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Since the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations is more interested in collecting low dollar amount fines at the tax-paying citizen’s misery and the majority of local law enforcement…
Massive 300+ Vehicle Illegal Towing in Fort Worth by Lone Star Towing under contract with the Tarrant County Water District, due to illegal tow signs posted. The recommended method to recover damag…
Dishonest Predatory Tow Truck Drivers in Austin should expect be shot or violently beaten when attempting to steal a legally parked vehicle from an apartment complex in Austin, Texas since the Police refuse to enforce he law.
Today, in a meeting with the Austin PD Office of the Police Monitor, featuring Margo Frasier, ex Travis County Sheriff regarding the chain of command in the wrecker unit instructing the wrecker det…

Pat Johnson (Texas Towing Compliance)

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Always confront a Longhorn driver with a loaded gun and don't hesitate pulling the trigger.
fails to state "Unauthorized Vehicles Will Be Towed At Owner or Operator Expense" & 24/7 added to "Towing Enforced" makes the sign illegal. 2 statutory violations on this sign The towing signs provided by Longhorn Wreck...
This tow company is outright stealing vehicles in Mid County, the owner (Shawna Kreuzer) of this corrupt tow company lives at 721 Riffle Avenue in Port Neches and her cell phone number to call to voice complaints is 936-776-9374.
The Kreuzer Crime Family has more problems on their horizon that they can ever imagine, given the fact, every vehicle they have towed, charged a drop fee or sold at public auction in the past two y…
Based on facts, the Auto Return towing management contract with the Austin Police Department has helped clear accidents quicker, but some tow truck operators aren’t cleaning of the debris cau…
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The college students, their parents, friends, citizens of Bryan and College Station are being targeted by local predatory tow companies’ vehicle storage facilities while in the process of vio…
In Georgetown, Texas in Williamson County, a county with a “Tough on Crime” reputation, a criminal conspiracy involving the property manager at Anatole at Westinghouse Apartments, Andy …
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The Best Way to Deal With a Predatory Tow Truck Driver is to Shoot Them

The definition of a predatory tow truck driver, is a person, who knowingly tows a vehicle, from a parking lot, that is not in total complian

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Illegal Towing at University of Texas at Austin campus parking lots

Became an Illegal Sign 9-1-13 Virtually everybody that was towed or charged a boot fee at any of the parking lots within the UT campus or pr

Underneath Interstate 35 Towing Scandal Reveals Criminal Behavior by J&a...

Everybody that saw their vehicle towed away from underneath the freeway between 6th and 8th Street between 3am and 5am by TJ's Towing Servic

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Stunning!! The Austin Police Department's Towing Contractor, Southside Wrecker is burning the citizens of Central Texas in a major way. It h

University of Texas Students & Parents Targeted in Ongoing Predatory...

No Towing Sign Posted at 21st Street Facing Driver No towing sign posted at the Whitis Avenue driveway "within" parking lot at 2008 Whitis A

Capitol Tow Inc of Fort Worth Busted by State of Texas for Dishonesty &a...

One of DFW's worst predatory towing company, Capitol Tow Inc has been busted and fined by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations af

Emo's Austin Patrons Targeted in Towing Scam, Your Refund is Awaiting You!

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Predatory Towing Scams in Texas

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Illegally Marked Designated Parking Spaces Worth a $1000 if towed from one

If your vehicle is towed and the reason given is you were in a designated, reserved or restricted parking space without a permit, there is a

2014 will be the year tow victims strike back with vengeance

I have recieved emails from 28 tow victims from across the state since January 3rd, all grateful of the resources Texas Towing Compliance, a

Tow Victims Bring 2013 to Closure with Big Victories

Great news coming end from tow victims across Texas, as not one has lost their statutory violation case! In the latest string of growing vic

P Terry's Burger Stand Engages in Criminal Behavior to Scam Austin Famil...

There is no Christmas spirit at P Terry's Burger Stand located at 404 South Lamar, as the owner of this business has chosen to scam families

Denton Police Do Nothing As Predatory Bob's Towing Continues to Comm...

Email from latest victim in Denton, Texas: I have had a major problem with the tow truck company at my apartment complex. Several months ago

Incompetent Nueces County JP Janice Stoker Stuns Tow Victim with Verdict...

