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Its been ages I haven't been around this community and I wonder how it is nowadays! After being busy busy with life and other projects I'm back here and hopefully to stay!! :-) Im sticking my feet into this world of photography that I love, into the world of life as it happens (street photography) and into the fine art portraiture that really tells you a story-being real or not...

I'm going to be brave and start with this one, which I know it is not perfect but it was what I could do with. Here in Scotland there was an exhibition of these poppies and as soon as I saw an advert for it, I knew what I wanted to do with them! I travelled there, took the photo and here is the result with the little story. :-)
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Oh thank you very much +Angela Migliore ! I really appreciate it!
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Photographing these three sisters was such a great experience! It was amid laughs, question marks and smiles
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On the streets of a Christmas market - This weekend we visited Edinburgh Christmas market and with no doubt I was keeping my eyes not only in the beauties of the market but also in the people around.

It was really crowded but I had a chance to capture interesting almost normal unfolding life.

A man and his dog on a barrel

Busy chefs

And guess what! A man proposing to his beloved woman! Pity he decided to do so in such dark conditions! :-)

A beautiful lady standing and observing...

and a lady among all her decorations

If you haven't been there yet, I think it is worthwhile a visit! Delicious food, beautiful handcraft and fabulous atmosphere!

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When brother and sister get together... - ...the expressions you expect are unbelievable! These two 'angels' were perfect! They were so natural! They were fabulous to work with! Are they not super dooper gorgeous!? I just love working with children and observing their reaction to camera when I don't say much sometimes, allowing them just to be! :-)

- #Children, #EastRenfrewshire, #Family, #OlympusOMDEM1, #PatisPaton, #Portrait -
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Steam makers... - It was a Sunday afternoon and it was bitterly cold. I was with my family at Bo'ness & Kinneil Railway to catch the Santa Steam Special. There was no doubt that my camera was with me. I wanted to capture my daughter's expression at the time she would realise who would be on the train also! However I have to admit that I also wanted to capture the other expressions around.

The atmosphere was brilliant, hiper kids and lovely staff with big smiles on their faces.

For me, my adventure was when we got off the train in order to go to the bridge to catch the other steam train passing along and coming back, so on so forth. It was at this time that when we were going on the train again and I stopped and saw the two fabulous men in charge of the steam train. I loved how they were dressed, how they were smoky and I couldn't miss grabbing a photo of them. I was realised :-)

If you still haven't experienced this small journey with your kids, I would really encourage you to do so. It is magical!! Don't worry I will just post a photograph of the two men, so I don't spoil any surprise!! :-)

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Faces at work - This year finally I've got to know Paraty, a historic city of Brazil coast line. Whenever I heard about it my immediately thoughts would be boats and church. I presume it is because of its famous post cards.
What a charming city! Of course I was most attracted by people around, mainly the ones that maybe are from there and live from tourism selling their art work. Their expression and their care by its products can't be missed. Enjoy some of them!
I will start with a horizon, a beautiful one in the main touristic point of the city. We were all blessed! And to finalise a close up of their main produce! :-)

- #Artisans, #Brazil, #Candid, #Colour, #Paraty, #StreetPhotography, #Travel -
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It is so fun to create these!
Conceptual portraiture session with a 9 year old girl
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Hello , you got very good picture here which made me interested in you I want you to write me back so we could get to know each other better.
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When I have to take photos of some products, thats what happens ... So now consider myself not only as a creative portrait photographer, but a product & comercial photographer!! And the last but not the least...of course a defender of all wellbeing 😜🤗
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First experience exhibiting my work - Last Saturday was my first time to present my photographic work during a Christmas school fayre. I started to work on it about a month in advance and I have to say the experience was fabulous.

I enjoyed all single steps during the process. Since from choosing the photos to display, the design of the photobook, of the flyers and of the gift certificates until arranging all the material on the table. I don't need to say how I was excited each time I received the products from Loxley Colour. I felt like a child again receiving gifts!

My main intention was to make myself known in the region where I am based and what kind of work I could offer to parents with children. The feedbacks I received were very supportive and now I just want to keep exhibiting my work.

Having this experience served to prove to myself how I love photography and how I feel proud of the work I do. My enthusiasm has arisen further even knowing all the obstacles I have to confront. It is and it will always be through my photography that I (am) will be able to express what my soul feels via my conceptual work or to express what others might be feeling via their eyes and expressions.

Can you see through my eyes how I was feeling? :-)

[caption id="attachment_5653" align="alignleft" width="540"] Photo taken by a dear friend![/caption]

  - #EastRenfrewshire, #Exhibition, #Fayre, #PatisPaton, #Portraiture -
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Patricia, Jesus love you, open him your heart. 
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When a baby finds a comfy pot... - Last week I had such a gorgeous 10 weeks baby girl in my studio. Her features were so delicate. The session lasted for 4 hours and many of the photos were taken with her showing off big blue eyes. She needed to be fed about three times and while she was getting satisfied with her food, her mum and I were talking calmly about general life. After the feeds the baby was quite settled, but she didn't like much to be lying on her tummy while she was on the bean bag. However she just adored to be in the pot and there she stayed for a good while enjoying her heavy sweet dreams!

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It turned into a delicious smoothie...
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A passionate about people behaviour
A photographer in constant growth and advanced sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor. After having a child I've set up new goals in my life, new challenges and a new chapter in my career life. I decided to build something for myself and to have more time with my family. So now I work with love as a lifestyle photographer and as a coach helping people to achieve their lifestyle and wellbeing goals.

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