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So that worked out well...

Went to the store to get fixings for chili per this:

Decided to replace the 2 cups of stock with beer, and picked up this Australian import - oh my, such a winner! Definitely a required ingredient going forward...
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Try some stout baked beans as well, goes good.
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Order Placed

Got my #projectfi  SIM on order, going with the "keep my google voice number" option, and keeping my AT&T plan in place until I determine how the coverage is in my area - it's like my own $30 for 30 days trial!

Plus I live in Kirkland, which is home to Google offices and a LOT of Googlers, so I'm #dogfood 'ing it with everyone else...
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+Rick Bucich that's one of my main concerns too, but I guess I've signed up to be a guinea pig and help figure it out :)
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Well strike one for Collections - I shared this post to my Tech collection and I never got an opportunity to edit it! Anyway - this is very interesting. Is this a step closer to unlocking the mysteries of dark matter?
Researchers at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN in Switzerland have found evidence of subatomic particles acting in a way that defies the Standard Model of particle physics - the current best set of equations we have to explain the behaviour...
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I may never leave my sofa again...

I have Prime Now. I fired up Amazon to get a new foil for my razor, and saw the Prime Now splash. Downloaded the app (app only, no web client for this shit), found my razor foil, and someone will be bringing it to my door within the next 2 hours. I've pre-programmed the $5 tip.

Also, I can order beer. And it is cheaper than buying it at the store.

I'm feeling kind of dizzy right now... Inc <AMZN.O> said on Tuesday it will begin delivering wine, beer and spirits to U.S. customers for the first time as part of its speedy delivery service, Prime Now. The online
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Sitrep on dem layers - how did I know +Jon Harmon was involved here?? Go big or go home is how they roll in Texas!
Operation Moonshot

“We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard…”
–President John F. Kennedy, “Address at Rice University on the Nation's Space Effort,”, Houston, TX, September 12, 1962

Idle conversations can be dangerous things. A couple weeks ago we had a conversation on AustinENL’s Slack team that went something like this:
“Have you ever noticed that Congress Avenue would make a great spine? We should field downtown.” 
“We did that thing along Sixth Street last year, 37 layers I think. That’s a pretty great spine, too. We could layer downtown in two directions!” 
“We could center it at Sixth and Congress, and layer downtown in FOUR directions!” 
“Heck, why stop downtown?”

Lines were drawn. Keys were farmed. Intel was crashed multiple times. Operation #Moonshot  was born.

It took us about 275 ADAs and thousands of XMPs, but we managed to open up the lanes. The links started coming in just after 9am*, soon followed by many, many fields. We never had all 156 fields (39 layers in 4 directions) up at once, but we had around 130-140 standing at one point, and rethrows added up to a total of something like 200 thrown for well over 30 million mu.

Some portions of the fields lasted for the next three hours, until our Blanco team had to deal with a flat tire and we decided to let things die with the next ADAing of the central portal. We left for some well-earned barbecue and nap time.

Congratulations for the six onyx illuminator, three platinum illuminator, and one silver mind controller badges received by our anchor teams: Brian Arneson, Charles Hueter, David Geisberg, Erinn Hughes, Hannah Buse, Jessica White, Kathryn Hutchison, Mark Harrill, and special emergency flat-tire rescuer Trey Cooksey!

Of course an operation like this requires many agents, and I hope I catch everyone to thank you all. I apologize if I’ve missed anyone!

+Brent Hollett , +Joshua Stevens , +Kris Habraken (Kris got to experience flashbacks to our #KeepHankWeird op last year)

+Brian Arneson (@arnietex), +Charles Hueter (@sarcastomatic), +David Giesberg (@davidg), +Erinn Hughes (@atxstarsgirl), +Hannah Busekrus (@beeslyboozie), +Jessica White (@arnesonj), +Kathryn Hutchison (@sheextends), +Mark Harrill (@atxstranger), +Trey Cooksey (@oberstdrei)

Clearers, Defenders, and Key Farmers: 
+Adam B (@atxadam), +Adrian Lee (@weasel5i2), +Andy Alegria (@hottamales), +Andy Finnell (@scatterbrained),, +Barby Fuller (@shibumibabe), +Charles Clark (@catfishclark), +Chris B (@redrhino89), +Cory Maddox (@substituted), +Debi Johnson (@gizmocat), +James Buckley (@donquixote42), +Jeremy Hancock (@beardedfactotum), +Jessica Freasier (@butterpecan), +Jim Brimble (@jdrakeharvey), +Jim Murphy (@y0jimb0), +John Hodson (@redrogan), +Johnny Simpson (@johnnyvolador), +Jon Harmon (@jonthegeek), +Jr Serl (@sharpest1), +Justin Beam (@Mannontheedge), +Kacper Kowalik (@xarth), +Millie Clark (@millismash), +Nancy Something (@doomsidoomsidoo), +Nicole Perdue (@icicole), +Ray Fuller (@illumaniti1465), +Sean Collier (@fadedtimes), +Shaggy Rogers (@rabidg4tor), +Sunny Bogden (@riotgrl), +Tiji Biem (@tgbm), +Zach Beauchamp (@killadro)

* Nope, we didn’t quite make checkpoint. That would’ve been nice, but it wasn’t the point. We’ll win the septicycle for AM03-GOLF-02 and AM03-GOLF-13 with fields that are slightly less insane.

#IngressReport #Sitrep +Ingress  +John Hanke  +Joe Philley  +Anne Beuttenmüller  #TrianglesAreBoring  
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Magnificent sir, simply magnificent!
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Pat “PatMan” Reynolds

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So. Much. SCIENCE! Past, present - and future...
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[U]ltimately, this is a problem that needs solutions from the top as well as the bottom. “Where was the gaming industry in all this?” she asks. “GamerGate was a silver platter for them to say they don’t condone the harassment of women and they didn’t do it. GamerGate is the monster that the industry created.
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Oh I'm also still drunk from last night so if that doesn't make sense, I'd just suggest drinking and then re-reading that.
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The potential of this is simply astonishing. Not only is it hugely disruptive to the existing metal fabrication industries, just think about what you could do with a production facility at, oh I dunno, say, a Lagrange point? Just deliver ore-rich asteroids, extract the ore, and then build huge complex metal structures...

Yes, I'm talking about spaceships. It's not that far-fetched, honest!
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Can we please just get on with it now? #cannabis #relegalize
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TX layers...
Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.
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If only they could have made checkpoint
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Big deal indeed!
India’s third largest airport for international traffic and it’s 7th largest for domestic so this is a really big deal.
India has unveiled the first airport in the world to operate completely on solar energy.
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Beef Pineapple Curry (2*) and Chicken Panang Curry (3*) with a side of sticky rice. Fantastic flavors, perfect spiciness, and a very reasonable price for the quality of food. 10/10 will get take-out again.
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Exceptional service from Brian, would rent storage again!
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Pet-friendly, great reception staff, clean, amenities close by - good place to stay.
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Pet-friendly, laid back, sense of humor at the front desk - central, but stop at Albertson's on the way into town if coming from the south, it's a lot of lights back :)
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20 reviews
Thoroughly professional and comprehensive, great advice and understanding - and price was eminently reasonable. 10/10 would bring our family member here again.
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Locals actually eat here. 'Nuff said.
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I spent 7 years in San Antonio, TX before moving to Washington, and as a result my standard for Mexican food is extremely high. Arturo's clears the bar with room to spare! Enough said...
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