Yesterday in Corpus Christi, before Nueces County Justice of the Peace Janice Stoner, a tow victim brought a probable cause hearing for the

Because they claim it's "their evidence" in court should you file a request for a Tow Hearing. But, if you file the Small Claims Court Lawsuit for Statutory Violations in JP Barnett's Court against the property management company and the landowner, that photo they refuse to show you will the put the nails in the coffin, as "their evidence" proves the parking facility committed a violation in towing your vehicle. Pay $300, Collect $2000... it's that simple... join Texas Towing Compliance This woman, Shawna Kreuzer will talk trash about anyone who puts her shady business in the spotlight. This Kreuzer woman lives in Port Neches, Texas, refuses to hire minorities, but has no problems targeting apartments of low income African American families. Pays bribes to property managers for the right to terrorize residents and their guests. They also have as a TDLR Investigator claims, "non-compliant" tow signs posted, making any and all tows illegal. They are banned from towing out of Vidor and Pine Hurst, Texas. They target senior citizens, refuse to provide health insurance to their employees or Workers Compensation Insurance to their drivers. Shawna Kreuzer claims to pray to God. This woman is a deluded buffoon at best, vainly imagining that she is a Christian while they make a living stealing from others. There is no way to justify what these thieves are doing for a living. THIS IS A BASTARDIZED COMPANY THAT MAKES IT'S MONEY STEALING WHAT IS NOT THEIR OWN. THE FILTHY, THIEVING OWNER IS SHAWNA MARIE KREUZER, A COWARD WHO HAVE ANGERED HUNDREDS AND THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE BY STEALING THEIR VEHICLES. IT'S TIME TO EXPOSE THEM OPENLY FOLKS!!!! ALWAYS FILE THE TDLR COMPLAINTS AGAINST THIS COMPANY AFTER BEING TOWED BY THEM.
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Update 3.29.16 Jerry Guest cannot be trusted, he is an extremely dishonest businessman and should be sued every time his company tows a vehicle from a private property. Jerry makes statements about people that is not true and believes he can take advantage of the public. Jerry in comparison is no different than that of a felon convicted of murdering is own child. He can state all he wants on his Google review, but the facts are the facts, Westwind Towing knowingly and intentionally commits insurance fraud for billing trucking companies for services unrelated to towing, which TDLR has opened an investigation, in addition to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and Midland DPS CVE. Owner operators and trucking companies know not to call this company for any towing, especially when involved in traffic accidents. A recent traffic accident, this company was dispatched by law enforcement to, attempted insurance fraud, by double billing for the hazmat cleanup of spilled diesel fuel by another company. Jerry Guest, the owner of this company thinks he can markup a third party invoice, for a service not formed by the tow company. He is wrong, we have since been in contact with Independent Consultants and yesterday confirmed they received the electronic check for the invoice (10643) of $4868.21 from TST Insurance.
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Great location, best trout fishing across the street with morning tide
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Anybody towed in anwhere in San Patricio County by Lone Star are recommended to file all tow hearing cases but with JP Karen Diaz. This Judge can be trusted to uphold the law as she didn't accept Cantu's dirty money disguised as bribes for favorable ruling as some have in Nueces County courtrooms the FBI will take care of. Between the victims and this Judge, they will teach the Cantu Criminal Organization, there business model is now welcome and take Court action, in addition filing criminal charges against any property owner who authorized the tow by Lone Star Wrecker Service.
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Everyone towed by this is encouraged to go the Texas Towing Compliance so you understand how to recoup all your money, including the cost of repairs...Getting towed by United or any tow company is like "small time investing with a high yield" when you understand your rights!
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The manager of this property claims there is nothing she can do when your vehicle gets towed in error because she does not want to lose her financial kickback from the tow company. Get towed from this property for any reason, collect $2000.
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These people are crooks and if involved in a traffic accident, under no circumstance sign their tow truck ticket as they will make the tow a consent tow and charge higher fees than allowed. They are also under investigation by the Austin Police Department and the UT Austin Police Department for posting their tow signs on city street signs and towing vehicles without authorization. Always file the TDLR complaints against these crooks if ever towed by them for any reason!
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