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For years, tow companies have provided parking permits and orange warning stickers to property managers as perk to signing a tow contract.  But there is major problem with this perk as it violates State Law, specifically Texas Occupations Code 2308.402 which strictly prohibits the tow company from having a financial interest directly or indirectly in …
The villains of Austin’s predatory private property tow companies, J&J Towing is moving to it’s new location, where a former tenant was captured by the DEA for operating a narcotics trafficking hub for the cartels. Frank Sapp, the owner of J&J Towing should feel right at home being in an area known for being a …
It’s official, the Austin Police Department’s Wrecker Enforcement Unit now has a new Detective and Sergeant, that without a doubt strike a chord of fear into those tow truck operators whom taken advantage of the public for the past ten years. Replacing Loosier will be Detective Tim Atkinson and Cummings’ replacement will be Sgt David …
It was only a matter of time before it became known that Austin Police Department Sergeant Robert Cummings assigned to oversee the wrecker detectives was financially involved with three Austin area tow company owners. Also from confirmed reports from confidential sources, 178 Austin police officers, of which 48 have since retired accepted expense paid offshore …
We know the predatory tow industry do not care for Texas Towing Compliance and it makes no difference how many times they attempt the hack, disrupt, hijack or shutdown our website, Facebook or Twitter, we will return with a vengeance. Over the past four days, numerous unauthorized postings were shown on all three mediums, those …
It is not uncommon to find your vehicle damaged after being towed without your consent, as tow truck operators, due to the nature of their job, fail to perform each towing operation with honesty, trustworthiness, and integrity. Its not uncommon for a Southwest Tow Operator member tow truck operator to falsify a tow ticket stating …
Every vehicle towed from 1300 Crossing Place in Austin regardless the reason has been wrongfully towed from this address as the property management has lined its pockets from J&J Towing since September 1, 2013.  The wrecker drivers for J&J are knowingly and reckless towing vehicles without probable cause and the new APD Wrecker Detective is …
We been warning the tow industry about the dangers and fines by TDLR and the Courts for not attaching safety chains to the vehicles they transport, as both TDLR and Law Enforcement are watching for these violations like never before. Wrecker drivers best not hit the street without both of them are attached or you …
Residents and their guests residing in apartment complexes in Clute, Texas are under assault by predatory H Town Towing, by stealing their vehicles without their consent.  Calls from irate residents claiming their vehicles are being towed upwards 50 miles from their homes creating nightmarish hardships by charging fees in excess of $450 with one day …
As the complaints continue to pour into the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations, TDLR Investigators are staying busy conducting investigations around the state of tow companies, vehicle storage facilities and their employees finding violations of State Law. Several companies continue to disregard the the Drug Testing requirement that should send the message to the …
Albert’s Towing, located in Austin, Texas, owned by Thomas Mora was found guilty by Travis County JP Susan Steeg in the illegal towing of a vehicle from the Southwood Center located at 1710 W Ben White Blvd.  This property is not legal to tow vehicles from as the signage is illegal, some entrances to the …
TTC Outreach Teams successfully defeat the Predatory Towing sponsored Texas HB3285 at both level of the Texas Legislature, as we made it known supporting it carried the same demise as ex Texas Senator John Carona who accepted campaign donations from “organized crime”. I am proud of the work our people do for motorists of Texas! …
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The ECO DVR I purchased has led to the arrest of three burglar suspects attempting to break into my home. Even the local police stated without the clear images and video, these criminal would still be on the street burglarizing people's homes while they were at work. Therefore, I give 5 stars for their products and every time I called Customer Support, they assisted every time.
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Do not use this company for any reason, as it's owner Ron Smith is racist to the core calling nonwhite vehicle owners and their family members racial slurs, threatens minorities with violence and steals vehicles for profit by towing them without probable cause. Every vehicle owner or operator are encouraged to subscribe to Texas Towing Compliance so they understand their rights when dealing with tow companies who perform tow and storage facility operations without honesty, integrity and trustworthiness.
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Do not stay here, the last night of a 4 day stay, these bastards opened my room for someone when I was away having dinner only to return to my room to find a $1200 Siamese cat and a 24ct gold chain missing. I immediately went to the office upon return from dinner, demanded a refund which they refused. I have since filed a theft report with the Austin Police Department.....
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This company is very dishonest as they were fined by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations (TDLR) in a tow scam targeting soldiers stationed at Fort Hood. TDLR on 4-8-14 fined this company $1500 for towing vehicles belonging to wounded soldier's family members from a parking lot that had no legal tow signs posted. Take the advice of Texas Towing Compliance and do not call this company for any towing related services.
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Move here and expect to be towed and your guests constantly harassed by tow company who provides something of value to the property manager.
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This is the best shop to build your car audio system as they don't the sell junk or sacrifice sound quality to maintain their customers. Super cool employees and top notched installers. I buy all my Memphis components here and my 2005 Camry rocks at 184db of RESPECT driven by a Memphis 1.1000 thru a single Sundown 15" Z.v.3 Comp Woofer, a Memphis 16-MJ5.1400 to drive the interior speakers... Don't waste your money at other shops, buy from the best and get the best for your money!
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Predatory towing scam at parking lots surrounding the center, if you are towed or have been towed from across the street in University Catholic Center parking lot, or any parking lot. If you have been towed from a parking lot and the tow sign says "Towing Enforced at All Times", you were illegally towed. Checkout Texas Towing Compliance for details on getting compensation for this criminal activity.
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