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Good Luck Charm, Horseshoe Bend, Arizona, USA
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I visited there, but this is much more definitely beautiful than my memory.
LOL! I said awesome shot. That would make it sound like it was more awesome than your others. Amazing photography in here all around!
Have forgotten this been there 2008. So I will have to go there again :-)
Alex L
Just like a PS work~~unbelievable~~such an awesome place~
I could easily get lost in it, spectacular!
wow ... really amazing ...
oya ... if you want the beauty of others, you can come to Indonesia, but many of its natural beauty ... also there is the beauty of the traditional life of the Javanese ethnic, tribal Kalimantan, Sumatra, and many more in Indonesia.
beautiful colors and wonderful place
+Patrick Di Fruscia.... your pics are cool and all, don't get me wrong, but why dont you try capturing "everyday life"? this mmight just be me and all, but I actually find it more appealing
or mix up your shots,.all i've seen so far are abstract photos of obects I can't relate to
+Sarah Hillier not to be critical or anything, just sayin.......
You have captured the beauty of this area wonderfully!
Very nice shot the colors are great. 
Thanks everyone for you great comments an critics.. I really appreciate every single comment and seconds you spend looking at my work.

+Justin Jernigan Hi, Justin, Thank you for your critic. My answer is pretty simple..why does a Classical musician does not play Rock music..Why does a hockey player does not play football..why does a french chef does not cook Asian food..We all have our specialty..we all have something that we are passionate about and strive to be as good as we can in that specific field or area. I do not shoot street photography, I do not shoot weddings and I do not shoot portraits..some are way more passionate about it than me and do an amazing job at it. I do understand what you are saying and do not worry I do not see this as an insult in any way my friend. :)
+Patrick Di Fruscia People ask me the same and my answer is similar than yours. I feel passion for nature , landscape photography ant it fit really well with my purpose or mission as photographer.
I understand +Justin Jernigan but I think we should do the best and it is not doubt that it will be on things we are passionate about.
If this was in India it would have been a site of great religious significance. Wonderful.
li Lin
WOW~ cool
I can never get close enough to the edge to take this shot but I'd SO love to! NICE shot!
I went there in 2008, it's an unbelievable place!
What I would give to see and photograph such scenes.
I have been there this summer. That is so impressive!!!
Stunning image!!!!
Oh My God - what a stunner! We have an amazing planet here if we do not destroy. Thank Goodness for people like you Patrick to remind us what we need to preserve. Isn't nature clever?
Wow, stunning pic! It's a very good place, where you took that photo. I'm looking forward to next summer, then I will be in the area as well...
Really Great Pix......and awesome...... :)
Truly awesome pic!!!!!
wow...that's pretty amazing shot...nice!
another confirmation
that the world is mysterious, great job!
Beautiful..I love it<3
kaz jay
wwwwwwwwwwoooooowwww amazing!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks every for your kind comments , shares and +1...You guys are great ;)
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