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A short guideline on patent attorney charges as per stages on getting patent in US
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How can I get patent in US for my invention, Product, software or concept ?

This is most common question raised in mind of anyone who becomes interested in protection of their innovative ideas / invention. So how to get patent in US is the question that comes from every sector, age, industry and domain you can imagine.

You may be:

An entrepreneur : with an idea, concept or innovative product to be patented

A research student: with the research project that you are working on to be patented

Professional (employee): with a new innovative software, mechanical device or chemical compositions to be patented

Student: with an intent to learn more about getting patent in us for your innovative ideas and products

or A business owner: with new product or a new way of solving a problem in business to be patented

Probably you are influenced by reading about patent and news or articles like millions of dollars are raised by an innovative startup which has a granted patent or patent pending for their unique invention.

And that made you think whether that idea, concept of product you have is really worth winning a patent?

You may get a lot of information on many places online, blogs, websites, books etc. but its not always very clear to the reader as every person in coming from different background, motivations and mindsets. Moreover, just like any other law, patent law also involved certain degree of complexity, influenced by case laws etc... So best advice would be,

Get patent attorney involved for writing and filing your patent application
Writing a patent application in US (patent drafting) is a specialised job and it requires years of practice and experience especially when we are talking about writing claims for the patent application.

Patent is a Techno-Legal document, the commonly observed mistake by inventors writing patent application on their own is writing it consideration to technical side only (like a PHD thesis).

what is patent and how can we protect your invention by means of patent?
As per definition “The patent is an exclusive right granted for an invention” In other words, if you have an invention like

new and technical solution to a problem

a novel product or process

a new way of achieving better results with some technical advance

Having a patent on you name for an invention gives you the right to decide if the invention can be used by others and on what terms… In return for this right, the patent owner makes the technical information about invention publically available in the form of patent. Having a granted patent in US for your invention gives you right to exclude others from



offering for sale,

selling” the invention in the United States

“importing” the invention into the United States.

check for more guideline on patent in us
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