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Pat Kight

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Ooooh ... so much filmic fun!
MegaAwesome Alert! The entire British Pathe archive is now available on YouTube!

#history #film 
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I keep seeing this on facebook - it's so awesome!
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Pat Kight

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I can think of worse ways to spend a glorious spring Sunday than hanging out with baby lambs ...

(ETA: If you're seeing the big minus symbol instead of the photo, below, it's probably because I reorganized an album. Click through will still take you to the photo...)
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+John Palmer The chickens were all over the place. I avoided photographing them to keep from drawing their attention. (-:
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Getting a kick out of the women posting their awesome #showyourpreggobelly   photos for #blastfromthepast | +Blast From The Past curated by the dynamic trio: +Isabelle Fortin, +Cheryl Cooper & +Mark Rodriguez.

Having opted out of maternity, I offer my mother Betty Gene "Butch" Kight, thoroughly preggo and hanging out with her best friend, Pat (for whom I was named) in Long Beach, CA, in the fall of 1949.

I suppose this could qualify, if not as a selfie, at least as the earliest known portrait of me. (-:
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+trav whitmer They were. If mom were still alive, she'd be in her mid '80s, and I have no doubt she'd still be hawt. :-)
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Pat Kight

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I played hooky in the spring sunshine yesterday afternoon and wandered down to the park. What a glorious day!

Shared for +Tree Tuesday | #treetuesday with curators +Christina Lawrie, +Kim Troutman , +Ralph Mendoza , +Allan Cabrera and +David R Robinson 
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Thanks, +David R Robinson and +Ralph Mendoza - it was glorious! We've finally hit honest-to-goodness spring in Western Oregon ... plenty of rain sto come, no doubt, until late June, but these few days of sunshine and temperatures in the 70s have been splendid.
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Pat Kight

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My friend Jim Donnelly - a programmer by profession, but a craftsman by passion - invited me over this evening to shoot photos in his workshop, where he turns out precision devices illustrating the principles of mechanics and astronomy, based on work dating back to the 18th century and further, such as his interpretation of Scottish astronomer James Ferguson's Mechanical Paradox. We had so much fun. (JIm's custom-made devices - made from parts he mills, down to the smallest gear, are available from his micro-business,
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sounds like a good trade!
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Spotted this in the hayloft of the sheep barn where I was shooting last weekend - the way the light between the cracks poured in on the big, tattered web was fantastic, though I'm just as glad I didn't see the resident spider. Zoom in - do you see a kinda ghostly Nightmare Before Christmas face in the web?
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#styleitmp14  Style It!  Spotlight Study | #StyleItStudy  
Spotlight Study #4: Flower Power
With +lane langmade & +Kim Troutman 

The spring flowering season is in full, glorious bloom here in Western Oregon. So many choices ... so what catches my eye? One lone, tousled, almost blown dandelion head, catching a glint of afternoon sun.
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+John Burridge nonono ... it would be sticking out of the barrel of police weapon ...
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Pat Kight

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Selfies for NASA and Earth Day: #GlobalSelfie Day April 22.
This #EarthDay, join NASA in posting your #selfie using #GlobalSelfie. Find out more:
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It would be way more fun to put the WRONG geocoordinates on the pix. Imagine the consternation... "Wow, that doesn't look like Antarctica..."
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Pat Kight

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I was just going to share this to my private Bookmarks circle for future reference, but why be greedy. (I don't like ice pops, but wouldn't these be the BEST ice cubes for the first G&T of the season?)
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Just finished making a batch - without the gin - and pouring it into ice cube trays. First gin & tonics of the season, tomorrow night, on my front porch!
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Yes, a very, very small set screw, used to lock brass pointers (in the background) to gear-driven shafts in one of Jim's beautiful mechanisms illustrating James Ferguson's Mechanical Paradox (
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I work with words, pictures and invisible electrical particles to make cool things and communicate ideas.
My secret superpower: I can take a 10-page research paper, boil it down to 250 words and make it both interesting and accurate.
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If you think I'm "that Pat Kight," I probably am.
"... a Molotov cocktail-throwing Brenda Starr." - my old college adviser, with delight, on seeing me for the first time since 1974.

When people ask "what do you do?" my profession isn't the first thing that springs to mind. I do ... all kinds of things.

Things that interest me: live theater, photography, knitting, communication technology, the Internet as a force for change, Web accessibility, communicating science, cooking, gardening, the localvore movement, liberal politics, feminism, ebooks, speculative fiction, geeks, creativity, craft, intelligence, beauty, compassion, peace, living lightly on this earth.

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