Awhile back I surveyed the available options on Linux and found I liked KeepNote best. It's not perfect. Switching between notes is a bit sluggish, indented bulleted lists are a bit buggy, it doesn't speak LaTeX, etc. But it's pre-1.0 and fairly actively developed, and of course free, so I don't mind dealing with a few quirks. I'm hoping the developer will put the source code on bitbucket, github or whatever to encourage outside contributions.

Some of the things that I do like:

I like the fact that the notes are stored as HTML. Though there's no mobile app, I still can access my notes on my smartphone by putting (a symlink to) my notebook folder in my Dropbox folder and having the Dropbox app on my phone.

Also often I'll use the screenshot feature (Ctrl+Insert) to grab a bit of my desktop and include it in the current note.

Finally, while I haven't actually tried yet, KeepNote is written in Python and there is an extensions API so it should be pretty easy to hack on.
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KeepNote is a free, multi-platform Open Source application that's great for keeping notes, tips, recipes and what-have-yous. You can embed images and hyperlinks, including URLs. This is a great tool for writers, students, researchers and the average Joe or Jane needing a place to organize their stuff.
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