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wow this photo is real ?
wow This photo is real?
its so pretty!! The river looks soooo cool it almost looks fake!! All of you photography is a piece of art.
I'm photographer for you I just happy to write the idea thanks kianosh
There is a scripture that says, "show our concern for the earth and it will instruct us." Well, class in session. The beauty reflected in this picture is evidence of something grander. This picture is entitled, "She Smiled Sweetly", well, we smiled back. Thank you for sharing some amazing photos.
jac jac
Encanto de foto !!
Fantastic mood, very beautiful and so dramatic!
Absolutely stunning photographs Patrick....great stuff.
Truly stunning shot with a great depth in colour!
Very beautiful Patrick. Wow.
Fantastic photos, a wonder to behold.
I would come to you, but it's so very hard for me to get away.. single father, 50 employees.

It will happen, and if it happens where I am at, -I know a few spots you might like.
Thank you so much everyone for you great comments and critics on my album. This really means a lot to me :)
Ma ke scatti meravigliosi...Patrik
my another dream world, i wonder where on earth this place is.
Rosellia .
. Where you lived , there is earth . Earth means not
only a planet there we lived . It mean a plce there we could have been
stand on our feet . That will be another planet but the land of that
planet we called earth .
gasping for air, coughing this gorgeous surprise out from my heart. Wow. Thank you for creating this.
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