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Patrick Jordan
Information Security Engineer
Information Security Engineer

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For any of you who were just wondering "What's an hour long Cardio Tennis class in 80 degree heat feel like?" here's my quick review: It will. Kick your ass!
OK, probably not your ass - but it kicked mine. Badly. Real badly. Like Mike Tyson in his prime vs. a ballet dancer badly.

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How long before North Korea starts looking like a paragon of democracy and free speech?

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THIS is the guy who will defend us from 'The Cyber'


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My big friend, enjoying his Xmas toy and possibly auditioning for next Jaws movie

One line to sum up the cabinet picks:

Trump appoints dingo to watch baby

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New gig, very happy in it:

Infrastructure Security Quality Engineer at PayPal / Modis. 

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Cat. Obstructing access to iPad

My quick thoughts on one month with the Google Pixel XL:

Love the speed of it - it's a pleasure to use throughout the day.

The camera is beyond excellent - somehow able to get past my horrendous ability to screw up every single photo and produce nice shots.

Battery life is superb.

Android 7 is smooth and nice to use.

Google Assistant seems promising - though it's not doing anything too impressive for me yet

Not a fan of the look of this phone, especially the silver/grey model I have. Very plain and nowhere near as pretty as the Nexus 6P.
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