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And.. suddenly.. a post about women shoes appears on my linkedin stream..

idk what happend..

I just.. don't know..
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LMAO XD truestroybro haha
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Happy almost-Friday People!!

#CelloThursday ? :P

I would make this band the official #thorsday music band..
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2 comments They are a copy of them if they are original apocalyptica
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I cant' believe I did not think about this before!!

#Plusallthebikes !!

Thanks +Celina C for the Awesome Tag!!
Bicycle Brake Clock

Who knew you could turn a bicycle brake into a clock? Give this as a gift or add a bit of creativity into the house. 

Start crafting:

Image by +Instructables 
Pinned by @katphoti

#Pinterest   #DIY  
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WOhoooo Friday!!!

Got this a few weeks from +Bobbi Jo Woods  I liked a lot.. so heres again hehehe

Have a nice #TGIF :)
My mom and dad's 42nd wedding anniversary is in a few days.  Was going through some old songs and found this.  Great upload.

#MomAndDadsMusic   #BJsTunez   #hellyeahvinyl  
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You too my friend!! :)
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Patricio Briceño

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Like it Like it :)
Because prejudice

From Yanko Tsvetkov's book Atlas of Prejudice

In his own words: The book explores the history of the domestication of the scapegoat, the first animal known to be tamed by humans. It also entertains the idea that one day we could stop relying so much on the scapegoat economy and turn to more environmentally healthy resources.
Some people consider my book funny.

I must admit I do fit into 7, 8, 18, 19.
11? 20? lel
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Have him in circles
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Feels like Friday..

Have a nice end of week.. ♪

#playingforchange :) #AtTheOffice  
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Mark C.
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Let me introduce to you +GiBike Bignay CO

:) made in Argentina, to the world :)
The latest smart cycling advancements have left us gushing over the prospective future of the two-wheeler — a keyless bike lock! An app-connected wheel! A foldable electric bike! Each integrates the bike more seamlessly into our modern commuter mindset where we want to pedal smarter, travel safer and still stay connected. Is that too much to ask? GiBike doesn’t think so. It’s a smart ride that integrates ALL of the above features (and more!) into...
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Nice! Foldable electric bike with apps!
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Patricio Briceño

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I hate everything today
Not you.. but all the other things..

Have a nice day wherever you are my friends..
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Good luck today.  Hope things improve for you.
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Day 1 of 5?

So.... thanks to my friend +Jesse Crawford , I'm posting a picture of a little snippet of something I'm doing over the next five days.

So let's see...  today I spent a little time digging to see if spring was anywhere to be found.  This discovery was completely hidden under leaves.  And up until a week ago, it was still under a pile of snow.  You never know exactly what you'll find until you start diggin'

Now part of this challenge is to throw down a challenge to someone else to participate in this as well. All you have to do is take a picture of what you're doing once a day for five days straight.
Post it to Google+ and use the hashtag #fivedayquest    . And then at the end of every post you have to pick a friend of your own to take up the challenge.

For day one, my challenge goes out to +Patricio Briceño  who's always got something fun to share.  How about it bro?

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Patricio Briceño

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Rare ones..

look at this +Bryce Hernsdorf +Sean Badoud +Petter Hebæk

would you give a try to this?
Nkola Fixie spokeless 
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Yeah looks like a whole lotta fun. Based on where that seat is I'm thinking hills might be a bit tricky. Very cool though.
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Have him in circles
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Most of us have lives where what we do and who we are/where we feel alive don't share the same energy and identity. It's not a sin or even bad. It's an accommodation. Just don't lose yourself or home and you'll be fine.

- Alvin Stearns

Also you can dance all your problems away #ShakeAllTheThings hehe
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