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Week 31 - Summer's Seat
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It is very nice pictures absolutely 
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#BWProject26 | Curated by +Tisha Montgomery +Brandon Luk +Lauri Novak +Al Chris

Frosty adult beverage, anyone?
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Oh yes, looks delicious! 
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(Dress rehearsal production photo for the play I'm opening tomorrow night. Love these two actors!)
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I dare you to read this and not feel better about humanity.
I sometimes love people. 
When the city of Melbourne linked email accounts to trees so people could report problems, they wrote love letters to the trees instead.
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That part of it is nice.  
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adorable ++
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This whole Scavenger Hunt thing I've been going on about? If it piques your interest and you think sounsd like fun, signups for the next round will be Friday, July 10, at 12 noon Mountain Time - all you have to do is watch for +Chrysta Rae's signup post and comment "I'm in." Gotta be quick, though - the 500 available spots can fill up fast.

If you can't make signups but would like to join, let me know in the comments here and I'd be happy to submit your name by proxy - after I do mine. :-)

I conned persuaded two people to play for the first time this round, and as far as I can tell, they had a ball.

All levels of photographer are welcomed, all kinds of gear - lots of great stuff was done on phonecams this round.

It's not a competition, primarily - although there are (intangible) awards from judges  ... eventually.It is an opportunity for focused, creative thinking and play in a community of wonderful, imaginative, supportive and often hilarious people. You'll learn things, you'll meet new people (sometimes in person) and you'll have a lot of laughs.

To be honest, the Hunt, and the photographers I've met (and sometimes shot with) through it, are what kept me with G+ after the new wore off.
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Happy to meet you and thanks for adding me to your circle! :-)
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Pat Kight

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I was lucky enough to take part in the first round of this wonderful Mentorship and I had a blast learning about using cinematic techniques for visual story-telling. If that sound like fun to you, I strongly recommend you consider signing up! +Morgana Creely is a terrific mentor/teacher, and regardless of your photographic style or level of skill, you'll learn techniques you can use.
Round Two of the “Single Frame: Introduction to Cinematic Storytelling” mentorship is ready for sign-ups!

This is a special program introducing some of the compositional elements of visual storytelling through the +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers.

I will be taking on a handful of people for a six week on-line mentorship program which will include lessons, assignments, and informal discussions. Everyone who participates can have fun and learn at the same time!
Hi I’m Morgana, a Photographer and author, and I’ve always been passionate about creating images that tell stories, and helping other photographers find their own storytelling voice. You can find out more about what I do over on my website at

*PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a technical workshop and this is NOT a course for beginners. 
You will be expected to own and know how to use a DSLR, basic lighting principles and have access to artificial lighting (Studio, speedlight, even practical lighting such as desk lamps would be fine. You will also need access to and a basic working knowledge of post processing software such as Photoshop or Lightroom.
Images used for example during this course will not necessarily be family friendly or safe for work. Whilst I ask that images of nudity or violence are not posted to this course, examples and course content may include dark or adult themes.
Selections will made: August 1st - 3rd, 2015 AEST for the mentorship beginning August 10th, 2015

These are the selection criteria:
• You must own and know how to use a DSLR, basic lighting principles and have access to and a basic working knowledge of PS or LR. 

• You must be taking and posting your own photographs regularly here on G+ –– an absolute minimum of three days between Public posts; more increases your chances of being selected. (The class itself will be private to the group selected except for the option of a public display album of your best work at the end.)

• You must be interactive here at G+, as you will be expected to participate in this program giving feedback and comments to others.

• You have no previous studies in this subject, since this program is designed for those who have not had the opportunity or advantage to add this skill set to their knowledge base.

• You have the time available to participate in this workshop.

• You must have a sense of humour, a willingness to give and take constructive criticism, and not be offended by dark or adult themes.

To be considered for selection, please comment to the main post only, here:  [] 
(your application will not be seen at any reshares) and answer the following questions in your comment:

1) Photography skill level

2) Photo editing software used most

3) Favourite film and stills photography genres

4) What you want to get out of this mentoring course

5) Previous non-technical art, photography or cinematography studies

6) Amount of time you have available for participation

1) Intermediate hobby photographer, shooting for 2 years
2) Photoshop with a bit of Lightroom
3) Big Budget Action movies, Westerns
4) To learn how to work out my ideas in front of the camera
5) Two one say workshops and YouTube :)
6) Weekends and the odd evening.
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It's also shorter than many +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers programs - just six weeks - which makes it perfect for those who are pressed for time!
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30 - Onstage
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A little detail from "Kiss Me Like You Mean It," the play I'm directing ...
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I *heart* you, too, Pluto! Lookin' good!
One of the final sequence of images before closest approach to Pluto.
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Well said +Pat Kight ... I do love watching. It's going to be 2am here though, when the images and more detail are due to come through - too late! Good luck with the direction, and enjoy the Pluto photos rolling in :)
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First thing I do when I get a new camera!
Importance of EXIF information
Most people don't use the EXIF information provided by their cameras, but for this photographer it got back over $15000.00 in stolen camera gear.

Read the article to find out how he did it and how it relates to copyright.
#photography   #copyright   #exif   #photographer  
If your camera lets you automatically add copyright EXIF metadata to every photo you take, you should do it: it could help you recover your gear if it ever
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My old camera didn't have this.  My new one does.  I filled it in right away.
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I have a word - gorgeous!
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I work with words, pictures and invisible electrical particles to make cool things and communicate ideas.
My secret superpower: I can take a 10-page research paper, boil it down to 250 words and make it both interesting and accurate.
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"... a Molotov cocktail-throwing Brenda Starr." - my old college adviser, with delight, on seeing me for the first time since 1974.

When people ask "what do you do?" my profession isn't the first thing that springs to mind. I do ... all kinds of things.

Things that interest me: live theater, photography, knitting, communication technology, the Internet as a force for change, Web accessibility, communicating science, cooking, gardening, the localvore movement, liberal politics, feminism, ebooks, speculative fiction, geeks, creativity, craft, intelligence, beauty, compassion, peace, living lightly on this earth.

I'm "following" a lot of people I don't actually know on G+ simply because they have interesting things to say. If you're among them, please don't feel obligated to add me to your circles (although you're welcomed, if you want to). 

If you encircle me, don't take it personally if I don't reciprocate. Thanks largely to photography circle-sharing, I keep hitting the 5000-person max G+ sets on how many people we can encircle, and when that happens, I can't add more till I find time to do some house-cleaning.  

I try to sort what I post according to who might be interested in it, although all my photography posts (the bulk of what I share) are public. Special interests that (mostly) get posted to select circles include:
  • Knitting and yarn-crack
  • Theater 
  • Cooking  and eating well. NOT about dieting/weight-loss.
  • Politics 
My politics are decidedly left of center, and while I welcome intelligent, respectful conversation with people of other persuasions, I'm not interested in demagoguery of any stripe. In particular, if you are any brand of religionist bent on saving or converting me, someone who believes Fox has the only "true" news on television, a Tea-Partier or a raving Libertarian, do us both a favor and don't encircle me. Life's too short to argue with people being Wrong On The Internet. Unless it involves snark.
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