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I hate to be publicly political, but I am Canadian, and also technically Australian. My mum moved to Canada from Australia after she married my dad. After I was born, I was granted Australian citizenship by descent. However, I have never legally domiciled outside of Canada. I have had the pleasure of visiting lots of places, but Canada has always been my home. I love where I live and I am proud of where I am from (both Canada and Australia).  Bill C-24 (it's been a law since June), terrifies the bejeezus out of me. The likelihood that I may lose my Canadian citizenship is minimal, but the fact that it is a possibility, not matter how remote and unlikely,  deeply saddens me.
This summer, part of Bill C-24 went into effect, officially creating a two-tier citizenship system. As a result of this new law, dual citizens and people who have immigrated to Canada can have their citizenship taken away while other Canadians cannot. For the first time, unaccountable bureaucrats...
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Patrick Audley

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Some significant steps towards building fully optical computers have recently been taken; this is one that's both beautiful and fascinating (the best combination in scientific work in my humble opinion).   The article is quite approachable to non-physics geeks and, if it tickles your fancy enough to dive into the math, is available in more detail at:
Engineers want to use trapped rainbows to make everything from optical buffers to optical signal processors. But the tra…
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Patrick Audley

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Another powerful poem from +Shane Koyczan laced with haunting visuals and cutting truths that shine a light on the darker corners of society. 
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Patrick Audley

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One of our team at LXV, Maura, has written a great article on empowering women in tech that's worth a read.  I'm in a very happy position to be in a tech company that is soon to be a 50/50 gender dev shop - something of a nirvana in the development world.  I've had the luck to be a several gender balanced teams in my career and have always found them to be more productive, higher velocity and with a better track record of finding and solving problems than imbalanced teams (either way!).
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Patrick Audley

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Misty Vancouver morning. I love the fog, it makes walking to work a little magical.
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Patrick Audley

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Google bought the guys that make some of the most advanced robots in the world.  Boston Dynamcis is the maker of Big Dog, Cheetah, Wildcat, Petman and Atlas - arguably some of the freakiest robots today.   This combined with the recent Ray Kurzweil related AI projects and self driving cars reveal a much longer term and deep strategy based on evolving computers significantly beyond what we are familiar with.

I am truly excited about some of these developments in a way that I've not been since the original Internet explosion.  Fascinating times!

See also:
Google has acquired Boston Dynamics, the MIT spin-off research company behind some of the world's most advanced robots and androids, for an undisclosed amount.
It's the eighth robotics company Google has acquired in the past year.
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I have been watching this for the past few years. Add in nano tech to the Google group and they'll be smoking.
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Patrick Audley

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One of my greatest reservations about using or recommending Windows to people has always been the ecosystem of applications.  While there are countless great apps out there, the process of finding them and getting them installed onto your machines is largely one of frustration, fraud, insecurity and pain.

Contrast that with the walled garden approach of Mac OSX (the App Store), various Linux distributions (apt-get and yum are forms of walled gardens too; ones policed by the community), and ChromeOS/Android (the Google Play Store).   All three of these operating systems make discovery and installation of third party software simple and safe; while it is possible to install software from outside the protected ecosystems, this is not the norm and requires extra steps by the user.  Bad actors that attempt to compromise these three ecosystems still exist but they are quickly removed when found.

Windows 10 is shaping up to be an OS that I might actually use (sorry Microsoft, but Windows 8 is not an usable OS) but my careful testing in virtual machines has left me with the feeling that it's great as long as I don't install any third party apps.  If only there was a better quality ecosystem of apps.

Which begs the question, "What makes a good app ecosytem?"  I used to think it was based on the quality of the apps (and of the developers and companies behind them) but I now think that it's largely about the quality of the community that supports and makes those apps discoverable and installable.   There are two very successful models out there: from the the big companies (Apple and Google) who enforce policy on their ecosystems, and from the open source community which uses hordes of volunteers, good transparency and a sprinkling of corporate interests. 

