This Friday on TGIF - It's All About Networking!

Hi Folks!  As business owners and entrepreneurs, you know the importance of networking.  Even in our social media efforts, it's all about building relationships.  But how many of us really know how to network effectively?

About This Week's Special Guest
+Dominique Fruchtman is a small business owner and accomplished public speaker widely known in her local community as the Networking Queen! In addition to being president of the Desert Sunrise chapter of Toastmasters International and president of the Desert Business Association, Dominique holds positions in various other local Coachella Valley, CA networking groups and conducts workshops on #networking  and How to Create Your 30 Second Commercial.  Dominique's networking classes teach how to hook the potential clients and get them to tell you their horror story that would have had a happy ending if they only had your services to call on to save the day!

Who Is This Hangout For?
If you are a #smallbusiness  owner or #entrepreneur , this hangout is for you. Join us for some networking, meet other biz owners, and everyone gets a chance to give their biz a  promo!  Got questions for Dominique?  Bring them with you!  

How To Join This Hangout
Ping me in a comment below (that means +MyName in it) to let me know you'd like to be invited and I will add you to my "My Hangouts" circle, which gets the first invites at 3:45pm pst for first opportunity to get a seat in the Hangout. At 3:55pm pst invites go to out to all my circles if any seats are open, and show begins at 4pm pst!  If you don't get into the hangout you can watch or listen to it streaming live on my page or on youtube!  Here is a handy time converter to find out what 4pm pst is in your part of the world -

Where to Find the Invite to Join
If your stream goes by fast you'll want to check my posts from my profile page for the invite notice so you don't miss it!  To do that go to my profile page and then click the "Posts" button just below the gears pictures in my profile header image, or click this link: 

About the Host
+Meilani MacDonald is a business brand identity consultant offering private, one-on-one consulting as well as discounted workshops for groups, both via Hangouts.  By the end of our first private or group session you will have a completed worksheet full of the information needed to create your small business marketing outreach strategy and build the business brand identity you want for your biz! Meilani is also a graphic designer with over 15 years of experience and you can see her portfolio here on Google+ at

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