errors in interpretation from my fellow socialists

There are a few ways socialists can react to the current mess in Venezuela in a way that doesn't favour the regime:
1) Take a firm stance on commitment to democracy, and accept that Chavez's party has failed to do what it needed to merit continued support. This is hard; much of the time people are more committed to their other values than to democracy itself. I actually don't take such a strong commitment to national democracy.
2) Take a positive stance on commitment to pluralism and openness, and note that Chavez's party has failed to accept pluralism and has by these metrics radically abused its power. I find this convincing.
3) Take a positive stance on technocracy and note that Chavez's party has cannibalised Venezuela's future for short-term (and now past) populist gain. I also take this stance

One doesn't need to explicitly support the capitalist opposition to oppose the current regime; rather, I suggest a procedural stand against it with a call for new socialist leadership that's well-behaved, pluralist, and long-thinking. Provisionally, joining the groups trying to unseat Maduro is something I recommend; the current form of socialism practiced by that movement is damaging to socialism by being crazy and shortsighted.

I condemn those socialist groups that are supporting the Maduro regime out of solidarity; the point of solidarity on the small scale may be to aid fellow socialists who are good-willed, but when taken to a large scale, the point must be finding and broadening paths that lead nations to adopt forms of socialism that are actually worth living in. When we see a socialist regime arresting its opposition, closing independent news media, cutting off internet, and otherwise burning its regime, we should not support it; we are obliged to oppose it even if it appears to be fighting for some version of a reshaping of social classes. That war's just not worth it at that price. We need to offer an alternative; a socialism where it is safe for people to disagree with it, just as we can feel safe (in modern times) espousing socialism in the West. Our metric must not be anything that calls itself socialism at any cost, but rather the right socialism at the right cost.

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