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Pat Kight

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A nifty shortcut as we all begin settling into the latest changes in the Plus:

To bring up the feedback form, type the @ symbol from anywhere outside a post box. Submitting a separate feedback form for each feature you want to talk about will ensure that yours gets sorted into the right category and seen by the right eyes.

(Do submit clear, specific feedback about features you value, miss, or wish Google would implement. They're listening, and they've already made many changes based on what they're hearing from users. This is, and always will be, a work in progress.) 
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Pat Kight

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To the Sea
+Lauri Novak
+Al Chris
18 ~ Symmetry
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Beutiful picture. Pat 🤗. Have a beutiful and happy saturday
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Pat Kight

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With yesterday's forecast calling for a high of 106 in the Willamette Valley, and my brother & sis-in-law visiting from California, sister/roomie Toni and I had no trouble talking them into a drive over to the coast, where it was a breezy 80ish. We took them to Cape Perpetua, a high headland, for a long view (with bonus whales!) and then to Ona Beach for lazy walks on the misty beach, and discovered a new-to-us restaurant (Ona Inn, in Yachats) with food so good I forgot to photograph it. We headed back inland in time to miss the night-time construction closure on Highway 20, had a light and summery dinner of Greek salad and Oregon pink shrimp salad, and sat on the porch as the breeze came up and blew the heat away. Families - especially goofy, adventurous families - are the best.
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Pat Kight

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Pat Kight

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it makes me feel sad...
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Pat Kight

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Pat Kight

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Significant changes to G+ - mostly in a positive direction. Check them out.
Bringing the new Google+ to more people

Last November, ( we introduced a preview on web of a fully redesigned Google+ to make it easier for people to discover and connect around unique and interesting things. From a Japanese astronaut sharing his experience in the International Space Station ( to food lovers sharing their passion for breadmaking (, people are using Google+ to explore their interests more than ever.

Since introducing the new version, twice as many Collections are followed per day and there are 1.6 million daily new Community joins. Many of you have also shared feedback and requests, and we’ve been listening (

Today, we’re announcing three new updates for Google+.

First, some new features. You can now have richer conversations by adding links and photos to your comments. We’re also offering Community owners and moderators more control over who posts what with approved posting. Finally, we're launching a new notifications center on the web where you can see and manage your recent activity on Google+. These features will be available across the web, Android and iOS in the coming weeks.

Second, if you haven’t yet previewed the new Google+, over the next few days we’ll upgrade you to the experience when you sign in on the web. You’ll still be able to toggle back to classic Google+ for the time being.

Finally, businesses have told us that they’ve found Google+ to be a valuable way to help employees share ideas and expertise via Collections and Communities, and we’re looking forward to making it available to more organizations. Today, Google Apps users already using Google+ ( will also see the new experience ( when they sign in and in the next few weeks, Google+ will become a core Google for Work service.

From the interesting (, to the surprising (, and the delightful (, we hope Google+ continues to help you discover amazing things from passionate people.
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+Pat Kight, sorry to disagree, but you can share to a circle and public at the same time and still can on Classic. Not to a community. That has never been possible. But on Classic you can share public and to a circle at the same time. I do it every Wednesday when I curate #wildflowerwednesday.
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Pat Kight

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so good <3
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Pat Kight

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Gray whale feeding & frolicking in the shallows off Devil's Churn on the central Oregon coast. Yesterday was an excellent day to head to the ocean with my sis and our visiting brother and siste-in-law while the valley sweltered under 106-degree heat. We headed to the top of Cape Perpetua for its spectacular view, and caught this juvenile playing close to the shore, diving and surfacing as s/he fed. The cloudy trail in the whale's wake is probably poop. :)
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Pat Kight

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My Round 18 Hunt entries. A sub-par Hunt for me, what with work and eye surgery, though I'm fond of a few of these (Golden Hour, Bird, Crimson). Kinda glad we're getting a break for a few months before the next signups - I've got so many other projects going, and I'm behind in all of them.
Well, the Round 18 Scavenger Hunt themed albums have all been revealed, so it's time to share my own. While I didn't go all-out with shooting to a plan for this Hunt, I'm happy with most of my entries, especially given what a distracting spring and summer this has been. 
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Pat Kight

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Well, the Round 18 Scavenger Hunt themed albums have all been revealed, so it's time to share my own. While I didn't go all-out with shooting to a plan for this Hunt, I'm happy with most of my entries, especially given what a distracting spring and summer this has been. 
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Pat Kight

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If you're looking to boost your photographic vision and creativity under the guidance of a smart, creative, supportive mentor, this one's for you!
Another Mentorship is on the way!!
How Do You See? 2nd time around!

Over the last 4 or so years I have been a member of several of the +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers programs both as a mentee and also as a helper/cheerleader. These programs are one of the reasons I’ve grown so much as a photographer and also met so many amazing people who I call friends.

It’s my turn to Pay It Forward! I will be leading my very own mentorship program based around one of the questions I have been asked the most over my photographic life; “How did you see that?”


The sign ups will begin Friday, August 12th around 7:00am CST and end Tuesday, August 17th at 9:00pm CST right here on my profile and will explain a little more about what the program will be about!

The program will start Sunday, August 21st.

This is the 2nd time I'm offering this!

+Robin Griggs Wood +Ron Clifford +Alex Lapidus +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers

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Thanks +Lon W. :)
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I work with words, pictures and invisible electrical particles to make cool things and communicate ideas.
My secret superpower: I can take a 10-page research paper, boil it down to 250 words and make it both interesting and accurate.
  • Oregon Sea Grant
    Web | Words | Photos, 1993 - present
  • The Oregonian
    reporter, 1987 - 1993
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If you think I'm "that Pat Kight," I probably am.
"... a Molotov cocktail-throwing Brenda Starr." - my old college adviser, with delight, on seeing me for the first time since 1974.

When people ask "what do you do?" my profession isn't the first thing that springs to mind. I do ... all kinds of things.

Things that interest me: live theater, photography, knitting, communication technology, the Internet as a force for change, Web accessibility, communicating science, cooking, gardening, the localvore movement, liberal politics, feminism, ebooks, speculative fiction, geeks, creativity, craft, intelligence, beauty, compassion, peace, living lightly on this earth.

I'm "following" a lot of people I don't actually know on G+ simply because they have interesting things to say. If you're among them, please don't feel obligated to add me to your circles (although you're welcomed, if you want to). 

If you encircle me, don't take it personally if I don't reciprocate. Thanks largely to photography circle-sharing, I keep hitting the 5000-person max G+ sets on how many people we can encircle, and when that happens, I can't add more till I find time to do some house-cleaning.  

I try to sort what I post according to who might be interested in it, although all my photography posts (the bulk of what I share) are public. Special interests that (mostly) get posted to select circles include:
  • Knitting and yarn-crack
  • Theater 
  • Cooking  and eating well. NOT about dieting/weight-loss.
  • Politics 
My politics are decidedly left of center, and while I welcome intelligent, respectful conversation with people of other persuasions, I'm not interested in demagoguery of any stripe. In particular, if you are any brand of religionist bent on saving or converting me, someone who believes Fox has the only "true" news on television, a Tea-Partier or a raving Libertarian, do us both a favor and don't encircle me. Life's too short to argue with people being Wrong On The Internet. Unless it involves snark.
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