See that.. even more proof that +Cyanogen Inc.   is a BIG part of the OnePlus one delays.. Great job! +Steve Kondik   and crew... +OnePlus  is taking most of the flack but I think CM seems like their more to blame..  "As we previously mentioned, the software recently received a major update but we are still working on perfecting some final issues. For that reason, we can’t yet confirm the exact date that the phone will ship. We are tirelessly working to make the One the phone you've been waiting for and so we’re going to hold off until we know that everything runs smoothly before sending them off. We can assure you we’ll keep you well updated on the progress and will get the phones to you as soon as we possibly can."
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+Brian Uline Not as a commercial company they are not.. They make a GREAT FREE product but a SUB-PAR commercial product. Having the OnePlus one I can say some of these bugs are not acceptable.. They are acceptable for a free rom but not a commercial rom. The N1 CM edition had MANY software bugs when it shipped.. Software bugs that shouldn't have made it to a "production" build.. Yes, as a free rom CM is great.. as a commercial one.. not so much. If other manufacturers put out roms on their commercial devices this buggy they would take major heat for it.. But because it's CM they can't do any wrong? Please.. They make a great free product and it's great for devices that no longer get software updates but as a commercial product they have a LONG way to go.
I don't trust One Plus One because CM is backing them. CM couldn't bring stable build for Oppo N1 which they officially supported. Same will happen with One Plus One, it will be forgotten or will be given snapshot build.
+Patrick Hill I think this is just part of CM's growing pains of becoming a commercial product.  Their time is still split between all the free products they put out and their commercial endeavors.  They're going to have to shift more resources to concentrating fully on their commercial devices and that might come at the expense of the community devices.

The N1 had to be thrown together in less than two months to meet Oppo's product launch.  I'm not really sure that's a true representation of what they're capable of and I don't think that device was what they preferred it to be.  After that was done, they jumped right into the One. This is very much a learning experience for them and with each iteration the software will be more refined. I'm sure they're learning a lot of lessons in the process that can be used in the future. 

Look at the Donut, Cupcake, and to some extent Gingerbread days of Android, by the same measure those weren't really suitable for a commercial product either, but they were out there and sold on many, many phones.

I'm an early supporter and my phone is already ordered.  I think OnePlus is doing the right thing to hold up the shipping of the phones in order to give CM a little more time to ship a stable version on the phone. Although from a technical user's perspective, I wish they would ship the hardware now and have a stable OTA update required upon first boot of the phone (the nexus line has even done this).  I don't really see the point in holding up the hardware if its ready when they could just push an OTA update when the phone arrives.  After all, there probably still aren't that many phones purchased at this point (Approximately 250 contest winners and maybe 1k early supporters).  

I don't necessarily disagree with you, but CM is still very much a start-up product who entered into an endeavor with a start-up hardware company.  With any start-up you have to expect missteps as they work through their business processes and expand their development capabilities. CM also knows that this product is a make-or-break type of endeavor. They're not going to put their brand on the line to not follow through.  I think 6 months is a fair test to see how CM is doing.  Heck, how long have Nexus 5 owners been waiting for the bugs squashed in 4.4.3 to be fixed straight from Google?

It would have probably been best that the Smash the Past contest winners didn't have their phones sent out so early since y'all have gotten hit with the majority of the software issues.

 I think CM has actually done pretty amazing things with the OnePlus One, not only have they developed their software to ship on a commercial device, but they also managed to develop a new camera, theme engine, gallery, and launcher at the same time.  If they wanted to take the easy way out, they could have shipped with with a stable AOSP build and added features down the line.
I remember having GB on one of my devices... I flashed a CM version of GB and I gained some features, but I also lost some... a working camera was one of them. I think its fair to say earlier versions of Android were still stable enough for daily drivers and didn't contain these little annoying bugs.. even if the OS was slower at the time. (From what I've seen. I have not run CM 11 on any of my devices)
+Brian Uline I'm willing to cut CM some slack for the poor launch of the N1.  Shit happens, and honestly, Oppo changing the device ID of the accessory at the last minute was a pretty bad idea.

But what about the followup?  They had a single official "bugfix" release of CM10.2 which, according to many users, had a pile of regressions (wifi problems, etc.).  Since then - NOTHING.  It is now June 2014 and their launch device is still running 4.3 officially.  "Community" builds (e.g. nightlies) are not supported - in fact CM11 nightlies for the N1 were unusable for at least two months (broken location services).

Fun fact:  If you want to go "community" on the OnePlus you're going to lose HCE unless they come up with some crazy blob hacks (e.g. using blobs for things that have been entirely opensource for all devices up to now.  I will admit, I'm starting to look into doing this myself.).  So stuff like that makes it even more important that they don't wind up "just like any other OEM" for the "official" builds.  So far, they're just like any other OEM, in fact, they're doing worse than most other OEMs have been lately for official builds.
I still find it amazing that OmniROM is so stable and bug free compared to CM with a mere fraction of the team size AFAIK.
They may consider that OnePlus will not be CM11 only
+Sfera Dev They might have exclusivity in their contract with CM.  I heard it through the grapevine that the fact Oppo sent N1 units early to Omni, PA, and CodefireXperiment among others sent some of the Cyngn guys in a rage.  Not sure how much substance there actually is to that, but if it's true, they might have stuck some exclusivity into their contract this time around.
+Andrew Dodd If that's true CM is acting like a kid and acting hypocritically as it found success on the principle of openness, not exclusivity. 
+Praveen K Cyngn has been about as far away from transparent and open as is possible since their inception.  Look at the whole Focal mess as an example, and they have continued to behave the same way since then.  "Trust us, because reasons.  What, you want facts and evidence?  Shut up, you should just trust us because reasons."
+Andrew Dodd Yep I've heard something of that but I prefer not to talk about that subject here.