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The Egyptian Bible Society has produced two tracts regarding the recent martyrdom of 21 Coptic Christians.

The link to the English tract is

#tworowsbythesea   #martyrdom   #isis  
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Hi all I have a question. Which is better Argan oil or a 3 to 1 blend of sweet almond and jojoba oil?

#beardoil #beard
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Argan Oil
Sweet Almond and Jojoba oil blend
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+francis loughrey I hope you mentioned my name, I'll demand a referral discount on my next visit. ;-)

But seriously  I'm glad you found their service good. They do a premium job at a discount rate.
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Bill Mitchell, a MMT (Modern Monetary Theory) advocate, has done a critique of Georgism and the LVT, he's not overly impressed and gives it a thumbs down. Any thoughts or responses? +Mark Wadsworth you'd be good at weighing in here ;-)

#mmt   #georgism   #landvaluetax   #henrygeorge  
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5.20 onwards for an hour or three, all depends who turns up and how many. Same as usual.
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Apparently this smug and fat guy called #michaelmoore  isn't impressed by #americansniper .

I vaguely remember this guy from a decade or so ago so. I don't want to knock someone down on their luck, but whilst he probably didn't intend it, his slamming the film is an endorsement in my mind.

I'd love it if he and #chriskyle  met up in a face off. Who would win?
Leftist filmmaker Michael Moore is not a fan of “American Sniper.” The biopic of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle directed by Clint Eastwood and staring Bradley Cooper is setting box office records and the �€
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Dont even know this guy but american sniper was an awesome movie chris kyle was a soldier this guy just eats and eats 
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After the Rocket Barbershop. Very busy today I had to wait nearly an hour before my beard was tidied.
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Looking good.
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1. The Factors of Production are Land, Labour and Capital.
2. Land is a Gift of Nature and a Monopoly
3. Labour and Capital combine to create wealth through Exchanges..
4. Wealth creation is otherwise known as 'Profit'.
5. 'All profits return to rents',  That is Rents can only be collected from the Profits of Private Business and will be maximised and vary with location.
6. Taxes can only be collected from the Profits of Private Business.
7. Rents and Taxes are therefore both charges on wealth creation and therefore synonymous
8. Hence, It is self evidently better to tax (Private) Rents, not Profits (aka Wealth Creation).

An economic theory of nearly everything. Hat tip +Mark Wadsworth 

#landvaluetax   #socialjustice   #economicpolicy   #rent  
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Patrick Hutton

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Charlie Hebdo Comes to Speaker's Corner:

#charliehebdo #speakerscorner #gospel
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Patrick Hutton

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God's wrath will one day be poured out in full.
Could this be the most underdeveloped reality of our time?
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Hi all.

I currently use a Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Nexus 3) that is still stuck in Jelly Bean Land and has poor battery life too.

Time to upgrade.

with the Moto G I notice I have a choice of Moto G 2nd generation (3G), Moto G 4G, or if I wait till June Moto G 4G 2nd generation. (I live in UK).

The two current Moto G's both have increased specs over the Nexus 3, but I'd like to know of real life differences...

Any thoughts?

#galaxynexus   #motog2   #motog4g  
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Get the 2014 model
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An intriguing poem by Rudyard Kipling mentioned to US President Franklin Roosevelt in a letter by UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill 17th October 1943. It was censored as "it was felt it would damage Kipling's reputation" being too controversial.

It was uncovered by Clare Spark who was researching whether Kipling was an anti-Semite or not. I've put a link to her blog site below.

By Rudyard Kipling

But Abram said unto Sarai, “Behold
thy maid is in thy hand. Do to
her as it pleaseth thee.” And
when Sarai dealt hardly with her
she fled from her face.
                 Genesis XVI.6.

In ancient days
     and deserts wild
There rose a feud –
     still unsubdued –
’Twixt Sarah’s son
     and Hagar’s child
That centred round Jerusalem.

(While underneath
     the timeless bough
Of Mamre’s oak,
     mid stranger-folk
The Patriarch slumbered
     and his spouse
Nor dreamed about Jerusalem).

For Ashmael lived
     where he was born,
And pastured there
     in tents of hair
Among the Camel
     and the Thorn –
Beersheba, south Jerusalem.

But Israel sought
     employ and food
At Pharoah’s knees,
     till Rameses
Dismissed his plaguey multitude,
     with curses,
Toward Jerusalem.

Across the wilderness
     they came,
And launched their horde
     o’er Jordan’s ford,
And blazed the road
     by sack and flame
To Jebusite Jerusalem.

Then Kings and Judges
     ruled the land,
And did not well by Israel,
     Till Babylonia took a hand,
And drove them from Jerusalem.

And Cyrus sent them back anew,
     To carry on as they had done,
Till angry Titus overthrew
     The fabric of Jerusalem.

Then they were scattered
     north and west,
While each Crusade
     more certain made
That Hagar’s vengeful
     son possessed
Mohamedan Jerusalem.

Where Ishmael held
     his desert state,
And framed a creed
     to serve his need. –
     God is Great!”
He preached it in Jerusalem.

And every realm
     they wandered through
Rose, far or near,
     in hate or fear,
And robbed and tortured,
     chased and slew,
The outcasts of Jerusalem.

So ran their doom –
     half seer, half slave –
And ages passed,
     and at the last
They stood beside
     each tyrant’s grave,
And whispered of Jerusalem.

We do not know
     what God attends
The Unloved Race
     in every place
Where they amass
     their dividends
From Riga to Jerusalem;

But all the course
     of Time makes clear
To everyone
     (except the Hun)
It does not pay to interfere
With Cohen from Jerusalem.

For, ‘neath the Rabbi’s
     curls and fur
(Or scents and rings
     of movie-Kings)
The aloof,
     unleavened blood of Ur,
Broods steadfast on Jerusalem.

Where Ishmael bides
     in his own place –
A robber bold,
     as was foretold,
To stand before
     his brother’s face –
The wolf without Jerusalem:

And burthened Gentiles
     o’er the main
Must bear the weight
     of Israel’s hate
Because he is not
     brought again
In triumph to Jerusalem.

Yet he who bred the
     unending strife
And was not brave
     enough to save
The Bondsmaid from
     the furious wife,
He wrought thy woe, Jerusalem!

#rudyardkipling   #winstonchurchill   #franklindroosevelt   #jerusalem  
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Patrick Hutton

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A good Corrie Ten Boom quote.
From Church of the Highlands this morning. #truth
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A very good service for a decent price. £6 for a very well done beard trim (by Alex). Sorry Pall Mall, you've lost me to the Rocket.
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I've the above three times now for getting my eyes checked up and two times for a new pair of glasses. The check ups were very thorough and seem to be very professional (I say seem because I'm not an expert reviewer). The two pairs of glasses were good, I baulked at the third pair but that was down to my subjective opinion rather than any failing on their part.
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Brilliant pub and great European beers.
Quality: GoodFacilities: GoodService: Good
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A great cafe, nice atmosphere and friendly service. Food's good too.
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very GoodService: Excellent
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6 reviews
A great place, the only one I know of in London. They do a wide variety of teas to cater for all tastes.
Public - 10 months ago
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I've been here several times, and have always loved it, a great choice.
Food: Very GoodDecor: Very GoodService: Very Good
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reviewed 2 years ago