It's interesting to see just how badly the ecosystem can fail when there is absolutely no supervision...
We installed the top 10 apps from, and you’ll never believe what happened! Well… I guess maybe you might have a good guess. Awful things. Awful things are what happens. Join us for the fun!
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What I find really interesting is the difference between Apple's pre-approval process and Google's after-the-fact removal systems is that the quality is not better in Apple's ecosystem (in terms of bad actors) to any appreciable agree.  It guess it just goes to show that having more than enough security or process is not really valuable.
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Patrick Audley

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+Erin Audley and I went to the incredible Public Square talk tonight with +Richard Florida  and +Ray Kurzweil.   Fascinating topics, excellent speakers and a window into some very deep thinking.   I was especially enamored with Richard's bombastic presentation style and Ray's relentless statistics; both offered a vision of the future with hope and wonder tempered by a sense of our personal and societal responsiblity to shape and harness it.
SFU Public Square, in partnership with Vancity and Vancouver Foundation, is proud to present Will Innovation Save Us? - an evening of thought-provoking discussion featuring Ray Kurzweil and Richard Florida, moderated by CBC's Amanda Lang. The world is changing, and the rate of change is ...
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I found out about it from the local startup community - there were a surprising number of bitcoin people going.
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Patrick Audley

commented on a video on YouTube.
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A great explanation of SHA-256 - recommended viewing for anyone interested in how Bitcoin works and other crypto buffs.
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Patrick Audley

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One of the great reasons to work in Gastown (Vancouver, BC) is the prevalence of excellent coffee; a favourite of mine is Revolver a few blocks away from my office.   This photo captured the care and hand brewing along with the jittery anticipation of people waiting patiently in line for their morning dose of caffeine.
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Will definitely have to come by with Co workers for our evening drinks, I'm close to gas town 
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Patrick Audley

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Morning walk from my new condo to work along the Seawall.  It was a beautiful morning to be strolling along the water with +Erin Audley.  Look,  Frolicking ducks!
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Amazing to see the beauty of nature in such stunning colors! 
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Patrick Audley

