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#SunsetSaturday curated by +TJ Kelly
#oregoncoast #bandon #photography #PlusPhotoExtract

A fishing boat's light shines through the sea stacks on the beach in Bandon. It was an especially warm night out shooting with +Darren White & +Tracy Fawns. I had a great time.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
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Wow! what a fantastic shot and the fishing light is such a wonderful catch :)
Perfect. An unusual view of a much-photographed place.
Beautiful Shot, Timing is everything
This is outstanding! I need to get to Bandon.
Great... this picture is designed or real?
Your Welcome . I Love A Great Picture !
Great colors and cool idea to use the boats instead of cloning them out. Well done.
You nailed this one girl, love it!!! I'm so coming down to spend a week with you soon, i mean it :) And hey, did +Lance Rudge & +Billy Wilson both change their avatars? I'm going to be so confused now :) Happy Saturday Patricia :)
I agree +Patricia Davidson , they done good. Maybe we should change our's up. But if we do, it must be at the same time to really throw everyone off :) But we can discuss further while we're shooting our epic sunrise on the coast soon :)
i would love to sit on that big island or rock and look at that sunset:)
The boat light really makes this one shine.
Wonderful shot Patricia. I use to live on the beach in a simi-A-Frame house in 1974-75. I could walk up the beach and see this view. I am sure things have changed since I lived there but The Beach is the same. I also watch Darren White's photography. Great Work!
Beautiful !!!! Great job !!!!
wife and I are from Oregon and those photos are fantastic; makes us both miss home.
that is so gorgeous Patricia, what a place that must be to shoot.... I thought it was the sun too until I read more comments! love that slash of hot pink
You really get the sweet shots, the light glimmering through the rocks adds another great element:)
Breathtaking in all its facets; composition, colour, reflection and the spotlight of course. Beautiful.
oooh, this one really took off Patricia... and it deserved the attention!
This is very cool. Very artistic.
Prachtig wat een schoonheid .
There's such a mysterious feeling to the whole picture.. really beautiful
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