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As I was ready to make a short clip in the Faroe Islands, I asked my friend +Adam Burton  to start recording by pressing the button but he accidentally pressed the shutter instead and took that shot..Kinda glad he did :) Interested in visiting the Faroes? visit

Take your seat on the shore. Listen to the ancient voice in the waves. Taste the salt of life on your tongue. Run your fingers through the eternal sand. Breathe deeply. If you find yourself worrying about your cell phone and emails, if you find yourself feeling guilty that you should be doing “something important,” breathe deeply again. And again. Breathe deeply until every fabric of your being is reminded that this, being here, is your top priority. This is peace. This is wisdom. The work is a means to living, but this is the living. - Brian Vaszily 
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So awesome. I love your stuff, Patrick!
That's amazing.  Looks like a very interesting place.
I like it a lot, very beautiful place :)
WOW!..What a Spectacular view....Awesome!
What is this place? This is beautiful. I'd much rather be there.
WOW, I want to sit there and enjoy this amazing, breathtaking view. Beautiful shot!
This is maybe the nicest shot I have seen recently. Love the atmosphere and it brings relaxing feelings. Brilliant.
How it feels sitting there up?
Thanks so much everyone for your comments, Shares and +1 
+Shawna Mac Definitely is incredible location that can be very tricky to capture on camera
+Hamid Rehman This was taken in the Faroe Islands
How does it feel
To be on your own
With no direction home
Like a complete unknown
Like a rolling stone ?
Nice... Very  much alive, dimentional and even romantic...
Hex HE
where is that place in this world for goodness sake, isn't that photo shop really?
Amazing place for an intense Here and Now experience! You must have gotten that "THIS is UNBELIEVABLE and I WISH to IMMORTALIZE this with my camera RUSH" +Patrick Di Fruscia 
Amazing and what a priceless exploration and experience. 
Islands wonderful, magnificent views.
iiv xf
beautiful place....
iiv xf
super one.....
woooww..beautiful shot !! 
you just sited there ,enjoyed the nature, what else do u want
That's one beautiful shot of  serenity!  That makes me grateful for the beauty God gave us on this planet to behold of His awesomeness in creation.
That's so beautiful! I wanna go there now!
damm it i wanna go there too... :( where is this plaz? this man is soo lucky
i would love to see that!!!
That is beautiful!!! I wish i could see that in person. 
ya only if yu wuld like the outside which i do but its a pretty view
Looks like a beautiful place to hike...wonderful. 
You guys should check out Swagteenager on YouTube he is almost as amazing as this picture
Elisa Q
it's beautiful
This is what parts of the Grand Canyon must have looked like when the Rio Grande was much more abundant in water...
nice, very nice, i like this place
تامل مريح للروح والجسد
Its so peacefull!! So so so amazn!!! I jst love it..:-D..
What anabsolutely brillliant pic...... An idealistic moment captured in time..
It is the latest place on the Paul Watson's hit list. the Faroes are on the latest installment of whale wars for what they call the "grind".
Ian Hex
This is ridiculously beautiful. The Faroe Islands is definitely on my List; I have a thing for remote islands that are far away from civilisation. Again, beautiful photo. 
Glad he pressed the shutter! :)
a place to really get in touch with youself, a sick place to shoot FMX too i bet,the island probably has dope natural terrain for miles
Amazing scene. The depth of field is great. I like the drama of the sky.
You need bigger backpack.. :) 
Beautiful scene..
munju s
yeah...this is peace...this is wisdom...this is beauty.
Waaw.... i call it heven on earth, really really beautiful place
that is so beautiful
What a nice Shot. Where is it taken? I like ist very much!
Wow..This is like out of the world...just amazing
Faroe Islands, next stop on wish list
WOW where is that????????
dude.... Is that you sitting on the corner... 
be careful..... was just kidding ..... 
it looks really good ... the guy is lucky he enjoyed the view live... it's a good view men....!  
I feel soo freedom.. what a wonderfull view... I like there..
I wish that I was sitting on a mountain like that.
Such an awesome scene!  I would love to sit there and take in the beauty!
cant you take me there one of your good day man?
So many beautiful places on the earth!
Thank you, at times miss taken pics are the best. 
wow that is wonderful i love this picture
Hermosa fotografía, definitivamente un sitio de poder!!! Felicitaciones
have you come across grind? mass killing of whales?