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By far the most entertaining bathroom fixture I've ever seen.  'Tis a vomit sink in a Polish restaurant that I went to last night.    Not sure how often it gets used - the restaurant felt more like a family style restaurant back home and was not really rowdy. 
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CTO at Large, Technologist, Security and Scalability Consultant
Startups, technology herding, distributed and cloud computing, devops and people-ops.
  • Blackcat Informatics
    Owner, 1994 - present
    My private consulting service. Hacking, security and performance optimization, and technology alignment. I'm a builder of solid teams and a shaper of roads.
  • LX Ventures
    Managing Director of Technology, CTO, 2013 - present
    LX Ventures launches, integrates and acquires early stage high growth companies in the Financial, Health and Advertising technology sectors. As LX's Managing Director and Master of Technology, I'm responsible for the overarching technical landscape and making sure that we get the make the best use of our stellar resources and minds. LX Ventures is a publicly traded incubator that launches, integrates, and acquires early stage high growth technology companies. LXV is a group of entrepreneurs dedicated to developing the next generation of entrepreneurs by providing funding, resources, mentorship, and access to our global network. LXV is in the business of building businesses. For further information about LX Ventures, its technology, collaborations and partnerships, please visit:
  • PlaceSpeak Inc.
    Acting CTO, 2015 - 2015
    At PlaceSpeak, I'm part of a team that is helping to bring deep, meaningful location based consultation and democracy into the world. I help guide technology decisions and work with government and the funding community regulary.
  • Mobio Technologies Inc.
    VP Engineering, Chief Architect, 2011 - 2013
    Cloud deployments, devops automation and the challenges of a lean startup development shop fill most of my days. If I'm daydreaming at Mobio, it's probably about game theory, stats or new ways to use the cloud.
  • Dominion Enterprises
    Integration Architect, 2011 - 2011
    In this broad position my time was split between moving groups within Dominion into more scalable technologies, making sure the right mix was chosen, and getting my hands dirty implementing and testing. I did all the cloud bits for DMM as well as security and DRP during my brief stay there.
  • Cambrian House
    VP Technology, 2008 - 2010
    I led a turn around team at CH, taking their existing platform and recasting it into a commercialized crowdsourcing platform. I ran the Agile development efforts with my other team members and built some very cool technology. We had a great group of people and fascinating technology that was a pleasure to take to market.
  • Galaxytelecom
    Hacker, 2008 - 2008
    Dipped my toes in VOIP and spent time reforming code bases.
  • Cogneto
    CTO, Founder, 2006 - 2007
    I was a founder and one of the key fundraisers for Cogneto. We tried to bring cognitive biometrics to market in a very challenging security spending climate. I led the effort to bring deeply user-centric design and high security programming together to improve security and make it enjoyable. I loved Cogneto because I touched almost all the facets of building a first-rate startup.
  • Adzilla New Media
    Sr. Software Architect, 2004 - 2006
    I ran the development shop at Adzilla as part of a turn around effort. I personally built a gigabit speed traffic analyzer and modification pipeline (think deep packet inspection, but better). We did some amazing things with our technology but sadly, the advertising space is a very hard place to play ethically and we lost the battle in the end.
  • University of Dundee, Scotland
    High Performance Computing Manager, 2002 - 2004
    Big networks, massive infrastructure and fascinating projects! I designed and built large-scale SAN infrastructure, high performance computing clusters, very fast secure networks and the software to manage them all. I was also involved in helping researchers move wet research to cluster computing. And it was in Scotland so there was lots of good beer and Scotch.
  • GT Group Telecom
    Sr. Ecommerce Architect / Mgr. of PKI Development, 1997 - 2001
    I spent a lot of time at GT building and managing the PKI infrastructure - from designing the shielded physical vaults we used to running the CA and writing software to use it. I was also involved in our national security efforts and did internal pen tests and social security audits. I wrote packet billing software that was used for over ten years to collect and generate billing data for IP flows.
  • Axion Internet
    System Administrator / MIS, 1996 - 1997
    I loved running one of the last major dial-up ISPs in Vancouver. It was a logical continuation of my old days running BBSes, only with MORE modems and a much bigger pipe. I was responsible for the technology and the support teams which meant that I was personally involved in feeling the effects (good or bad) from each little change. At one point I had our Usenet server in the top 10 worldwide.
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Everything I do these days seems to straddle the boundary between the new and the old. I'm currently living and working in beautiful downtown Vancouver. My real work experience is just like the below... only better with more cool technologies, a variety of nutty co-workers, lessons in code, love and life... and crammed with cowboys and sizzling gypsies. And a small Operetta too but I don't talk about that unless there is a lot of beer involved, sorry.

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I've built some very crazy things on super computing clusters and large scale clouds. I was also a Sock Baron for a brief period of time..
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Roxanne help craft the perfect wedding for us - it was everything that we'd hoped for and more. Even years after, I still get comments from people that attended saying it was one of the most magical weddings they've seen. Thanks for making our special day even better!
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Had great service here for months, went at night and was so turned off by the staff that I would not recommend this anyone. Sad, given all the good times I've had there but honestly - give it a miss. Response to the owner's response: Yes, the night manager was the quite rude an unhelpful. Honestly, I probably would have stayed and toughed it out had it not been for his attitude. We did use the contact form on your website and the only response we received was: "Thanks for the comment and good luck."
• • •
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Excellent experience, service and stellar food. Splurge and get the $60 chef's six course dinner, it's very much worth it. Also try the sparkling sake.
Public - 11 months ago
reviewed 11 months ago
Incredible selection including a number of nitro taps. Great atmosphere, stellar beer selection and a solid burger. Strongly recommend the Inferno burger and the Parallel 49 N2.
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22 reviews
Ethereal did a great job on an emergency bathroom recaulking job for me recently. Huascar is very professional, friendly and used excellent product. I would happily recommend them and will use them again.
Public - 11 months ago
reviewed 11 months ago
Awful service, rude nurses. The entire experience was disturbing and unprofessional. Busy, uninformed, overworked nurses that snap at everyone. Over capacity, understaffed and just unfriendly. What a great combination for a lab. Completely UNLIKE any other LifeLabs location - avoid if you can. Drive or walk the extra 10 mins to go to ANY other lab.
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reviewed a year ago
Great place for a weekend brunch!
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago