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Local Search  - 
Good stuff from +Joy Hawkins​.
Some great tips for ranking for State keywords from +Phil Rozek​
A good local SEO effort gets you some rankings and customers in your city. A great effort might get you results from some adjoining cities, too. But few local SEO campaigns result in new business from across an entire state. Even rarer is for someone in this industry to write about state-level ...
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Patrick Healy

Shared publicly  - 
What is the most you've ever heard of someone paying for a long form piece of original content (around 2500 words)? #JustCurious
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Patrick Healy

Water Cooler  - 
Just wanted to give a big thanks to some of our community members for flagging some spam that was dropped in here recently. It's been handled. You rock. 
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The original king of the throne!
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Good post. I concur.

#AdWords #Google #PPC #BestPractices
12 Things Successful PPC Managers Do Every Morning 1. Add negative keywords When you’re working with clients that have clicks in the hundreds of dollars,… - Eric Gehler - Google+
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Some of this can be intelligently automated but to do it daily is pretty fast. It's just a matter of scaling it. 50 accounts could take you all day. Then again, if you have 50 accounts, that's all you are doing. (don't we all wish!)
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Patrick Healy

Discussion  - 
Yeah, this about sums things up for me. Very few good bands have come out this century. This is not good.
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Yes, indeed...
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Patrick Healy

Organic  - 
This is a pretty cool plugin for seeing exactly what your other devices - or even bots - see.
Trouble With Disapproved Ads In AdWords ?

Invalid HTTP Response 403 Error - This can be very difficult to resolve!
Everyone you talk to will have their own ideas about what's wrong, but few will agree. It could be almost anything.

* Problem with your .htaccess file
* Improper file permissions
* WordPress security plug-in acting up
* An over protective firewall
* Server configuration error
* SSL Certificate problems
* The list goes on...

And if it means your AdWords campaign goes down, you may not have a lot of time to troubleshoot the problem. Google Webmaster Tools can help if you have an account and your domain has already been verified.

But there is an alternative. You can use a Chrome Extension to switch your User Agent to Google Bot and find out exactly what the Google spider see when it looks at your landing page. 
User-Agent Switcher for Google Chrome switches between different user-agents.
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Patrick Healy

Organic  - 
Apparently, the reports of the death of link importance have been greatly exaggerated.....
While many SEOs question whether links are as important as they used to be, this study proves they are indeed.
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Sorry, couldn't resist...
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Patrick Healy

Organic  - 
Good article on best practices for local listings by +Joy Hawkins. Good stuff.

#Local   #SEO   #Listings   #Localizaiton   
I wrote a guest blog for +Whitespark  on best practices for practitioner listings on Google My Business (GMB). I tried to include the questions I hear most often but let me know if there are any I missed.
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It sure was. I enjoyed it the other day when Eric shared it from Joy's page.
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Nice little resource if you are inclined to get certified. Not entirely sure if I see the value of it or not. I've never had a prospect ask me to be certified to get their business.
Looking for a quick & efficient way to get #AdWordsCertified? Check out our exam prep course videos »

Now available in all 6 exams: AdWords Fundamentals | Search Ads | Display Ads | Mobile Ads | Video Ads | Shopping Ads
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Precisely! :)
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I fix things, connect people, and like tacos
Tinkerer, Fixer, Curious Soul, Philosopher.

I believe in the value of true genuine, long term relationships. I think common sense is not common. I believe in the power of local. I'm a little tech obsessed. I'm fascinated by the decision making process. I've been called disruptive. I consider that a compliment. 

I love great content and conversations up here on G+. If you do too then circle me and I'll probably circle you back. If you are a spammer, selling something, or dropping advertising all over the place please don't waste my time. Take that stuff back over to Facebook.

I'm a constant work in progress.

Turn ons include:
  • My wife
  • Technology
  • Scotland
  • Classic rock
  • Gummy bears
Turn offs include:
  • People who drop their real estate listings on Google+
  • Bad manners
  • People that feel the need to make a scene everywhere they go and draw as much attention to themselves as possible.
  • The narrow-minded 
  • Ugly social media
I also own a boutique management consulting company named Phacient (here's our Google+ page) where we focus on helping small to mid-sized businesses better leverage Management techniques, Marketing strategy, and Technology integration and utilization.  

Due to the comprehensive nature of our business (we are an agency after all), it is often hard to articulate specifically what we do. Every client has different needs. Simply put we do:
  • SEO
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • Localization
  • Lead Generation and Management
  • Branding
  • Digital and Online Strategy
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Content Marketing (Organic SEO coupled with Social Media)
  • Project Management
  • Product Management
  • Process Development and Automation
  • Vendor Selection and Management
  • Web Development
  • Online/Offline Design
  • Commercial Printing
  • Software and systems training
  • Phone Systems
  • Broadband
  • Insurance/PEOs
  • Retirement Services
And we do all of this while leveraging the most appropriate tools and technology for YOUR business. Simple right? :-)

I head up The Lucky Strikers Social Media Club which is a private mastermind group based in the Tri-State area for professionals that want to better leverage social and technology.  If you'd like an invite just ask. 

I also organize Real Estate BarCamp New York City that happens every year. This is by far one of the most valuable events that I attend every year and it's put on by volunteers and is not for profit. It's a very unique event that you really have to see to believe. 

I'm also part of a semi-regular Google Hangout called Guys Talking Tech. I'll put together a web site for it at some point but for now it's all up on my YouTube channel. We are basically a group of regular guys that get together and talk about things that are going on in technology and put them in terms that regular people understand and can relate to. It's casual and easygoing. Sometimes it can get heated and other times it can be pretty funny. 

Feel free to check any of those sites out to learn more about them. I don't know if writing an epic novel about my businesses and interest is really the best use of this space. I know it annoys me when people do that especially when they put 100 links in there. 
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I look great in a kilt. I can eat candy like it's candy. I can sleep standing up if I have to.
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New York, NY
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Management Consultant
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    Founder, 2010 - present
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They call me tater salad.....
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Food is very good as is the service. Portions are healthy. Not cheap but you get what you pay for. I could go without the Korean gangsta rap while I'm eating my dinner but that's the only thing is change. Get the bibimbap in the hot stone bowl. It's exquisite. The chicken wings Steve bon chon but also very good.
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Go here and watch football
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Expensive and trendy. Good good and good service but you'll pay for it. Really nice design to this place. They have great little nooks for semi private dining and a private dining rim behind glass
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I like the happy hour here. $1 oysters and well priced beer. Really nice decor. The staff is pretty nice. Wish the happy hour started later.
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254 reviews
Maybe the best option for several sports in the area. They have their own, very well maintained fields. The baseball program is solid and unpretentious
Public - 3 weeks ago
reviewed 3 weeks ago
Simple menu, delicious food. It's not cheap and it's always crowded. This place is certainly worth checking out. Staff is fairly friendly.
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Great food and the staff is very good. I like the old historical feel of this place. It's kind of like walking back in time. Good parking around back.
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reviewed 3 weeks ago