I give the album itself 10/10. 

Heartland's season finale was great. I watched it twice due to the television switching to the PVR and cutting out the ending. The CBC viewer got hung up at one point but all the better to get focused on the show and ignore the annoying, if necessary, ads. I would pay more attention to ads if they would be relevant, interesting and factual rather than annoying, sexual (Dove showing nudity) etc.

So, there is a newborn baby daughter with a middle name honouring Amy's mom. So the naming has begun but I wonder how many people go overboard with naming a child? Three or four names and then the last name?

I have two, my given name and the family name and I am fine with that though apparently it made it tough for my parents to agree on a name for me. They finally named me after a saint of Ireland though the family came from England. It was his day that I was born on so they applied his name to me, job done.

I imagine a challenge would be to find a name or names that people would like or agree with and not pose a burden to the one receiving those names?

The internet...

The internet is an amazing invention that could not have been foreseen! Imagine communicating in real time, even face to fave via video, with someone hundreds of miles or more away? It is international and so there is this dilemma.

The dilemma of meeting people across international boundaries and possibly the inability to communicate due to choice of language or inability to understand a language.

My first and only complete language is English but I have learned some French and only a little German, Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese. I know no Arabic at all and so when people post in a foreign language without translations then I have no idea what they have written.

Yes, I could go to the time and expense of learning and save them the need to translate into English and yet that would be one sided. My need to conform to the rest of the world speaking or writing other languages without regard for my "handicap".

Should any of those people come to Canada, will they adapt by learning English or will they attempt to make the society that I live conform to what they want so they do not have to learn English to fit in with Canadian society or French to conform with Quebec society or other French speaking communities?
Apparently Jim Pattison is producing signs in languages other than English or French!?

Isn't change a two way street? A society helps a refugee, immigrant, to come to Canada and that person or people then learns to adapt to this new culture? If only the original English and French arrivals had adapted to the nations already living here rather than conquering them and treating them with the utmost disrespect! Perhaps the recent immigrant disrespect is payback to those cultures who came before and disrespected the original inhabitants?

Do we ever learn from our history? I would say that federal Liberals and Conservatives were too busy learning law to pay attention to history and as a result we have government after government mistreating all of the poor and certainly all those nations that resided here before the "conquering whites".

Change we must, in circumstances that demand our change, but are some people too selfish, too arrogant, too racist, too religious, to change for the better?

Well, it has been a while since I have posted online here anyway. I just hit the 48th "milestone" and it was an interesting day, given how many people take part in "Saint Patrick Day" festivities. Work allowed us to wear green but I didn't have anything green and hadn't thought about it at all, after all the day is simply another day though it means that I add one to my age.

One highlight was receiving a personal message from a singer whom I have come to "know" through Facebook and Twitter and he may be on here as well.

That personal touch can be difficult to maintain for the busiest of celebrities but isn't it worth it to know that you are connecting with someone who appreciates what you do?

Heartland and the actors we have come to "know" through the show and the internet is another example of making and keeping a connection between the artists and those who appreciate their art.

Admittedly, it might be hard on those who are celebrities. Have you seen some of the things which their followers post? It's both sad and disturbing to see such a disconnect between people, after all celebrities are people who have become famous for what they do whether it is quality television or music, or more controversial like the present President of the United States of America.

Anyway, I am looking forward to the next two episodes of Heartland, though I won't be able to watch tomorrow's until after work at 11pm. So I probably will drive straight home, safely of course, and immediately put on my tablet and the CBC app.

Hoping March will "walk out" like a lamb.... :-)

It's been a while since I last posted here...and this post is mainly to say that I'm moving from the Falls into Penticton to be closer to work.
Have a great weekend!

Good morning from the Falls, a church board meeting today, on days off now...

Good morning from the Falls.   On days off, I did some shopping yesterday after work.  

Finally I have a replacement tablet but not an RCA tablet, a Samsung tablet.  Hopefully it will be an improvement but when I started up the tablet there were issues right away...Seriously, are tech people just not able to think from the perspective of those who are buying and using a product for the first time?

The issue is that it seems that immediately it wanted to set up profile information including a wireless connection which was a no-go as I don't have wireless where I am.  I basically connect wherever wireless is offered publicly, after all why should I pay a provider for 24 hour a day service when arguably I don't need it?

So, I will go to the library to connect to their wireless and walk the "Samsung tightrope"....Samsung, already you're starting to look like RCA to me...and that isn't a good thing....

 +Samsung Canada +Samsung USA RCA (RCA Support) +RCA Tablets 

Listening to "TNT" an album by Tanya Tucker...another one by Toronto may follow...Well, Saint Patrick's Day is past for another year and one is just a bit older...Heartland is going into a 10th season so that is great news!

Good day from the folks returned from their jaunt to Hawaii and apparently had a pleasant time aside from the weird and hard to decipher car they had rented...I guess one cannot trust the rental agencies nor the automakers?  It apparently had no manual with it...

In other words, the auto rental agencies seem to be saying: "Here you go, a car for you to try and figure out without our help plus we'll charge you more for the 'privilege'..."

A bit of a rough day, personally, yesterday - one of those "dark days of the soul" - things did work out to an extent, therefore proving that "worry' is not helpful....

An extra shift tonight...

Good morning from the Falls...a lonnnggg night in Foods...Church yesterday...Work went a bit better though I was given word that my box count is too low...I must think of ways to figure out how to increase my "boxes per hour" or BPH.  I'm not the only one who was talked to about their box count rate...

What did we ever do before sunglasses were invented?  This morning I didn't get them out and I found that the sun was dangerously bright and unfortunately any tinting on my windshield is largely ineffective...The glasses turned out to be in my jacket pocket, the one I couldn't reach once my seat belt was in place...I managed to get back here without any problems aside from a vehicle that arguably was "tailgating" me...

Ah well...
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