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:-) And now, for a quick Elmo moment. If you're not an Elmo fan, you might want to un-Circle me because Elmo moments happen once in a while.

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My girlfriend LOVES Elmo! Maybe she should be following you.
Yes, everyone should. And then I shall be very popular and and and uhm, what comes after that? Not having ever been popular I have no clue what happens next.
I think we then vote you in as Queen of the Earth. Which is fine, since my ambition is to become Queen of the Universe. No worry: I won't call you my sidekick. Not in public anyway.
Well, that's reason enough then to never be that popular. I've never wanted to be queen of anything. That's work! I'd rather be a princess. Then I can just sit around wearing pretty dresses and having fun. That's more my style. Yes.
Hmm, Pea? The hats. Princesses have to wear those silly hats. I bet the queen makes them, too.
:-) I'm not a royal watcher so I don't know if that sort of hat is usual headwear but, honestly, all the joking aside, I don't see what the fuss is all about. You look at enough runway shows, fashion spreads, and you get used to seeing some silly stuff. Not necessarily my cup of tea but I don't really get why people disliked that particular "hat" so much.
I don't watch any of that fashion crap (oops did I just say crap? well I mean it!). It has zero relevance to my life and I find it ridiculous and wasteful (wow, exactly like royal weddings!).

Why they'd choose to copy Disney, however, is beyond me. That's part one of "why those hats in particular". Part two is "is that a new breed of human, one with predrilled holes in their heads to hold stupid-looking fashion accessories?" Part three gets political (we here in Canadia pay for those people's lifestyle and frankly? I want out!).
Imagine: those people essentially steal books from me! And pens! And with my money they buy those hats! Y'see? Problem!
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