I don't know what to think about the Instagram kerfuffle. On the one hand, I get that a business is, well, a business and people like making a profit. Hell, seeing as how I'm going on a trip soon and I keep crunching the numbers to see just where I stand, I can completely understand why someone would be invested in turning a profit. Money, as they say, is good.

But giving someone the right to use my photos in advertisements, that's making me pause a bit. On the other but, the likelihood that any one of my photos would ever be chosen is quite small, I think, so what am I really objecting to? The principle of the thing?

I'm not opposed to deleting accounts as +J. Smith will tell you, but when I delete them, I like to do so because it fits my agenda, not because I have been forced to in order to opt out of a TOS.

Guess I'll mull it over a bit more. Right now making a decision seems a tad premature.
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