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HomeBrew #Beer HomeBrew Awesome!
HomeBrew #Beer HomeBrew Awesome!
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it is an extremely sad day. goodbye dear friend.

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I wish I never joined so many Homebrew beer groups, seeing all these ideas and all the fun people are having.
Having no time or money to do any of my own, watching dust collect on all my gear.
Completely depresses me, and with our local selection dropping so drastically that I haven't had a new flavor in 6 months (Besides adding different whiskey to each and everyone of them)

My hopes fail as my sobriety rises.

Hey +AmyBeth Inverness

I hate to bug you again about more weird writing ideas...But I wanted to know if you had any associates in neurology that wouldn't mind shooting the shit about theoretical and hypothetical plausibility of interactions with electrical signals as a form of digital drug. In a slightly altered version of reality.

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Its sad really, this is still the biggest breakfast I've had in a long time
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