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Another storm with high winds and surf advisories today on the Oregon Coast so I thought it appropriate to post an image I took a few years ago during one. It's not so sunny right now though!

#naturemonday curated by +Rolf Hicker
#oregoncoast #photography
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I think the best word is "perfect". It's really incredible
WOW that is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):)LOL
LIke others have already said...this has a lot of the WOW factor going for it. Great shot!
Wow Patricia! So much to see here, looks great.
Nice, I was just out to Seaside, and it was sunny and a bit windy. Still wish I had seen that though!
Wow! Good thing the coastline is not as low-lying as New Orleans. Be safe y'all in Oregon!
Perfect shot! Great execution!
Beautiful, it's like a powerful shot meets a peaceful one!
Beautiful! I love the contrast of the dramatic wave across from the peaceful rainbow.
Wow Patricia!! This is Absolutly fabulous! Such a powerful emotional charge! Very beautiful!!!
This looks like Shore Acres, near Coos Bay. I have some great shots at this magnificent park I should probably share,,,
Perfect moment here with the crashing wave and the rainbow...beautiful work!
Ooh, nicely done Patricia.
A crash, great composition and a rainbow!! Just awesome, Patricia.
Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments, pluses and shares!
Nice...Love the rainbow.
Great wave and fantastic bonus with the rainbow!!
nice photograph................................!!!!!!!!!!
Rip roarin' coastal drama. Looks like it's quite a ways down to the water.
Awesome with the rainbow!
I really like this photo, I was wondering how much it would cost me
to have it on my computer background?
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