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Patricia F Anderson
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Using Google Glass at a library to help a girl with vision impairments SEE. 
Happy National Library Week!! Lives really do change at the library.

Casey, Supervisor of Kelver and Davies Libraries, has this awesome story of sharing Google Glass with our patrons:
"The best part is when a family came in. Their oldest daughter has severe visual problems and was unsure if she wanted to try the Glass. I told her that I was blind in the eye where the Glass fits (I really am) and that I enjoyed the auditory interaction. She tried it and loved it too!

This led to a conversation with the mom. They had just purchased an iPad for the girl hoping she could use it for school. I showed her how to turn on some features that work for the visually impaired (voice over, speak selection, zoom, inverted colors). She was so excited about the possibilities for her daughter.
It was an awesome experience!"
#NLW2014   #LivesChange  
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Tom Harkin asks YOU to share experiences of traveling w/ a disability in other countries. Harkin: Tell Me What the CRPD Means to You Supporting the #crpd  treaty #a11y    #hcsm
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Hi, everyone! Quick update. In our spreadsheet of Tech Selections & Overlaps (now relocated to the "Subgroups" working folder), I made what we have currently a spreadsheet tab called "First Draft", and made a working copy of it in another tab called "Second Draft." So, we should leave the first tab alone for now (I have locked it to prevent changes), and work in the second tab. I'm hoping that each team will REVIEW their list of selected technologies and achieve CONSENSUS on what their team is going to tackle. This should include completing the inclusion & exclusion criteria in the other spreadsheet (Scope notes comparison).

I don't want to schedule another Hangout until after the USA TAX DAY (April 15th), but after that we need to really get cracking. I am expecting that we will have standing Friday afternoon/Saturday morning hangouts from then until MLA, barring complications. I am hoping that for our next hangout (Friday, April 18) each team will have completed selecting their tech and that the teams will be in agreement about the selections. YAY! 

Thank you all SO MUCH for all your work! We are getting toward the home stretch!

Tech Selections & Overlaps spreadsheet:
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And I changed the color coding to represent the current list orange for two groups addressing the topic, green for three groups.  This is much less overlap now.
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Getting ready for #napowrimo2014  
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Have her in circles
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Patricia F Anderson

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"There are too many people counting calories, and not enough people counting chemicals." 
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Regarding the chemistry of natural foods, I love this guy's strategy for
communicating about this issue: All-Natural Banana

But for the image posted above, I'm taking it as an attempt to get people
thinking about shifting priorities in food selection. I was having a
conversation with some doctors on Twitter last week in which one of them
was ranting repeatedly that all we need to know about nutrition is to eat
real food instead of modified food with added sugar or chemicals in it.
What he actually kept saying was, "All you need to know is Eat Food."
That's the gist of the message above. Now, I was not in agreement with him,
in that my argument was that nutrition isn't that simple for people with
certain genetic differences or diseases that make their food choices more
subtle and complicated. I didn't disagree with what he said as a broad
theme, but he was using this to try to counter my argument that nutrition
and food selection can be rather complicated for some folk, depending on
health, environment, family history, and personal genetics.
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What a fascinating concept. 
Why do infants have deliberately weakened immune systems? To encourage microbiome growth.

The several pounds of bacteria that you carry around every day play a complex role in your health, and ongoing research continues to explore the ways that the make-up of our microbiome might effect our susceptibility to everything from diabetes to cancer.

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Patricia F Anderson

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Priceless! Boy, folk at UMich sure take squirrels seriously! 
LSA is proud to announce that Diag Squirrel, pioneer in the field of sustainable housing, will receive an honorary Doctor of Science degree from PiTE at Spring Commencement ceremonies.

In a career spanning more than three years, Diag Squirrel has inspired a national following for his whimsical, sustainable houses built entirely from reclaimed materials. As the principal architect, Diag Squirrel’s visionary leadership drove him to expand his vision, most notably into a very successful program to compost discarded pizza crust that has served as a model on campuses across the nation.

Diag Squirrel’s LSA degree will be awarded May 3, 2014, at 10:00 A.M., at Michigan Stadium.
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Fun toy. 
No matter what kind of visual art strikes your interest, #colortheory plays a role. Follow this link to see this color scheme designer tool, and go back to the basics with color theory.
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Patricia F Anderson

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Very fascinating concept, using devices as network bridges to infinitely expand access for SMS type communications. Loads of potential for disaster response, me thinks. 
Have you heard of #FireChat? 
By BGR/Yahoo Tech Now you can text a friend even without an Internet connection. Like, in the same room close.  A new messaging application for iOS 7 and iOS 7.1 devices called FireChat debuted on Thursday, and it allows for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch owners to keep chatting even when an Internet connection is not available—so long as the person or people you’re communicating with are within 30 feet of you. FireChat “takes advantage of the Mu...
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Have her in circles
3,389 people
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I am a single mom of a special needs kid, emerging technologies librarian, specialist in evidence based dentistry, author of a three volume reference book on search engines and search strategies for health, active in health in virtual worlds, with a strong interest in ehealth, informatics, and social/semantic tech.
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