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So, check it. Turns out that if you take out the laundry that's been in the dryer for, uhm, only a day or two (yes) and dump it onto the living room floor and then walk away, when you come back, it's still there!

Aren't there supposed to be elves or fairies or chipmunks that were supposed to fold and organize while I was away? What the hell kind of lies have movies been feeding me?!?

I am so confused.
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sigh. Okay. I've added three more loads to the pile. I guess since it's not going to put itself away I should stop goofing off and get'er done as they say.
It could be worse. You could live in a college dorm. Leave your clothes in the washer for an extra hour, and they may be (a) set to dry at an inappropriate temperature; (b) piled in the corner of the laundry room; (c) for sale on eBay; (d) all of the above.
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