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If there is to be peace in the world,
There must be peace in the nations.
If there is to be peace in the nations,
There must be peace in the cities.
If there is to be peace in the cities,
There must be peace between neighbors.
If there is to be peace between neighbors,
There must be peace in the home.
If there is to be peace in the home,
There must be peace in the heart. - Lao Tzu
Image Info: Perfect Peace - Lofoten, Norway
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Very nice. Besides the brilliant colors what it seems you really nail in your imagery is great composition.
vry vry vry true said Fruscia Sir, really u hav opened the doors for all human's to think, and wht we should do, also you have should answer to all of us. thank u very much sir
Be at peace with oneself.The Dalai Lama speaks of peace ,love and compassion.
Peace to all who see and read this.
Thank you, Patrick!
can i buy that greenish blackish grayish rock? it looks cool
Fantastic colors and composition. Love the use of the foreground!
Nice photo ! And about peace I hope peaple find it so soon and spread it among cities & nations & all around the world .
If there is peace in the heart
there must be Jesus
This beautiful picture not only represents peace but everything extraordinary.
This is how the world should be great poem
i hate this it describes most of the shit i feel
ya, peace can found anywhere, just feel it...........................................
GOD is beautiful .this is a great invitation to open and clean your heart to live in love and peace
i agree, if we all just come together as family god will be pleased and happy...
The tree for me, is the force. Of good color and a landscape of pais. Nice picture. Beautiful poem .
that touching to me
If there is to be peace in the heart, there must be peace in the diet.

For there to be peace in my heart, I need a good piece of ass.
I really like this, thank you for sharing.
it's like I'm seeing the real thing. :)
i real appreciate little reminder like this, letting us know where it all begin.
Chan Li
Incredible .fabulous ,amazing ,stunning ,terrific , excellent , beautiful ! That's it .
Cierto es completemente Pues Todo TIENE Orden .... y yo se Que Este EJEMPLO ES El Orden No Hay Otra Manera
Wow, so very well put. Peace be with all of you! (and for Trayvon Martin)
Well said especially as we spread from inside out not outside in!
Cited from <Tao Te Ching> Chapter 17 “善建者不拔,善抱者不脱,子孙以祭祀不辍。修之于身,其德乃真;修之于家,其德乃馀;修之于乡,其德乃长;修之于邦,其德乃丰;修之于天下,其德乃普。故以身观身,以家观家,以乡观乡,以邦观邦,以天下观天下。吾何以知天下然哉?以此” ——《道德经》17章
So true, starts with the heart
If every one would get peace in their heart
There would be peace on eart :)
Have an awesome day to everyone
JESUS said peace be still,and the storm had calm...
Most people, I believe, want peace but peace is not just a cease fire between two or more antagonists, peace, I believe, is something that you can have in your heart despite any turmoil around you. Another aspect is that some people may talk about peace but their hearts may be full of greed, conceit and lust for power.
Ke Zeng
Incredible! I enjoy the pretty scene and the hi-res, hi-dynamic of the photo.
yes u ritht great thought realy and we want peace in Karachi City but what can i say. ok good
if there is to be peace in the heart,
there must be peace with thy boss.
But how does a rock in some small shrubs next to a tree mean that there needs to be peace? I get that It's a peaceful sight but.....
a balanced and stable mind is a peaceful mind-heart
Peace can be established only if the practice starts from home....
its a so beautiful............
its true..
peace of the heart is equal to,peace of the world....
My eyes cool of u'are picture frist time like it u'are picture..........!
wow, beautiful lines
I really enjoyed this post. Thanks for sharing!
wow so vibrant and alive ... good one
That is best thing , I've heard @saw in a long time so perfect!
Peace. Peace. Peace. Okay, I'll pull out my raygun! KILLJOY!!!! Yeah bufddy
well its good you atleast picked the place next to the perfect place
does such a place really exist or am i dreaming?
i dont know what you're talking about, that place looks depressing to live in
So, what this image tells me is that perfect peace is attained by removing Man Kind from the equation?
But Nature is not peaceful.
It is competitive and harsh. Some of the qualities displayed by human beings.

