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Content Marketing Consultant + Copywriter

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Great post about capturing reader attention with your first sentence.
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Interesting take on blogging productivity. Do you think there's a correlation between time spent crafting a blog post and its results, social shares, etc.? In general, the more time I spend researching and writing a post, the better the results I see -- both for my own projects and for my clients.  #blogging #productivity
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Just released another new book! This is a completely revised second edition of My Google Apps, covering Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Hangouts, and more. Haven't received my box of books yet, but they should arrive soon. Now I have to get back to finishing the next one, due July 1st!

#GoogleApps   #gmail   #drive    #Docs   #Slides   #Sheets  
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Want a four-step process for resolving #Gmail overwhelm? Check out my latest tips on +InformIT.  
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My latest book has just been released from +Que Publishing. Gmail  Tips, Tricks, and Tools is great for anyone who wants to escape email overwhelm and tame their inbox. This is my first "digital only" book and is available in EPUB, MOBI, and PDF formats. Now I need to get started on the next one! #Gmail
Que Publishing
Que Publishing
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Great infographic and post about snackable content from my former employer +Oracle via +B2B Marketing. #contentmarketing   
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Fun and informative infographic from +SumAll with ideal character count, word count, and number of minutes for online content. Except for podcasts, I'm pretty much on target. 
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Great Google+ resource from +Denis Labelle. Even experienced users should find something new and useful here. 
Google+ Toolbox
I. Google+
. Discover Google+:
. How-To Google+ Videos:
Meet the new Google+: A stream with style and smarts 
Google+: Related Hashtags
Hangouts: Conversations that last, with the people you love
Google+: How to get started <- click
Google+: About circles
Google+: Fun with Hangouts
Google+: Reading and responding
Google+: Sharing
Google+: Set Up Your Profile
Google+: Find people you know
Google+ Communities: A place for whatever you're into
Google+ Events: Introducing a new way to get together
Google+ Photos: Great photos, in less time
Bring your conversations to life with Hangouts
Google+: Share photo albums
Google+ Photos: Editing tools to make your photos smile

. Google+ Support:
. Google+ Help 101:
. Google+ Help Tips:
. Google+ Help Community:
. Google+ Help Weekly Round-Up:
. Things you can do on G+ right now:
. Google+ in 2013:
. Google+ At Work:
. Google+ Safety Center:
. Hangouts on Air: /
HOA guides:,, , and
Complete Guide to Hangouts for Businesses and Individuals:
. G+ Platform:
. Circle +Google+  and +Google+ Help 

II. Google+ Your Brand / Business
. Discover here:
. G+ Brand/Business - 21 Case Studies:
. Google+ Partner Playbook:
. Video: Complementary Google Products - Google+
. Webinars:
Kick-Starting Social with Google+
Growing your Business and Engaging your Audience with Google+
. Circle +Google+ Your Business  

III. Google+ Teaching 
. Google Plus Posts and Photos - complete guide (updated) (more to come...)
. Google Plus Basics, Tips, Tricks and Updates:
. What is Google Plus? A Complete User Guide. (Videos and Blog):
. Free Google+ courses, content and resources. Sign up here:

. Google Plus Tips and Tricks -GPlus Basics - Google Drive Presentations:

lV. Free Google+ Training Materials:

V. G+ Coaching, Training, Consulting Directory:

Vl. 50 Things you can Do on G+ Right Now:

Vll. Google+ For Business and Individuals:

VIII. Google+ - Frequently Asked Questions:

Sign Up For Weekly G+ Updates:

#googleplustips   #googleplus  
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Just finishing the final edits on my latest book, My Google Apps (co-authored with Sherry Kinkoph Gunter). Should be released in June!
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If you don't have an image to go with a blog post, here are some great options. 
Every beautiful theme needs some beautiful imagery to go along with it. Finding high quality photos and graphics for your website is important! Here are twelve great spots to find awesome images for your site.
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