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Next Day PAT Testing Labels
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PC16 Our new non-personalised PAT Test Labels. This is the 4th Edition style label (no retest date box).
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Easter Special. From the 4th-11th April, our Kewsnap snaptags that are all ready the lowest prices in the UK reduced by a further 25%. Simply unbeatable.
We have now also added a purple and brown colours to our 4th Edition Plug top PAT Testing labels range.
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Our PAT Testing labels range now include, 4th Edition Tuff Tags in 4 colours. We supply these printed on rolls or sheets. You can find and design your label at the following link
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The difference between Kewsnap 1's and Kewsnap 2's.

Thought this photo was a good way to highlight the difference between the two Kewtech snap tags. The picture shows the rear of the snap tags, it highlights the fact that the Kewsnap 1's has clips on the rear for cables under 8mm in diameter and the Kewsnap has "NO" clips so this would be used on all larger diameter cables.

Oh nearly forgot, and the minor fact that we are the cheapest suppliers in the UK of Kewsnaps.
We also supply the plug top PAT labels that fit perfectly inside.
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Asset Labels / Appliance ID Labels / Property Of Labels
We now have the above labels in a choice of colours.
Light Green
These labels are ONLY £25.50 for a roll of 1000 25mm x 51mm and made of High quality strong self adhesive, printed at low cost prices and can be personalised to your requirements, with or without a barcode, at £25.50 + VAT per Roll of 1000.
Pease visit the link below -
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We now have new packaging for our popular Kewsnaps 1 and Kewsnaps 2. In a reuseable plastic bucket. Each bucket contains 50 Kewsnaps and a FREE pack of 100 cable ties. The Kewsnap 2 bucket also includes double sided sticky power tabs. For the correct size of  PAT Test labels that fit into the Kewsnap snap tag please visit
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Our New PC15 non-personalised PAT Testing Label. As always available in both sheets or roll format. These are the 3rd Edition style (with retest box). Will be launched in 2 weeks available at
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Website up and running again.

Our website server went down from 2pm until 2am this morning taking ours and 20,000+ websites down with it. Apparently someone pressed the wrong switch!!
Sorry for any problems this is caused, but we are back up and running for any labels you require!!
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Ultra Destructible Vinyl Asset labels, 60% off other suppliers prices. Our new range of labels added to our Tamper evident labels at the lowest prices in the UK again. These come in 50mm x 19mm (500 labels per roll). If someone tries to remove these labels they break up into hundreds of tiny pieces. Give us a call on 0131 468 1597 to order.
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We have now added coloured Asset labels / Appliance ID labels / Property of labels to our ever expanding SUPER value Asset labels range.
They are printed on a gloss, non-rip, strong adhesive label and look fantastic and are available for delivery next day.
Asset labels at an amazing price!

They will be added to the website this week and a design previewer will be avaiable from the end of the week.

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Tamper Evident Labels - Void if removed
Our best offer yet!

The lowest prices in the whole of the UK. We now offer Tamper Evident labels also known as void if removed in 2 Colours, gloss white and matt silver. Printed with your details, numbering and/or barcodes these labels retail up and down the country at about £250 for a roll of 500. Where as we are offering them at a staggering price of only £34.85 for a roll of 500. These labels will be added to the website next week , so call us on 0131 468 1597 in the meantime to order.
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Visual Inspection Only Labels, 4th Edition, are now available on both
sheets and rolls in small 25 x 38mm and medium 25 x 51mm.
These labels are still available in original 3rd edition.
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PAT Testing Labels and Asset Labels the very NEXT day on Rolls or Sheets.
Welcome to Next Day PAT Testing Labels, the home of the finest PAT labels in the UK.
We are one of the UK's leading suppliers of PAT testing Labels & now Asset Labels, we pride ourselves on producing quality PAT Test Labels at lightning speed (no one does it quicker). We now sell both Asset labels and Tamper evident labels at the lowest prices in the whole of the UK. Our customer focus and service is second to none. We produce PAT test labels for every occasion and we now also supply plastic snaptags to keep our PAT labels safe from the extreme outdoor elements.
However probably our biggest & best change over the past few years is that we now supply our PAT labels on both Roll and sheet formats, something that very few label producers actually do.
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