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Good article on the best type of #battery for #solar storage

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An announcementand a quick request

For the past six months I’ve been working on an online course called Master Newsjacking! and am close to finalizing the content. I’m excited that the course will be released in December.

The Master Newsjacking! course builds on the newsjacking movement I pioneered five years ago.

In speaking and writing about newsjacking I’ve learned a great deal about how newsjacking generates sales leads and grows business. Newsjacking is more than just reaching the media! That’s what the online course will teach. 

As I’m finalizing the Master Newsjacking! course content, I could use your help.

I want to make sure I’m covering everything. What are your top questions about newsjacking? Is there anything specific you want me to cover?

Any thoughts appreciated. You can provide your ideas in any way you like – via social media or you can contact me directly.

Thank you.

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Solving the wrong problem with Marketing by spending loads and loads of money: Case Study: Bose

Bose was founded in 1964, Beats was founded in 2008. Bose revenues: $3.3 bil. Beats: $1.5 bil. Beats pockets 62% of the money spent on premium headphones (with their premium profits). Bose, 22%.  Take all other numbers, social followers, growth in key areas, etc. and Bose is not doing well, or at least has an opportunity to massively improve.

This is especially true for it's Marketing team. Even the most closed-minded Bose employee would see that Beats has them... well... beat there by gigantic proportions.

So, the solutions by the Marketing team at Bose?

Put it's headphones on old, mostly, white men.

? ?

Scroll, checkout the collage I made.

NFL contracts don't come cheap. I'm sure this is costing Bose an arm and a leg and most of the heart and lungs.

Old, mostly, white men. Who are not listening to music. 

Are these the "brand ambassadors" that are supposed to bring glory back to Bose? To help it beat Beats, and other wannabe competitors?

Who are these men connecting with? Is Bill Belichick causing young folks to run out and buy Bose?

Oh, and jump over to Bing, Baidu or Yandex right now, search for non-brand premium headphones, soundbars, iphone accessories, surround sound speakers, and any queries you like. Do you see Bose there? I did that after creating the collage you see in this post. 90% of the time answer for me is no.


Bose is not solving for when people are proactively looking for music/audio solutions. Yet. It has its logo every Sunday, Monday and the occasional Thursday on the heads of old men.

Problem solved.

Snark aside, old companies have a hard time seeing  reality, and creating solutions that help them get out when they are stuck in quicksand. They rely on the fact that their technology is superior or some other old clunky belief. Everyone in the company buys into it. That is how SGI died, and I was laid off.  Technology is necessary, but rarely sufficient.

It is close to astonishing that Bose does not see the conflict between the problem it faces, and how it is spending money on Marketing. That their Marketing is solving the wrong problem.

Or, that Marketing is the way to re-think their current business strategy and go out and win bigger.  

It would hurt less if this was just some silly corporation losing its way. Bose had incredible innovation and inspiring values. Bose founder, Amar Bose, donated most of his stock to MIT so that profit from Bose could help students. 

Let's hope that this changes. Before it's too late. 

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Are RSS & News/Article Readers Dead?

Figured I'd take a look at them in +SimilarWeb, and it turns out,+Pocket+feedly, +Netvibes, & +Medium are all doing 100mm+ visits a month (well, Netvibes is only 75mm, but...). Pretty impressive for an industry sector that supposedly died off entirely due to social networks.

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Taking care of details and repetition
Productive paranoia is what Jim Collins and Morten T. Hansen refer to in their book Great By Choice referring to being very vigilant in taking care of all the details in business. Making all the preparations and having redundant plans for success make sense...

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What to Do After You Hit the SEO Plateau

SEO is a journey, but after you've hit the low-hanging fruit and built your flywheel, growth becomes hard to find. Here's my guide to what's next:

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Are all social media marketing tools created equally? Of course not - different tools work differently for a variety of situations and company types.

If you're considering changing or upgrading, we've updated one of our most popular list posts of social media marketing management tools here:

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Happy Fluid Power Professionals Day
The videos tell the whole story Celebrating Fluid Power Professionals' Day The Most Interesting Technology In The World Pass it on

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