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[Important Public Service Announcement]
Facebook's new timeline profiles are going to resurface everything you've done on there since you joined the service.
My suggestion? No, it's not "leave Facebook", don't be silly.
It's actually: clean up your friends list, and fast. Facebook is actually designed to share your info with people you know and like, not every random person you met, half drunk at a party, or that cutie with a nice profile picture that your cousin's roommate knows.
Real life friends, family, people you know and trust. Having 540 "friends" doesn't actually make you popular; just limit these relations to people you actually care about, and avoid much crying and despair later down the line... You've been warned!

PS: Also, dividing your friends between the two simple groups "friends" and "acquaintances", and setting all your important info to be visible to "friends but not acquaintances" wouldn't hurt.
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Or have a limited profile.
I wonder how accurate the older data is. I've been on facebook since it was just college students, and it was a LOT different then. There were also issues with things disappearing then too. For example, if you had a conversation with someone and they deleted their profile, your messages to them would just disappear..
I don't think I have anything on my profile, nor have I done anything I'm particularly ashamed of. What are people worrying about surfacing? Genuine question.
I don't know if I'm worried, though there's a couple years of my life that are kinda blurry. Should be interesting.
+Matt Turner Oh boy, there are so many hilarious answers to that question... :)
But you have the right idea: I never put anything online, "private" or not, that I wouldn't be comfortable seeing resurface. Great rule of thumb, and everyone should observe it.
+Patrick Beja The way I think of it is this, every time I'm about to post a status, tweet or do anything online, I imagine I'm standing in the middle of town, with all of my friends and family standing around me, along with a crowd of others. If I wouldn't shout it out there, I don't post it online.
+Matt Turner I usually don't post things if it's something too personal, but I've had to limit who I want to see my profile, mainly because I didn't want my boyfriends family knowing what we were doing all the time. Sometimes I was blowing them off when I did not want to go to one of their family events, then I would forget I did that and post something on facebook totally contradicting what I told them. Oops. :)
So i've skimmed through my timeline. Nothing of real note. Though It's weird to see all these old conversations with people I haven't talked to in years.
I don't mind Friends Lists, my concern is openning the door to App Partners that may need to process my "data" any way they want.
+Ernest Lopez If THAT is your concern, then you'd better quit Facebook, because it's going to happen no matter what! :)
That IS my concern, but I'm afraid 500,000,000 people don't see it as it clearly as we do. And I really don't think they're just going to quit FB.
If there's one reason why I don't worry too much about timelines and such. It's that I'm really not that interesting. I can't imagine who would bother reading all the bullshit I've written or liked or tagged for the past 5 years. EDIT: other than the partners of course. :)
I limit my postings on FB too, but imagine what the numbers are going to be when the increase of past history of photos and music and even movie and TV picks start clogging up the stream, wheither it's in the main or in the sidebar ticker. That represents data-mining gold to some companies.
The public openning of Timeline is next Thursday the 29th. Is That right?
+Mike Kellock looks like it, I seen an option in the privacy settings though that allows you to render private your public posts, It's a
simple click but cannot be undone.
Good advices. And you can apply them to Google+ too.
Leo on today's TWiT quoted someone about the timeline access you open up and I'll have to go back and replay it. It sounded like the source might be worthwhile reading. But today's TWiT had a lot of Dvorak spearfishing the shark sillyness that the nuggets of info on the ramifications of Facebook's changes harder to grasp.
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