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#ThirstyThursdayPics by +Giuseppe Basile
#Washington #photography

Hope everyone is having a great day! This photo was taken while hanging out with +Darren White, +Tracy Fawns and my husband a couple of weeks ago. It's the Multon Falls Bridge on the Lewis River in Washington. it was a fun day.
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wow!! really Great image!
I love shots of bridges from teh river perspective. Lovely.
+Patricia Davidson this is dope !
from the reflection to the blue cast - what a great capture - congrats
Beautiful - love that reflection and the soft tones. This reminds me a lot of Skyrim (yes, I'm a geek!). But that's a good thing for it to remind me of! :)
What a great shot, and the colors and reflection are just terrific! Like this a lot!
Nice work Patricia! This has beautiful reflections and great colors. The bridge just seems to hang on the trees.
Patricia- Love the mirrored reflection here which fits nicely with the color of the water
Tuan Le
Beautifully done Patricia!
What a lovely shot. Stunning!
I love how still the water is in this. Cool shot!
Wow! Your timing had to have been absolutely perfect to capture this one! Great shot!
oh this is pretty Patricia!!!
Great looking location - love the reflection.
I love the mood in this one! Really beautiful image!
great mood to the reflection
Are you home? are you home? :)
Yep! Just arrived home :) Been a wonderful 4 days at Cape Kiwanda!
Welcome home!! Bet you got some amazing light. Can't wait to see what you got :) Missed ya!
Fantastic photos Patricia...hope to be heading for the pacific northwest this summer. Thanks for your inspiration
so it's Washington.....still great coloration, looks like heaven.
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