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I've been playing today :-)
Capturing those candid moments of babies, children, toddlers and families
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+Patricia dos Santos Paton jag älskar dig hjärtat puss
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Last days of a bump - This morning I was photographing a bump from a "very soon mum to be" that is not very fond of being targeted by a camera. I don't blame her! :-). Although she was shy to start with, she proved to be a good model. I really enjoyed taking photo of her and observe how the session evolved to a relaxed one. It did to an extent that later on the day, she decided to bring her children to be photographed with her. It was brilliant to capture her beautiful children and their 'relationship' with mum's bump! :-)

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..Super   picture  Patricia..I   lovd  very very mutch  my dear   frnds..
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A ball, a toy and two boys... - After a brief moment of photojournalism as you've seen in my previous post, let me go back to what I do more often :-). These past two days I've been working on photos of my last family, children photo shoots. Awweee how I love to see these little creatures after I captured them! Their faces, their curiosity for everything and their marvellous expressions!

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Chocolate heaven!
Happy New Year everyone! I wish to you all a sweet year ahead!
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I am part of it... - Mid of festivity season. After about two days at the house taking care of decorations, wrapping presents, being excited for Santa arrival, suddenly I realize it is already past! All has gone...
but it was one of those days that I love, mysterious, surreal. I started walking and I felt the nature in my face as I took a deep breath. I was part of it, I was lost into it and I felt great. I was needing it.

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It is not Santa...yet! - After some photo sessions of little cuties ready for Christmas, this time my sitters were a dancer and her ballerina with a strong opinion! :-). How it was good to be back in a ballet studio and feel the atmosphere. So now I just have to continue working with the thousands of photos I've taken. Good times!

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Merry Christmas to you and your family
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A precious perfect gift! - I've just finished working on the photos I took from this gorgeous angel yesterday.This little girl was so good, so well behaved! But two things I've noticed! She doesn't like much her legs covered and she loves to have her hands tight closed! :-) Her brother was so sweet with his little sister, he did so well beside her! I really enjoyed this session and I just want more to come. My problem is that I can't stop taking photos of these wonderful gifts from nature during the sessions!

- #Children, #Family, #Glasgow, #Newborn, #OlympusOMDEM1, #PatisPaton, #PatisPatonPhotograhy, #PatisPatonPhotographer, #Portrait, #Portraiture -
Add a comment...! - This time it was only one boy and his parents to be in front of my lens. He was at his house playing freely at the conservatory while I caught him in my camera. Then it was time for some naturally posing photos :-) with his dad, mum and the tree of them. We had a good laugh, we sang and played all together. These were the results!

- #Candid, #Children, #Family, #OlympusOMDEM1, #PatisPaton, #PatisPatonPhotograhy, #PatisPatonPhotographer, #Portrait, #Posed -
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Very loving parent
And the
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Screaming for team GB! - Today was a really exciting time for me! It was the first time in my life I went to a tennis match. I've met the real Andy at last! ;-) Therefore, I couldn't leave this story behind, it will be always in my memory.

When we got there, I started to browse everywhere. I couldn't miss a thing! We were sitting quite next to BBC commentary team, so I started by capturing them getting prepared! First was Sue Barker, Andrew Castle and John Lloyd.

It reached time for the match to start and the crowd was jumping and screaming. Andy Murray was getting into the court.

Match started, it was time for apprehension!

And...He won! Tennis Brittish Team won! Oh wow! I jumped, jumped and jumped! I couldn't believe, watching Andy Murray playing and winning! What a debut for me!!

- #AndyMurray, #BackTheBrits, #DavisCupGlasgow2015, #EmiratesArena, #Glasgow, #OlympusOMDEM1, #PatisPaton, #PatisPatonPhotograhy, #PatisPatonPhotographer, #Scotland, #TeamGB, #Tennis -
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As the rays come through... - I can not only see the network of shadows but also dots of the sun in between the trees, bringing back Christmas trees with their lights. Among the nature and its details, lay us on our continuous steps.

- #Glasgow , #OlympusOMDEM1 , #PatisPaton , #PatisPatonPhotograhy , #PatisPatonPhotographer , #People , #Scotland , #Winter -
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nice combination of picture and your thought
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A la tropicalia - This time it wasn't tip toes or grand jete but instead poses, expressions and loose movements with Luna, director of Brazamba Co.

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Lon W.
That's one mighty fine athlete.
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This is my 5th of 5 days for the #fivedaysblackandwhitechallenge , which I was invited by +Eilidh McHale.
The rules are simple. You have to post for 5 days consecutively photos (old or new) in black and white, post processed or not. Mention who invited you and then nominate your guest, victim or lucky one! :-)
Today I'm choosing +Alan Mason  . Alan don't feel obliged to!
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I will start Scavenging tomorrow.
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