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Between a game release and convention sales, I have practically disappeared off of social media.

Hopefully this article marks a change in this.

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Developmental Update [September 2015]
World,   For starters
I should apologize for my absence on both the blog and social media. This past
month has had two major milestones that required all of my free time. The first
is the completion of Trials of the Magi, which is now fully printed an...

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Gen Con 2015 Recap
Hello World, This year I
was lucky enough to go down to Indianapolis and attend my very first Gen-Con.
For those who are unaware, Gen-Con is the largest tabletop gaming convention in
North America. Boasting over 60,000 unique attendees over the span of 4 da...

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New blog post with a developer update on Trials of the Magi

New Card Designs and Interior Art!

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Developer Update [July 2015]
Hello World, With the
end of July fast approaching I figured it was time to post another developer
update, in order to keep everyone up to date on the progress of Trials of the
Magi. The first
bit of news I have to share is that designs for the entropy deck...

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Here is an article about maintaining balance between players in you RPG game!

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New Blog Post discussing the Party Balance in RPGs

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Opportunity Cost - New Blog Post
Hello word,  
Through the number of tabletop role-playing games I have played and designed over the years I have seen a trend emerge. Almost every game I have seen has had a strong focus on keeping all of the possible characters in the system, balanced. The...

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No Group Delves the same Dungeon
World, I would
like to start off this article by stating that there is no such thing as a
perfect RPG system. So many people seek out and actively try to develop a
system that will make everyone happy. The problem with this is that every
gaming group ...
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