Holy crap would you look at these results!
I don't want to spoil the announcement of the next filter, but...

We are preparing a new blending mode in the G'MIC plug-in for +GIMP , probably named Seamless cloning. It will ease the incrustation of an object into an image (as you can see in the example below), without requiring a precise manual segmentation of the object.
This blending mode implements the algorithm described in the famous paper Poisson Image Editing written in 2003 by Perez-etal, available at : http://bybjhso.xeds.eu/clone/poisson.pdf
(I suggest you look closely to the examples of this paper, some results are really stunning!).

We already have a working implementation of this algorithm in G'MIC. It needs some small improvements and optimizations, but we are almost done. And best of all, it will be able to use multiple cores :)

Stay tuned !
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