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My Photography album from a location many landscape photographers & nature lovers would classify as "Pure Paradise"... The American Southwest
Hope you will enjoy, Wishing you all a beautiful day :)
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Oh wow Patrick, these are lovely.
Places unbelievable. In my country (Brazil) has so many places, hard to believe they are real and current.
LOVE this album!!! Of course, I am a bit biased, seeing how I was born and raised in NM and now live in AZ. +Patrick Di Fruscia - whenever you make it back out this way, let me know! I would love to go shooting with you! :D
Awesome photographs, well done!
this is really beautiful! Thanks for sharing
Man, talk about a winning shot. This is it.
J Limbu
Great pictures.
capturing wonderful views into fabulous pictures. Very nice!
Awesome! I want to go hiking now.
Very beautiful shots well done Patrick!!!
you know what i changed my mind these r fantastic pictures
Great, a real professional way to use HDR, thank you for posting.
I always wondered what the American south-west would look like photo shopped to hell. Thank you.
Majesty in our lovely Mother Nature, thanks for capturing it a moment in time
The whole album is quite something!!!!!good job,what colors
Your photos are amazing, no matter how bad and hectic a day a person has your photos can make them step back and see the beauty and calm that the world still holds
it's great i like it.........
Thanks, for your sharing very beautiful album....awesome photoes.
love the pictures thanks for brighten my day
Wao wonderful n coolest for eyes.
i don't see any plastic bags floating anywhere.
Some amazing pictures there, nice work!
best jobbbbbbb
Wow, absolutely awesome.
Brings back all my childhood memories I had with my dad! ♥ Thanks, that is some awesome photography and really evocative for me? :)
These are beautiful pictures thank you for posting them!
nice work of art! is it all natural or with a touch of some editing? because it really amaze me.. =)
wow! mysterious
The pictures are beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Continue to walk in your Blessings.
Beautiful, pure, real and natural!! I Like it! ;-)
You a picture of the saguaros in southern Arizona to complete this :) And I think New Mexico is a little underrepresented as well, haha.
Zahra M
Lovely collection!
Great post production work. Thanks for sharing.
this probably one of teh most coolest pics ive ever seen, kind of reminds me of home ^-^
I like that sky .very beautiful :D
Ǥööϑ!!!!Ǥööϑ!!!!where is place?
In my language I will said: sangat indah :)
(Very beautiful):D 
i m feeling it....what made u to click this..amazing
Wow.. Cool.. I'm sure, that you stand at extreme position.. 
Yeah :) cool.. The reefer smiling.
... PARADISE naturally is PURE INDEED, But Pollution and Corruption sets in INEVITABLY ! !
Wow fantastic!!! That cloud looks like hell gate
WOW! your so lucky you get to travel to see all of those amazing sights!! You photography is beautiful!! Its so cool to see the things i have been missing out on!!!!
I did a road trip in the american southwest a few years back. Those beautiful photos reminded me how much of a good time I had. They do full justice to the magnificient landscapes there.
Beautiful collection, love your photos, what a great country
Outstanding photographs! How much do you charge?
Real beautiful. Love so much.
OMG they are awesome, what camra did you use
verry beautyful
+1 from a Texan in the Southwest.
makes me think of how great our CREATOR is, whoever ya conceive HIM to be...awsome!
being from the east - Plattsburg, NY, sites like these amaze me. truly beautiful
Wow you just made me really cold. I remember Plattsburg, NY and 6 foot snow drifts.
so butiful de pictur iz dat i even want 2 daunlod it ...dat i cn uZ It as ma wo pepa
DAMN these are good!!! my only question.... how do u take them? :) lol
amazing it's like u capture nature's beauty moments
All your pictures are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
beautiful, can't wait to get back there to see my family.
Magnifique photos !! merci pour ce partage..
wow that picture is beautiful, very
Thank you for sharing.
A beautiful sunrise or sunset. I like the cloud and color. Nice photo.
beautiful photos Patrick !! thank you so much for sharing them with us .
stunningly beautiful and breathtaking... i love it.. ^_^
Dale B
Absolutely amazing.....
I'll have to define an upgraded language to describe how beautiful these shots are.
Your photography is very beautiful. Keep up the good work and may you enjoy your day as well :) 
its wonderful soooooooooo coooooooooooooooool:)
Some really awesome work here Patrick.
Well had a look at these pictures ,brilliant you live in a very beautifull country and you have captured it well.
A breathtaking photos... Thanks for sharing, Patrick...
thank you very much for sharing again so wonderful pictures... always love to see these beautiful pictures
they are very beautiful
you are very good photographist
WOW Thank you so much everyone for your beautiful comments about my work. This means a lot to me. Wishing you all a beautiful week :)
These photographs are amazing! Incredibly beautiful!!
super serie!
j"adore ton travail!
bon voyage bonne route il y à encore beaucoup de sites  à photographiés
its amazing .I have no words for this one
this are the most beautiful places that i ever see
Спасибо, за предоставленные фотоснимки! Еще раз могу сказать, что я горжусь Матушкой Землей! И счастлива, что живу на ней! Да Хранит Вас Господь Бог и Земля - матушка!
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