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Resourceful and Strategic Profesional in eMarketing
Resourceful and Strategic Profesional in eMarketing
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Get your Shopping certification today on Google Partners

Last year we created the Google Partners [] platform to provide tools and resources to help agencies learn more about Google's advertising solutions. Through Google Partners, individuals can get certified in AdWords and agencies can earn the Google Partner badge. Today we’re very excited to extend the Google Partners certification offerings to include a new Google Shopping exam in the United States.

If you are an agency specializing in Merchant Center and Shopping campaign management, you can now get certified in AdWords by completing both the Shopping and AdWords Fundamentals exams. A certification shows to potential business partners that Google recognizes you as an online advertising professional that can successfully manage Shopping campaigns. 

The Shopping exam will test your proficiency in Merchant Center account creation, product data, Shopping campaigns management and optimization best practices. To take the test, start by creating a profile [] on Google Partners today. All exams will be listed under the "Certifications" section.

Worried about studying for the exams? Join us in the Google Partners community [] to get access to webinars, special events and trainings from your peers and the Google team. Also, use these helpful study materials:
+AdWords Fundamental Study Guide:
+Google Shopping Study Guide:
+Google Shopping Refresher Course:

If you’re ready to take the test, sign in to Google Partners and get started: The Google Shopping exam will be expanding to other countries soon -- stay tuned!

#EconomicMobility  vs. #GlobalEconomy  vs. #Education   vs. #ShiftingDemographics  

For the past 20 years, the number of population has gone up by almost 100M, but the average number of doctoral degrees being awarded for each year has been remained in the same ballpark figure at around 40,000 ~45,000 people (per year), as if the surplus population of 100M means nothing to the society we live in.

When the competitions are scarce, the quality of human assets consequently diminishes as a result: Meaning there will be more numbers of malpractice incidents, to which might cause the unfortunate death of patients,  by medical doctors.


For example, a half of all M.Ds are over the age of 50, in which only 50~60% of are board-certified, compared to 70~80% of those who are under 50 year old (30 ~ 50).

In Finland, the average education level for a public school teacher is a graduate (master's) degree or higher, but in the US, that is quiet the opposite and even worse, a half of all college professors (Ph.d) in the US is foreign-born with whom they are either immigrants or international students with H-1 visa that seeks to become a naturalized citizen upon becoming a Ph.d.

In the meantime, the cost of education has skyrocketed, thus making it even more difficult for people to get higher education, though the number of MBA graduates has doubled, which thanks to the irresponsibly distributed student loans.

Something is not right!

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Check out this inspirational #UX and sign up if you like it

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The 33 Whitest Jobs in America.

There are so many surprises in this article.  How is it possible that Whites account for 81% of the workforce? What about the rest of us? Just 19%? I doubt it.

But there is one other surprise in this list of jobs where Whites account for more than 90% of the workforce.  You'll see lots of jobs where you think minorities rule, but they don't. For example Painters, Carpenters, Construction Managers, Groundskeeping workers, Farmers, Pest Control Workers, Vets. But they don't. All 90% plus White.

The article,, shares that one of the key reasons is the historical racism practiced by trade unions. This is so disappointing in 2013.

Other interesting elements.... Asians account for 20% of Physicians and Surgeons, but just 1% vets. Grounds cleaning workers are 44% African American, but Groundskeepers are 90% White. Weird.

It seems we have a long way to go in this country.

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A hint: #mobile

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Just got my new, Google custom vanity url:
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