We must change value systems world wide that reflect the wisest summations possible in this particular world; And then remember it and pass it on.

There are very good examples that have appeared already and need to be extended throughout the world.

when i see this picture it makes me feel calm
Very true... peace in my heart must be at the core of any "peace quest", but peace with my Creator is at the core of that. And Jesus is the only Way to find that. I am not ashamed of that belief. Humanity (including most who call themselves Christians) will go on hating, lusting, killing, and starting wars until we learn to follow the "Prince of Peace".
wow nice i love the place it look like desad.....okay text o google number (916) 668-0294
Peace is often misinterpreted as an absence of conflict.

In actuality, it is being able to cope with conflict, in a constructive manner, that brings abotu peace.

All Peace starts with Peace of Mind. Be at peace with all that is around you and you can begin to be that change you wish to see in the world.
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Thou will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee: because he trusteth in Thee (Isaiah 26:3))
Mark the perfect man, and behold the uprightt, for the end of that man is peace (Psalms 37:37)
Lance Rossie: Try looking up all the citations on peace in the Bible, it's inspiring.
What a wonderful pic I love the backround and the colors on the rock 
Yes the picture is beautiful but what it says is more beautiful,Great posting.
Oooooo, someone taka a photo of my backyard. ..
i like this, it define the present condition of the world
Surreal beauty...the colors here are incredible! Thank you for sharing.
that's an awesome photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
your words are so true; i see humans smiling but in reality it's all darkness inside, ready to come out...
it is never pointless to add praise for art and for visions that move you and I am enchanted by your lyric light and elemental power that sweeps through every corner here.
If you really understand Lao Tzu, you should know he must hate these Photoshoped photos. Ironic?
wow... someone is a warmonger It would be nice, but there are some people who, despite all your efforts, will make them futile
if you want all around peace, just slose ur eye for five minute.
i like this
If there must be peace in the heart
There must be trust in God.
peace comes from god only if u have god in ur heart u hv peace in ur life...
I wish I had never hurt anybody's feelings.
Asad , this is the same with me too , I hate to hurt Jesus and people , but I still do it and it hurt's me allot . I which I have never sin , but thank's for Jesus who has die'd for us on the cross , so if we sin we must just confess our sin in front of him , his blood washes away all sin .
Even though this was first said so long ago, this always seems so new and is so relevant for today and now. Thank You.
.....If there is to be peace in the heart,
There must be peace with God.

And there's only one way that can happen...John 14:6
a very beautiful picture and wonderful words... thank you very much for sharing both
Brilliant image, great texture, light and color
Love the winter's lace tree! Luv your page! ~ angelkisses2u
Enjoyed the Lao Tzu about Peace. It would be nice if there was genuine peace in the world, sad thing is to many people don't know or have a relationship with real peace and those that do, that peace that they are willing to tell others about so they to can receive it is usually rejected by those whose hearts are full of bile, deceit, lies, bitterness and hatred. This world will never know true peace (only false promises of peace from those pretending to be peacemakers) until the one who is peace reigns and then the tools of war will truly be broken down, Genuine Love will flourish and Joy will abound but until that day comes one can only pray for peace, there are those willing to accept it but as I mentioned there are many whose hearts are so cold that they are to blind to invite true peace inside.
Again your work is still stunning, I just turned on my computer and looked at your picture and I almost fell of my chair the picture is that sharp. I just love your work, I will always be a big fan of your work.
For true peace - peace must be invited into the heart and soul and then despite all the turmoil around you will be at peace within - this is the sort of peace that is freely available to all but sadly not all accept it. Without a change of heart - from an evil heart to a good one- you may have a cease fire in some areas but not true peace.
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