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Patrick Coombe

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A friendly SEO audit of MattCutts dot com :)
An informal and friendly audit of who holds the title of Google of webspam czar at Google.
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No kidding +Patrick Coombe, that's why I follow you, always have creative stuff worth reading.
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Patrick Coombe

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We've had a number of scenarios recently where a WordPress theme got in the way of our SEO efforts, follow these SEO tips and you'll be good to go.
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i'm ANGRY!
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Patrick Coombe

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An overview of the process to enable your tweets to index and display in Google search results.
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+Patrick Coombe you are the man! Doing this tonight. I think your guesses are a bit better as you have tested this on more properties and have done more with KG optimization than anyone I know. :P
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Patrick Coombe

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A client's WordPress site was hacked, causing them to lose all their Google keyword rankings, destroying their organic SEO. Here's how we fixed it.
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There ain't no musheen than can hold me !
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Really loved the format of this one. Aaron really broke the normal SEO blogging mold on this one. Definitely want to give credit where it is due +Jarno van Driel is the one who structured this post, no pun intended :)

and thanks always to +Aaron Bradley for publishing
A story about how a website was semantically optimized by using and other protocols and how this lead to a Panda recovery and then some...
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No problem at all. At least you enjoyed it, which is way more important to me. :)
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Patrick Coombe

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Slapping a screenshot on your blog without care for usability or UX can cause many issues on your site and ultimately hurt your SEO.
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Patrick Coombe

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It's April 2015, our annual run rate is $411,000 - and today we're announcing the Ghost public revenue dashboard, proudly powered by Baremetrics.
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Patrick Coombe

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How much is Google+ like Facebook? There is an algorithm like EdgeRank that determines what you see in a stream when you visit.
How does Google+ decide what to show you when you visit the social network, and look at new content; it depends upon who is sharing, and what your interactions with them has been online.
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Patrick Coombe

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We've had a number of scenarios recently where a WordPress theme got in the way of our SEO efforts, follow these SEO tips and you'll be good to go.
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Patrick Coombe

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How to (maybe) get your Tweets to index in Google's search results
An overview of the process to enable your tweets to index and display in Google search results.
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Patrick Coombe

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New take on an old scam. Never seen it targeted on professional services before. Glad you weren't taken in.
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Patrick Coombe

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If you want a basic understanding of what Googlebot sees when it crawls your site this is one of the few SEO tools that Google actually endorses.
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SEO at Elite Strategies, Llc
SEO, buzz campaigns, PPC, social media, design, etc
  • Elite Strategies
    Owner, 2009 - present
    Elite Strategies is an internet marketing agency located in Delray Beach, FL.
  • GlassPro
    Owner, 2004 - 2006
    Installed and replaced new glass in broken windows aka "reglazer"
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organic search engineer
Patrick Coombe is the founder of Elite Strategies Llc an internet marketing agency based in Delray Beach, FL. Patrick manages the day to day operations of Elite Strategies but spends most of his time developing customized organic ranking strategies for their clients.  Patrick is a veteran of the US Navy and was stationed on the USS Boxer, he is an avid programmer and overall internet marketing enthusiast. 

About Me
I am happily married and am the proud Father of a 2 year old boy. I'm definitely an introvert. I really like people, but I do prefer to be alone. I'm more comfortable behind a keyboard than I am at a bar or a club.

I have 2 chihuahuas that are completely insane, and I love them.

 My non-work hobbies consist of:
  • wood working
  • electronics
  • photography
  • electronics / PC stuff / Linux / Android

However I am very lucky in the fact that my favorite hobby is also my job: SEO.

My Job / Work

I work really odd hours.  Generally I wake up at around 11am and am in the office by noon.  I work with my crew in the office till 5pm then go home for family time till around 10pm. From 10pm till 5am is where I get the bulk of my work done.

I love working at night.  There are no distractions, phone calls, crying children, appointments or anything like that.  I get in more work during the 5-10 hours I work overnight than most people do in a week.

I'm the CEO of our company, but I co-run the company with my wife. We work really well together mainly because we stay out of each others way.  I've learned enough about relationships over the years to know that spending too much time together can put a strain on your relationship.


I used to blog because it was "good for SEO" but recently I found out that I really love to write. Actually, I love to research. Writing is normally the end result of a process if that makes sense.

I try to do 2-3 posts per week on our company seo blog but I also try to do outreach and guest posting as well.

White Hat vs Black Hat

I am a scientist at heart, so when I first discovered SEO I tried many different tactics. Over the years through seeing hundreds of penalized sites through my colleagues and my own experimentation I've established myself as strictly white hat.

