I agree Yonatan!
So two wonderful snippets from Republican presidential candidate and general idiot Herman Cain. First of all, for every one person he's accused of sexually harassing, there are "thousands" who haven't accused him. I have to say that arguing "but look at all the crimes I didn't commit!" does require some pretty impressive cojones.

And second, we have the rest of his defense strategy: threatening potential accusers. Quoth his lawyer, anyone who accuses him "should think twice," as they will invest plenty of money in extracting retribution. (Link: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/11/10/us/politics/cains-lawyer-on-accusing-think-twice.html?hpw )

Where the hell did they find this guy? He's barely started campaigning and he's already a bigger public asshole than most elected officials manage to become over an entire career.
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