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I left Google last week, to join VMware and build their developer relations team.

I learned a lot, had fun, and made many friends at Google and outside, all over the world, in the past 6 years, building developer ecosystems for Google services in Ads, Commerce, Social, Browser and Cloud. I worked with many partners, gave talks at numerous conferences and GTUGs (30-50 talks/year in the past few years), traveled a lot, and met thousands of developers who are changing the world with code.

I loved Google, for its focus on technology, culture of innovation in the open and risk taking, ambitious mission, and the joy of working with people who are talented, passionate, and data driven. The “don’t be evil” corporate value, as well as the strategy of innovation in the open, leveraging open source and open standards, were also aspects I loved.

When I wrote the draft for this post I started a long list of people to thank, then realized that between Googlers, partners, developers I met at conferences, GTUG members and organizers, bloggers, analysts, journalists, conference organizers, there would be more than a thousand people, and I would surely forget someone. The better idea for that kind of things is to crowdsource it! If we worked, or interacted together in the context of my role in Google developer relations in the past 6 years, please tell an anecdote on this Google+ thread. I loved every bit of my time at Google, thanks to all of you, and will cherish these actualized memories. Plus it will make it easier to create a circle called: “People from my golden years at Google”:-)
Goodbye Google, Hello VMware! September 8th, 2011 · No Comments. In july 2005 I joined Google as Adwords API evangelist, to start developer relations, be the public friendly face for developers, of a ...
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Good luck @VMWare and thanks for the interesting information so far.
so you won't be able to see us in our Paris offices begin part of Google any more... Wish you the best for the future, Patrick !
Wow Patrick, best of luck!! Will have to check out VMWare more now, I guess :)
Congratulations and good luck in your new role!
Quite a challenging path you have chosen here.
Guess you don't need me to wish you any luck since I know how well you can sell such products to a company :).
I guess we'll now only meet in more "cloud in general" conferences.
A tip: don't forget us, we love "cloud in general".
So no need for luck but still wish you the best.
Wow, interesting change. Good luck and enjoy life at VMWare!
Ce fut très inspirant de te voir à Montréal présenter l'environnement Google. Nous allons suivre avec intérêt Cloud Foundry et ta prochaine visite ici!
I'll say "Wow" like many others. So the rumor is confirmed.
No doubt you will bring success and dev. adoption to cloudfoundry
After all, you have built Rome :D

(we met @ ADL 2010 + ParisJUG)
All the Filipino developers will surely miss you Patrick and thank you for spending time with us here in Manila. I'm sure everyone will remember you because of your awesome photo from Bulacan. Maraming salamat!
Congratz Patrick! All the best to you at VMWare!
Wow indeed. It will be hard to keep an eye on what Google is doing without you there. Good luck on your new endeavor! Now I get to know what VMWare is up to!
OpenSocial launch, 2007... Good luck Patrick!
Good luck, Patrick!
You'll be missed :-)
Merci encore pour ton aide, bonne chance pour cette nouvelle mission. A quand la prochaine conf en France ?
Great news Patrick! Good luck for your new work @ VMware.
Farewell Patrick. It was a pleasure working with you. Best of luck in the new job!!
Patrick, congratulations !!

.. and thanks again for your presentation at GDD-2010 !!
Wow dude! Congrats! Awesome move, very happy for you. Let's catch up sometime soon.
Congrats Patrick. I learned a great deal about the how's and why's of devrel from you and CloudFoundry makes a lot of sense. Good luck!
Bonne chance dans ce nouveau job Patrick
Your kidding!! I guess Congratulations is in place!! It is most often a good thing to move on :-) Have fun! Will you still come over to Sweden every now and then?
Patrick you were a major source of inspiration and support for me at Google, and I'm sure you'll continue to inspire from afar. :-)
Fantastic news Patrick! I'll always remember when we've first met at Google SF 3 years ago. The minute we ended our meeting, you intro'd me to 5 high profile contacts, one of them being +Scott McMullan who became the most instrumental person for our Google Apps featured launch a year later. Thanks again for everything you've done for Producteev! And btw, VMWare and us should talk ;)
Again good luck! I remember eating pizza at "el cuartito" and when you got permission to use app engine on the domain name.
Is funny that early today I was testing stackato the cloud foundry python implementation, you have a great product to advocate.
So Many stories with you p@, maybe the best, devFest in southEast Asia... See you soon! You don't need luck, you know how to do Things!
An open minded guy that took on his time to listen to me. Thanks!
Patrick, it was great and inspiring to have interacted with you at Google. Congratulations to you and best wishes to Cloud Foundry DevRel!
Congratulations and thanks for everything you've done for us so far. Hope we continue meet in the conferences and don't forget you're most welcome to visit us here in Finland. See you! - Sami / The Vaadin Team
Bonne chance ! continue de stimuler notre passion du développement logiciel !
Nos discussions à Mtl ont été plus que de parler de google autour d'une poutine. Idem à SF. Tu as un don dans les relations. Ce nouveau challenge tombe bien pour toi. All the best.
what a shame, thats mean we don't see you this year @GDD Argentina :-) . Congrats and good luck at vmware!!!
Congratulations to your new position. I still remember when +Guillaume Laforge introduced us and convinced you to come to Stockholm for Jfokus. Then +Guillaume Laforge became sick and could not make it so you had to do the session on your own. I like to believe that since then you are also a Jfokus advocate. We are looking forward to have you back for as a VMWare representative!
Bonne chance dans cette nouvelle aventure!
L'avenir est au virtuel. De toute façon nous vivons probablement dans une simulation...
Wow Patrick Congrats. Health and success in this new challenge! I'm still working as a developer advocate for Html5 here in Brazil, and wish you lots of luck in vmware, wonderful company!
Congratulations Patrick, and all the best in your new role at VMware! Thanks for all the great encounters we have had at many Google events, looking forward to seeing you again soon! :)
Good luck with VMWare! Don't be a stranger when you drop by Kuala Lumpur :)
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