I am a white hat SEO for several reasons:

  • I keep ethics at the forefront of not only my job, but my life.  Violating the TOS of Google is not something that makes me feel good as a person.
  • 90% of the SEO I do is for my clients. It is not right to gamble with other people's websites.
  • It works.
  • SEO that goes against Google's guidelines is just not a long-term strategy.

I've also found over the years that SEO's group themselves into different categories amongst ourselves.

Bragging rights
I have never caused or been in a car accident
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Delray Beach, FL
San Diego, FL - Washington DC - Ashland, PA - Tiajuana, MX - Philadelphia, PA - Great Lakes, IL - Havre De Grace, MD
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Ghost Public Revenue Dashboard

It's April 2015, our annual run rate is $411,000 - and today we're announcing the Ghost public revenue dashboard, proudly powered by Baremet

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A story about how a website was semantically optimized by using and other protocols and how this lead to a Panda recovery and the

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I practically never write reviews, but I just had to after the awesome experience I had with Louis Sanet at Audi. Absolutely seamless service. Everything handled for me. Price was on point, and I literally did not have to lift a finger. Every request was handled with surgical precision. I highly recommend Louis Sanet of Audi Fort Lauderdale, make sure you go and see him he has the best energy, enthusiasm and work ethic I've ever seen. Note: I have no affiliation with Audi or Louis Sanet, this is a genuine review.
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I've used Ron at a1a extreme green for both my office and my home, he does a thorough and standup job. he is polite, friendly and very professional. full disclosure: I do manage his website but this is an honest and neutral review of his services.
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Ripoff, scam, fraud, cheat - these are the words that come to mind for 1st Florida Notary. Took my money, never called, emailed, or wrote. 4 weeks later get my paperwork back from them return to sender. They do not pick up their phone, return calls, or emails.
Public - 8 months ago
reviewed 8 months ago
By far, one of the best casual men's clothing shops I've been to outside of NYC/Miami and will give any of them a run for their money. Came in to check out some raw denim which I've been into lately. Stayed for their excellent and very reasonable selection of other men's goods. Also a great little selection of boots/shoes, bags, even a few knives(picked up an Opinel in addition to a handful of tops). Both girls, one of which was the owner were extremely educated & helpful much like everyone I encountered in Asheville. Fabulous selection of raw/selvedge denim, great accessories, great vibe, great prices, and great people. I take reviews very seriously and usually only review 5-10 companies per year, this is definitely one that I wanted to go out of my way to leave a review for.
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26 reviews
To Barry and Co. / MoveMeJoe- Wanted to put in writing and express our gratitude and appreciation for moving us with not a lot of advance notice. Everyone did a great job and was very professional, courteous and friendly. A note for anyone reading this: Not all moving companies are alike. We had another moving company quit mid-move and literally walk off the job leaving our belongings on the curb. MoveMeJoe was able to get us scheduled within 48/72 hours which is unheard of at this time of year. From the first call my mind was put at ease, Barry took the time to listen to my rant and offered some mental encouragement along the way. While they were booked solid, that didn't stop them from answering the phone any time I had a question. They also called and confirmed multiple times and were upfront about all charges. There were no hidden fees. Each item was carefully inspected, packed, bubble wrapped / padded when appropriate, and moved with extreme care. All furniture and beds which needed to be disassembled were reassembled to our satisfaction and in some cases some improvements were made. They know how to handle HOA politics, were courteous with neighbors that needed to get by, and paid attention to all the fine details that oftentimes go unnoticed. When moving into our new house the movers asked where each item should go, and I didn't feel as though I was being rushed or like I was bothering them. This crew was STRONG! They moved a 200lb dresser up 2 flights of stairs like it was a gallon of milk. They are also a very green company and offered to recycle or reuse the 100+ boxes that we used during the move. We will definitely be recommending you to all of our friends and business associates. Sincerely, Patrick & Jacquelyn Coombe
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Coffee district is the coolest coffee shops in Delray Beach, it also has amazing coffee. Evil Starbucks moved in across the street so doing my part to help them by leaving this unsolicited review. It is a great place to stop by for a coffee, latte, or espresso. Their empenadas are amazing. Great art also.
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Full disclosure: I have worked in Fancy Fixtures marketing department in the past. That said, I have also used them as a vendor and can say with 100% confidence that they truly have some of the lowest prices out there. I've compared their costs vs some of the big box retailers and they are considerably lower (comparing exact SKUs). In addition this is a small business that will work with you if you have any questions or complaints they will always be handled immediately.
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reviewed a year ago