Wonderful place and it
omg i want to go there
This almost looks like three pyramids merged with the environment.
do you want to be my friend or not ?
I love what you said.  It is so true, but can be done in a room in solitude, if you can't go there.  Just meditate
I am AK bound next month in hopes to find a place to sit and just listen to nature.
Paula G
+Patrick Di Fruscia your blessed to be able to see this in person wow thank you for sharing its amazing ..
That pic brings out all the color and beauty in the landscape. I'm so happy that your friend took that cool pic
That's an amazing view, but it looks photo shopped!if its real i wanna go there!:D 
Now that's what you call a view. Nice picture.
wooow...Drop-dead gorgeous!!!
Ped Lim
Very beautiful
What i wouldn't give for a sight like that
Jane C
Amazing photo!!! I hope you frame this one
what an amazing shot! Sometimes the best things come unplanned...
E Herz
that is so rocking!!
nice view......................................................................................
Aw3x!! clik . very Beautifull lively 
owesome .... already feeling as if I, myself is a part of this picture........
what a view it is!.........i wish i could be there someday.................!
Whilst I admire your photography I would never support anything in the Faroe Islands or visit there as long as they carry on needlessly butchering innocent Pilot whales.
Iwas impressed itself on me!thanx
My understanding is that the Faroes are where Pictish culture and Viking culture intersected in one of the earth's truly wild places.  So, to answer your question, yes, I would have loved to have traveled there and listed to the birds and the wind and seen what has become of these two ancient cultures.  I am so pleased to think of you in such a place where your spirit soars as your camera records the visual riches the surround you.
What a lovely place to be at and enjoy it's serenity.
Superb spontaneous work. Love it!
Foto maravillosa que transmite paz ¡¡¡
Congratulations for you with this pic... Patrick Di Fruscia I think you don't know what I'm talking.. check the news on Google+
OMG! La vue est incroyablement impressionnante!
Ha Thu
ảnh của Bạn đẹp Lắm
excelente foto que maravillosa creacion de Jehova, gracias por darnos este maravilloso hogar!!
Nice little mistake by Adam.
I thought of going to the Faroe's myself and should. Looking forward to look at your photos and hear your thoughts on those isles.
Love the depth here Great work. Allan
Breathtaking! Living indeed :) Glad he got hold of the shutter!
Very beautifull,,look's so clean,,,just little bit lonely,,,
Repito: lindisimas tus fotos....te llevan de la a otra dimension impalpable...
This may of been an accident, but not a mistake. This is a great picture & so beautiful. Thanks for sharing this wonderful place on earth. I didn't even know it existed. I would love to visit, but I couldn't afford a plane ticket & I'm afraid once I was there I wouldn't want to leave. I watched all YouTube videos & that's the lifestyle I like to live. Living off the land the way our grandparents & there parents before them. The way God intended us to live. Only take what u need. No waste. Thanks again for the wonderful article & picture.
So peaceful and beautiful a place to reflect and absorb the wonders of nature to remember how Blessed we truly are!
OMG such a wonderful place.............. i wanna b there
Great post. I Just returned from a High Sierra Backpack Trip with my 2 boys, 2 nieces and Ron Bro. It's refreshing of the heart and soul to just sit in nature. Beautiful Pic!
i love love loveeee your work! and the quotes are superb!
Magnifique ! Merci.
I live in Faroe Islands, and tes, the Nature is breathtaking. All times, All days. Great image btw. 
Without words!! the privilege of your eyes
Mamma mia che scatti Patrick, che spettacolo !!! Sembra di essere li seduti, si sente il rumore del silenzio ed il vento che ti accarezza . Fantastico.
isso é de tirar o fôlego !! nossa, que lindo!!
Awesome it..!!!
love it ...How beautiful place...!! thank for your sharing.....
i hope you choose me,be your objek photo. . . .
One of my wishes is to one day be able to sit  on a cliff just the way you are and just forget about everything and admire the Wonders of God :)
Hi Patrick.
Just got turned on to your work from Ken K. He is looking at having the both of you come to Bali to lead a photo retreat/workshop with us at Floating Leaf Eco Retreat. 
Really excited by the possibility. love your eye and technique. Glad to be in touch.
Warm regards,
Hermoso nuestro planeta y que poco hacemos por conservarlo. Maravillosa toma.
what an awesome view, our planet is so beautiful.
Marie H
I am scared of heights yet love to be scared.
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