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Hilary, Luke, and me, chatting about the communities.
With Hillary Boucher - The Community Roundtable, Ted Hopton - McGraw Hill Education and Patrick Hellen - Cloudlock.

Ever wondered what's going on inside the mind of a community manager? Inspired by on of our favorite infographics of all time, please join us for an exciting Sitrion TALK with a diverse panel of community managers who's experience spans industries and community management expertise.  Expect this session to be a frank discussion about the importance of community management, what makes a great community manager & where to find one, and a few things about Community Managers you might just never have known. 

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Here it is everyone. Me, on tv. I somehow don't come off like a complete moron.

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This is an incredibly hard question for me. One of my co-workers asked me - "If you could be any mythological creature in the world - what kind would you be?" I can't come up with an answer for the life of me. What's yours?

Randall from Honey Badger does MythBusters. Amazing.

Just at the bibliophile feeding frenzy at Borders. Holy hell booksale. 

Plussers, I need book suggestions. Broken foot = I am Patrickalactus, Devourer of Books. Throw some at me. 
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